aside Talking Politics During The Thanksgiving Holiday

Dear Readers, Intuitively, I would want to steer away as far as possible from any discussion of politics. In my own situation, I will be dining for hours over a scrumptious feast with some who have very different political opinions than me, of whom I view with fondness. I love spending this day in a spirit of thankfulness and just having a joyful time. I pray that all of my readers have a day of enrichment, good times, lots of laughing along with some tough turkeys. Just enjoy the day!

The following is what Michael Moore suggests to do, if politics is likely to be discussed during the Thanksgiving dinner.

“l think sitting at that Thanksgiving table, the thing to do is for all of us to agree that there we have more in common than not,” Michael Moore, director of the new documentary “Michael Moore in Trumpland” told MSNBC.”

“The filmmaker then suggested, we make a list of the things we care about and allow both sides the discussion they deserve.”

He still points out that this is not the time to be accepting of the status quo of Donald Trump’s election victory as the current republican president-elect. A laissez faire approach is a luxury we all can ill afford. He is promoting activism by “we, the people.” He is directing all of us to make sure our voices are heard through  protests, making demands for a voter recount/ audit, challenging the electoral college process, while writing and calling Washington officials, to remind them that the president-elect does not have a mandate when the democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton has won the popular vote by more than 2 million votes.

Have a great Thanksgiving Day! The following are some tough Trump Turkey cartoons.

“The Donald:”

Image result for trump turkey cartoons

Image result for trump turkey cartoons

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  1. I should count my blessings I suppose, because no one in my family is interested in politics. The most that is heard at the table is “pass the butter.” “What did you put in the dressing that makes it so good?” “Is this a box cake or did you make it from scratch?” After dinner, the conversation changes to, “Where is that CD by Howlin’ Wolf. You know the song I like.” “When that one finishes playing, can we hear some Bobbie Brown?”

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