Christmas party
Christmas party

I, personally refuse to give in to the terror and fear, that ISIS is attempting to impose on America, the bulwark of courage, generosity and bravery. We are choosing to join our brothers and sisters in Russia, Paris, and Beirut by living every day life to the fullest, drinking champagne and smiling despite any pain, so that ISIS will know that we also have our ideology which we will not compromise. Of course, we have a few people acting in fear but their voice will be drowned out by others and they will not prevail. We will live side by side with people of different faiths in peace.

We know that ISIS does not practice the Islam of our good neighbors and so, we will not succumb to evil by spreading the cancer of fear and hate due to your murder of innocents. We will be welcoming your Muslim families with love and honor, as they travel to our countries for a peaceful existence.

They have arms but we drink champagne
They have arms; Screw them; We have champagne!

Alas, my republican brothers and sisters are some of the few who are reacting out of fear but in time, they will come to do what is right, as we all encourage them to live up to the ideals of this great land. Good old common sense will calm doubts. After all, it is not credible that an ISIS young person would undergo the grueling 24 months plus vetting process to gain entry unto our shores. Many Syrian, well educated refugees who already speak English would be a asset and family men who have been employed for several years supporting their families have been too busy to be a part of ISIS. The mothers, children, and grandparents are simply looking forward to a safe haven where they can recuperate and heal from the horrors they have witnessed and suffered.

We know that ISIS would like to pit non Muslims against Muslims by having them act towards each other out of hatred and fear. This will not be allowed to happen but you, ISIS will be destroyed. No one but God, your Allah will direct the end of times.

Paris evening ball
Paris evening ball

Dear Republican Party, Please lead by uniting us in a purpose. I miss the old party of sober men and women like Abraham Lincoln and more recently, the party of former President George W. H. Bush and Senator Bob Dole. Icons like the former republicans, Wyoming Senator Alan K. Simpson  who served from 1979 to 1997 and the recently deceased Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson who served from 1994- 2003 ended their service because the US Senate had become too dysfunctional where little was being accomplished. They have publicly described their fellow senators as having more meetings on how to score political points or how to obstruct in any possible way those of the other party, instead of serving the interests of their constituents, the people who pay their salaries with taxes.

There has developed a minority but vocal group who have been exhibiting their racist nature for years without sufficient censure within the republican party ranks as they continue to share their beliefs that our President Barack Obama is really a Muslim who is not even a US citizen despite definitive proof to the contrary and who by the way, hates our country.

Congress-Syria cartoon best one

They decry how our President Barack Obama is not a leader. Guess what? The US citizens have voted for US Congress representatives to also lead.

Why do you think the billionaire, real estate magnate and reality show host is winning in the polls for becoming the next republican presidential candidate despite his anti immigration, anti refugee stances and crazy antics? While I may believe that the Donald Trump’s candidacy is fool’s gold, his claims to possessing strong leadership strength with his history of accomplishing big projects in a decisive and timely manner are major valid attributes that the primary republican voters find very enticing.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

The American public is granting the US Congress failing grades for their leadership skills while they legislate ineffectively on behalf of their citizenry, according to the recent 9/10/15 Rasmussen published polling report which is as follows:

“The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just nine percent (9%) of Likely U.S. Voters think Congress is doing a good or excellent job overall, while 63% rate the current Congress poorly.”

congress great finger pointing cartoon138195_600

“Those are the worst ratings since the arrival of the new Republican-led Congress in January. Positive reviews for Congress at that time inched up to double digits for the first time in over two years and hit a recent high of 16% in February. The percentage of voters giving the legislators poor marks dropped into the 50s earlier this year after generally running in the 60s and 70s since mid-2011.”

“Just 26% of voters think their own representative is the best possible person for the job. That’s up only slightly from 24% last December but is the highest finding since March 2011.  A plurality (44%) continues to think their representative isn’t the best possible person for the job, but a sizable 30% are not sure.”

Do Nothing Congress

“One-in-three voters (33%) now think their representative in Congress deserves reelection. That’s also not too impressive, but it’s up seven points from the previous survey and also the highest finding in two years. Forty-two percent (42%) say their representative does not merit being reelected, and 26% are undecided.”

‘While just 18% think most congressmen care what their constituents think, 31% say that of their own representative. That’s the highest level of confidence voters have shown in their own representatives in nearly three years of regular tracking. Still, nearly half (47%) say their representative doesn’t care what they think, but that compares to 68% who say that of most members of Congress.”

congress cartoon..only time congress moves fast135488_600

“Only 14% of voters think members of Congress almost always get reelected because they do a good job representing their constituents, while 65% think it’s because the election rules are rigged to benefit incumbents. Just 31% of voters think their local congressional representative agrees with them ideologically.”

“Sixteen percent (16%) of Democrats give positive ratings to Congress’ performance, compared to just nine percent (9%) of Republicans and three percent (3%) of voters not affiliated with either party.”

congressact11 good cartoon

“Fifty-nine percent (59%) of all voters think most members of Congress are willing to sell their vote for either cash or a campaign contribution, and 56% think it’s likely their own representative has already done so.”

“Just over half (51%) still believe it is more important for Congress to pass good legislation as opposed to preventing bad legislation from becoming law.”

“President Obama and Congress don’t agree on much, but just 22% of voters think that’s due mostly to honest differences of opinion. Seventy percent (70%) believe instead that the opposition is due to partisan politics.”


  1. It’s sad that Trump’s poll numbers are going up after his anti-Muslim statements. Just goes to show how people can be manipulated by fear…..


  2. Yet despite how we despise our members of Congress, they will all be back. Mine are all to be despised, they are all as Red as Red can be (Texas). They are all stupid, divisive and ugly. But they will be back, they throw red meat to the masses and the masses will vote them back in. I weep for all of us.


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