aside Breaking News: N Korea Has Fired Another Missile On 9/14/17

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un has done it again, despite worldwide warnings against the continuation of testing/ firing missiles. On September 14, 2017, he fired another missile in the direction of Japan.

Here’s the break-down…

On September 14, 2017, Anna Fifield of the Washington Post penned the following report,  “North Korea fires another missile from near Pyongyang, reportedly over Japan.”


“North Korea fired another missile from the Pyongyang area early Friday morning (9/14/17), with the Japanese public broadcaster NHK reporting that it flew over the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido.”

“South Korea’s joint chiefs of staff said that the missile was launched from a site near the capital, Pyongyang, and fired in an easterly direction at about 6:30 a.m. local time. The Japanese government is still assessing the launch, but it immediately triggered emergency alerts in Japan.”

“The alerts warned residents that a missile had been launched and to seek shelter.”

On Thursday (9/13/17), a North Korean state agency had issued an alarming threat to Japan.

“The four islands of the [Japanese] archipelago should be sunken into the sea by (our) nuclear bomb,” the Korea Asia-Pacific peace committee said in a statement carried by the official news agency.”

 “Hokkaido is the northernmost of Japan’s four main islands.”

“Japan is no longer needed to exist near us,” the committee said.

“This is the second time in less than three weeks that North Korea would have fired a missile over Japan.”

“On Aug. 28, North Korea fired a Hwasong-12, an inter­mediate-range ballistic missile technically capable of flying 3,000 miles, enough to reach the U.S. territory of Guam.”

“But the last missile flew to the east, over Hokkaido and into the Pacific Ocean, rather than on a southward path toward Guam. North Korea was apparently testing its flight on a normal trajectory without crossing a “red line” of aiming at the United States.”

“But the missile launch, followed by a huge nuclear test, triggered tough new sanctions from the United Nations Security Council.”

Following Friday’s launch, South Korea’s president, Moon Jae-in, convened an emergency meeting of his national security council.


  1. If sanctions bite hard enough maybe the people of North Korea will rise against this madman. I wonder if he has children vying to be the heir since his own brothers seem to have been taken care of (read murdered presumably to stop them being puppets of the West if Kim Jong Un should fall).
    Japan cannot stand by while these threats are being made and they have no nuclear deterrents of their own.
    Hugs Gronda.

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    • Dear David Prosser,

      Let’s just say that I would not want Kim Jong-Un as my neighbor. The problem with removing him from power, is that no one knows who would take his place.

      The N Korean leader has 2 sons and one daughter. The oldest son is only about 7 years old.Kim Jong Un has one half-brother who is still alive. Kim Jong-Chul is purportedly the chairman of the North Korean Information Service Center and could potentially replace Kim Jong-un who is only 32 or 33.

      Kim Jong-Un wants to be accepted onto the world stage which is not going to happen..

      The US State Department has been decimated by the current Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Those state department officials who have knowledge about N. Korea are not being resourced for information and help.

      The incompetence of the White House terrifies me more than even Kim Jong-Un’s penchant for testing bombs.

      Hugs, Gronda


  2. Let’s ignore the incumbent for the moment and consider the difficulties the professionals have in reaching a balanced judgement.
    In the present set-up;
    While making public noises is Russia is quite content to see this carry on (What’s a worry for the US and China is good for Russia)?
    China probably has several plans about what do with Kim Jong Un but it would seem in the current circumstance does not feel inclined to carry them out as the cost outweighs the gain.
    North Korea is as close to Orwell’s 1984 as you’ll get so goodness knows what the people believe.
    Japan and South Korea have large vibrant economies and within the true damage zone. Will they feel inclined to shake loose from any Western Constraints?
    Taking the above into account is Kim Jong Un aware of all this and just strutting about the place to prove he is not going to be going the same way as Gadhafi and Sadam Hussain?
    And actually who is he targeting? He might be tugging at America’s tail, he might be worrying the life out of South Koreans and Japanese, but is he actually looking his over his shoulder northwards to prove to Beijing? Is the message ‘You’ll have to stick with me, otherwise who knows what I might do?’
    Is this the true Poker Game?
    Who knows?
    And what a gift for him…Donald Trump as US president!

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    • Dear Roger,

      It is hard to figure out what Kim Jong-Un is really thinking when he plays with his missiles. Like you. I suspect that he is fearful that he will be the next Qaddafi, Mubarak or Saddam Hussein. He is NOT going to voluntarily give up on his nukes.

      But, he has to be fully informed that if one of his missiles lands in an allied territory where it does harm, that the consequences will be swift and devastating for him and his country.

      He needs to have no illusions to him ever being accepted on the world’s stage. The problem here is that the US State Department has been decimated to where there are not the diplomats in place to do anything of a constructive nature.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • North Korea’s national mindset is a strange one even by other repressive regimes. Professional minds are needed, but they don’t seem to be hiring at Whitehouse.

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  3. Gronda, apparently the sanctions are not appreciated, hence more chest beating. My concern he is baiting a bully, who truly does not see the danger of military action, which is far from inconsequential. Keith

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    • Dear Keith,

      Someone needs to explain reality to Kim Jong-Un. But we can’t do that because we have businessmen in office who discount the value of the US State Department and the art of diplomacy.

      You would have to explain to them that experienced diplomats is like a business sending out their best sales peoples to see if a deal can’t be made. Your chances of walking in cold to a major organization without any relationship development, is virtually nil. There is a lot of set-up work involved.

      Hugs, Gronda


      • Gronda, since he gutted the State department, the people who understand the history, subtlety, language and culture are not around. History to Trump is the last news cycle, plus it is flavored heavily by pundits and not experts.

        I saw a poll that said most Americans are OK with a military option, but since we are a very uninformed people, we do not recognize that would entail millions of lost lives of our allies and citizens. We may need force, but I hope we exhaust every avenue to its fullest beforehand. Plus, I would prefer to have that decision made by a more reasonable person. Keith

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  4. Ron Paul suggests a most reasonable solution to US/ N Korea saber rattling from spinning out of control:

    South Korea leads the way:

    “Nearly 70 years ago, a US-led attack on Korea led to mass destruction and the death of nearly 30 percent of the North Korean population.

    That war has not yet ended.

    Why hasn’t a peace treaty been signed? Newly-elected South Korean president Moon Jae-in has proposed direct negotiations with North Korea leading to a peace treaty.

    The US does not favor such a bilateral process. In fact, the US laughed off a perfectly sensible offer made by the Russians and Chinese, with the agreement of the North Koreans, for a “double freeze” – the North Koreans would suspend missile launches if the US and South Korea suspend military exercises aimed at the overthrow of the North Korean government.

    So where are there cooler heads? Encouragingly, they are to be found in South Korea, which would surely suffer massively should a war break out.

    While US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, was bragging that the new UN sanctions against North Korea would result in a near-complete blockade of the country (an act of war), the South Korean government did something last week that shocked the world: it announced an eight million dollar humanitarian aid package for pregnant mothers and infant children in North Korea.

    The US and its allies are furious over the move, but how could anyone claim the mantle of “humanitarianism” while imposing sanctions that aim at starving civilians until they attempt an overthrow of their government?


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