Picture of Police Officer Darren Wilson injury presented to grand jury
Picture of Police Officer Darren Wilson injury presented to grand jury

In my prior blog, I make the point that the photo evidence of Officer Wilson puts the lie to his official police statement dated 8/9/14 where he says Michael Brown hit him many  times with a closed fist and his 8/10/14 deposition when he states he was hit hard two times by Michael’s closed fist. In the photo, Officer Wilson has a bruise on his right cheek. If he was hit as he describes by a big, strong man who was 6′ 5″tall and 289 lbs. as per Michael Brown’s autopsy report, his injuries would be more serious like the picture below.

This is what Officer Wilson could have looked like if he had been hit hard with closed fists.
This is what Officer Wilson could have looked like if he had been hit hard with closed fists.

Next, Officer Wilson traveled to the police department soon after the 8/9/2014 shooting without changing  his clothes.  His  hands and clothes had blood on them. Instead of his supervisor who met him at the crime scene, confiscating the Officer’s   gun to be placed into evidence as is the standard procedure, Officer Wilson  was able to  carry it to the police station. It was Officer Wilson who maintained control of the gun and it was Officer Wilson who placed the gun into an evidence envelop. It was Officer Wilson who washed the blood from his hands which was evidence that should have been DNA tested. In my mind, the gun which was eventually tested for DNA and not for fingerprints is problematic. This is important because the forensic evidence indicates that the gun had Michael Brown’s DNA is on it. Frankly, with the chain of evidence as described above, it is just as likely that the blood from his hands or his clothes could have been transferred to the gun which would be the DNA from Michael Brown. This fact challenges the validity of the physical evidence supporting the allegation that Michael Brown was grabbing for Officer Wilson’s gun. This is because Officer Wilson admits that he had no bloody wounds (verified by the trauma unit on 8/9/2024) which means any blood on Officer Wilson’s hands and clothes was transferred from Michael Brown.

The following are excerpts taken from  Police Officer Darren Wilson’s deposition on 8/10/2014 (age 10- 13):

“Um, at that point, I believe the blood was from after I originally fired, the very first shot that fired and he came back to hit me, was from him like me, blocking is how I got this, cause I was not cut or bleeding anywhere…I went to the bathroom and had to wash off. I went out to our roll call room. I took my belt off, I took my gun out, I made it safe, and I sealed it in an evidence envelop…..There was blood on my gun whenever I sealed it in the bag.”

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There are those who are claiming that Officer Wilson’s gun did not require fingerprint testing because he had already testified that Michael Brown’s hand was placed over Officer Wilson’s hand in any struggles involving the gun. I believe that this is not a valid argument because if it is already known that Officer Wilson transferred Michael Brown’s blood (DNA), the fingerprint testing could have provided additional data.

On the St. Louis Police Department Investigative Report 14-43984, page 7, it reports the following:

“Police officer xxxx observed Police officer Darren Wilson’s uniform to be disheveled and the shirt pocket to be open. He further observed discoloration and swelling to the side of Police Officer Darren Wilson face and blood on his hand. Believing he was just involved in  an “scuffle,” Police Officer xxxx asked him, “are you ok?” Police Officer replied,”I’m fine.” Police Officer xxxx observed his supervisor, Sergeant xxxx arrive at scene moments later. It was determined that Police Officer Darren Wilson would drive himself to the Ferguson police department to remove himself from the scene.”

In conclusion, a police supervisor, Sergeant xxxx and Detective xxxx observed blood on Officer Wilson’s hands and both were in a position to collect his gun for evidence at that time instead of allowing him to carry the gun to the police department when he washed his hands and placed his gun into evidence. Note the comments by Officer Wilson regarding the multiple closed fist hits by Michael Brown.

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On page 12-15 the police report # 14-33984, one can find the first interview, Police Officer Darren Wilson had with detective xxxx on 8/9/2014 after he left the hospital trauma room and some excerpts are as follows: (Detective xxx, himself wrote down Officer Wilson’s words.)

“As Police Officer Darren Wilson stated he gave Brown several commands to get back and move away from the vehicle. As Police Officer, Darren Wilson was giving Brown commands, Brown thrust his upper body into the open window of the patrol vehicle, Brown immediately started punching Police officer Darren Wilson multiple times in the face and shoulders by “swinging wildly”…Police Officer Darren Wilson observed Brown reach back with his left hand to strike Police officer Darren Wilson with a closed fist on the right side of his face. ..Police Officer Darren Wilson observed his hands were covered with blood but unsure who was injured. Police officer Brown re-entered the vehicle through the driver’s window. Brown struck Police Officer Darren Wilson in the face several times with a closed fist. Brown ceased the assault and then fled east on Canfield Drive.”

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In the 8/10/2014 deposition described above (page 14-15), the detective xxxx asked Officer Wilson, “from the time that you first made contact with him, okay, or first talked to both these individuals until the that, that a, he  goes down to the ground, roughly how long is that?”  Officer Wilson responded, ” less than a minute.”

When you peruse Officer Wilson’s deposition on 8/10/2014, and digest all that supposedly occurred in that minute, it seems impossible. Officer, Wilson is constrained by a time frame established by police radio records for 8/9/2014 which indicates that he proceeded to search for the missing subjects at 12:02 p.m. with a bystander tweeting at 12:03 p.m. that he had just seen someone being fatally shot. The St. Louis County PD report compiled by the lead detective, places the time of Michael Brown’s fatality at 12:02 p.m. Frankly, the timeline is a puzzle to me.

UPDATE 12/12/14: The 12:03 tweet is referenced from the 11/14/2014 ST. Louis Post Dispatch timeline reporting by Robert Patrick.


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  1. Sorry to say this but you have no really evidence because you have said the same over and over again. The first picture about “this what he should have looked like,” is not true because you can have a broken arm without it breaking though the skin or having any indications of it being broken. And in every case there should be no opinion and you sound like you are giving your opinion.


    • Thank you for taking an interest in reading my blog. You present a good question.
      The trauma unit that he visited on 8/9 provided a report..this info can be found on the police department Investigative report 14_43984..It specifically states that he suffered a bruise.on his right cheek.Officer Wilson himself states for the record in his 8/9 police statement and his 8/10 police deposition that he suffered no bloody wounds.


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