aside Playbook On How To Rob Americans Of A Fair And Above Board Presidential Election Season

Americans have been deprived of a fair and untainted 2016 presidential election process. No, we are not going to sit down and play nice after we have survived the most contentious, divisive and mean spirited election process in our life times.

What “we the people” know for sure is that from 2014-2016, the Russians hacked democratic campaign related websites including a US governmental agency, the U.S. State Department, where the democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton worked as secretary of state from 2009-2013; that the hacked data by Russians managed to be transferred to a company infamous for its leaks, WikiLeaks, whose founder, Julian Assange harbors a strong antipathy towards Hillary Clinton.

Despite the fact that the Russians made multiple hacking forays into the U.S. state department’s internet system, without WikiLeaks ever having leaked any of the 30,000 plus personal emails that Hillary Clinton deleted from her personal server, it can be assumed with 100% certainty that her server was the one system that the Russians did not successfully penetrate. Thus, it is safe to inform the FBI that while other governmental agencies under its jurisdiction did suffer its security walls being breeched by Russian hacks, Mrs. Clinton’s personal email system was the only one not subject to Russia’s prying eyes.

But still, “we the people” were inundated for months with descriptions about Hillary Clinton’s  email handling while she was secretary of state (2009-2013), possibly bordering on criminality. After all, we were advised that her email handling was under the auspices of a FBI investigation.

The actors in this play are based on characters in the media including those at the NY Times; the Russians hacking democratic party related websites for oppositional research in order to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election’s outcome to be more favorable towards Mr. Trump;  the larger than life operatives surrounding Donald Trump who are the Who’s Who in the ability to conduct a campaign steeped in the distribution of disinformation, racism, misogyny, xenophobia, vulgarity and crudeness of speech throughout 18 months.

The playbook list of actors also includes some of Mr. Trump’s surrogates with ties to Russia like the retired Lt. General Michael Flynn and his former campaign manager, Paul Manafort; those involved with making sure that Julian Assange of WikiLeaks distributed the hacked emails by Russians at opportune times;  those including Rudy Giuliani who with his NY FBI anti-Clinton contacts, helped orchestrate the October Surprise  in the form of the FBI Director  James Comey’s letter indicating that newly discovered Hillary Clinton’s emails were under review;  and finally, the American public, some of whom were enticed by huuuge promises, and some who were not influenced by the gaslighting tactics of Donald Trump’s campaign.

First Act...There was the discovery by a hacker about the existence of Mrs. Clinton’s separate server.

The origin of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal as per Quora:

“Sidney Blumenthal, a figure long associated with Hillary Clinton got hacked in 2013 by a Romanian hacker (“Guccifer” or Marcel Lazar Lehel) who, in releasing Blumenthal’s correspondence, gave first evidence to the public that Secretary Clinton was using a private email server. The hacker is currently serving seven years for other hacks (including the head of Romanian Intelligence Service). At least one FOIA request was filed (by an outfit called Gawker) requesting all correspondence at the Clinton email address revealed by the hacker but the state department claimed at the time that no such records existed.”

Second Act...Then there was the well-planned planted leak by opponents to  the NY Times, which led to the March 2, 2015 headline story about the Mrs. Clinton’s private server with all sorts of innuendo about possible criminal activity which in turn, led to a FBI investigation. Meanwhile, there were no reporters in real time who took the extra step to ask any former employees of the state department the basic question, how are classified and non classified data handled on a regular basis?  Thus, this story of limited consequence became way overblown and took on a life of its own via media outlets.

I did find a former employee, Roger White who penned a report on a 3/10/16 Quora blog, who has actually dealt with classified and non classified data in similar government environments to the state department. He wrote, “As I have said on Quora many times already, I dealt with classified, unclassified and unclassified that was retroactively classified material from 1969 to 1996, so I have some personal knowledge about classified material, unclassified material and unclassified material that was retroactively classified.”

“Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did not create the unclassified material that was retroactively classified,  she received it at a time when the creator (not her) thought it was unclassified – so Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did not commit any crime under the laws that existed when she received it.” (There were guidelines regarding U.S. state department email handling which had not been codified into law.)donald-t-great-post-cartoon-anti-mediacwy8bjdusaau_fc

“Also at that time there were no laws preventing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice or Secretary of State Colin Powell from using a private server – so none of them committed a crime. The three Secretaries of States may have acted stupidly – one could justifiably say that – but none of the three of them committed a criminal act.”

“What bugs me is the concept that ex post facto laws should be used to punish someone you personally do not like when ex post facto laws are expressly forbidden under the U. S. Constitution. Disliking a person or a person’s family doesn’t take their Constitutional rights away from them.”

Instead of the press doing their investigative due diligence to provide a more complete perspective about Hillary Clinton’s email bungling, she was hammered for months by the press over the arcane email story with new “installments” being continuously released under the Freedom of Information Act. Then WikiLeaks (with data hacked by Russia) began dumping the stolen private correspondence from her staff, each new batch created headlines but revealed nothing criminal or even unethical. This relentless drumbeat became a symbol of Clinton’s dishonesty, untrustworthiness and finally her criminality. This was especially unfair because Donald Trump did not have his data stolen to be shared with the voters for comparison. He wasn’t even obliged to make public his tax returns which were not supposedly under audit.

Third Act… There was the republican inspired marketing campaign of disinformation with the backing of the media, instilling in the public’s mind that Mrs. Clinton could eventually be criminally charged; that she is a liar, a criminal who should be locked up in jail.

Fourth. Act… Has to do with the Russian connections. Michael Flynn is an anti- Clinton ideologue with ties to Russia and their GRU. Then there is Paul Manafort who was the previous campaign manger for Donald Trump with similar ties.

Fifth Act… There is the former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani and his connections to NY FBI group of anti-Clinton haters, stemming from his years as a NY federal prosecutor and his former law firm which regularly represents FBI agents, who orchestrated the FBI Oct’ Surprise by having Director Comey,  issue a letter about additional Mrs. Clinton’s emails under review from when she was acting secretary of state from 2009-2013, with only 11 days left in the election process. Again, Director Comey acted in a similar way to what he has accused Mrs. Clinton of doing when he moved against DOJ directions and the FBI’s own internal regulations, even though this meant that he was acting counter to the best interests of voting Americans. Because the regulations he was trained to abide by, were never codified into law, he was free to act with impunity to do whatever he wished. And now why is he not under investigation

I’m speculating that when Mr. Giuliani was caught bragging on TV and radio news stations while being recorded, about his ties to NY  strong anti- Clinton, former and current FBI agents while predicting that an election tsunami was about to occur, he was dealing in confidential data with the intent of effecting the presidential election outcome. He was in fact, doing what he’s been publicly chastising Mrs. Clinton’s of doing regarding her email handling. And  if life were remotely fair, he would be under investigation.

Dear NY Times and Other Media Elites, Please look no further than your own house to figure out why the American folks are so furious and distrustful of most of our institutions. Remember “We the People” count too.

My Thoughts:  It is the news outlets that are in a major way, culpable, as its decision makers chose to collude with many other forces including a foreign government intent on sowing the seeds of chaos, to rob the American folks of an election season that was free as possible from undue interferences. We were denied this because those in charge forgot to give a damn about the public, their readers!

Now about 200,000 strong have signed a “Voting Verified Foundation” initiated petition to have a vote recount/ audit to be conducted in up to four states. While it is not likely that anything untoward occurred, “we the people” are in the “trust but verify” state of mind. It is hard to see how a divergent peoples can be expected to come together without the reassurance, as per Mr. Trump’s own words, that our election system was not rigged. No, words from the very institutions that have lost the people’s trust, saying that “this is not so,” doesn’t carry much weight. WE DESERVE BETTER!


  1. Gronda, we do deserve better, in our candidates, in their conduct, in our media, in our inability to pay attention to legitimate news sites. We are the least informed electorate in the first world and, there are some third world countries whose people have a better grasp of climate change and environmental issues. So, it is very easy for a populist candidate to blow smoke up our lower cavity. Our President elect has been a poor candidate from the outset, so the only way for him to win was to be part of sabatoge effort. Every day he did not have to talk about issues in depth was a win.

    Yet, she also ran a poor campaign and took certain states for granted. Not visiting Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania more after the convention was an unforced error. I think she wasted time in trying to win Arizona, that would have been better spent in Milwaukee, Detroit, and Pittsburgh. She also pulled advertising from Virginia a few months ago and almost lost that state. And, she let her imperfections show, the Achilles Heel of which is her hyper-protective nature with information. But, her worst mistake was the “deplorables” remark branding half of Trump’s followers in that manner which was incorrect in magnitude, but improper in being verbalized.

    This man is our President-elect, so we should support him, while still questioning his stance on issues. I must confess very low expectations and fear over his decision-making.


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    • Dear Keith,

      She made mistakes which were avoidable. Bill Clinton is still a political genius and HRC’s campaign operatives of clueless young Ivy League operatives ignored him and chose to ignore the blue color workers in WI, MI, OH and PA.

      Ciao, Gronda


  2. Dear Keith,

    I am looking for four signals by DT before I would consider giving him some time. This includes him not barring Jill Stein or others from requesting a vote recount/ audit in MI, PA, WI and OH; that he appoints Gov. Mitt Romney and General Mattis to cabinet posts; that he figures out a way to appease both the Sioux Indians and the oil company that wants to build a pipeline through their lands; and that he stops stating that Russia did not hack the DNC, the U.S. State Department. and HRC’s campaign mgr’s website which is counter to evidence presented by the intelligence community.

    I’m not holding my breath!

    Ciao, Gronda


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