aside Republicans’ 2017 Donor Relief Act/ Tax Cuts Bill Represents Incompetence / The Corker Kick Back

Dear Republicans, We have your number. We Know you are lying to your constituents about what it will do.

It is the state of affairs that “we the people” cannot trust our government to act in the best interests of its constituents, the vast majority of us who do not earn more than $75.000 dollars annually. As per a 5/3/17 published Pew report, “Public trust in the government  remains near historic lows. Only 18% of Americans today say they can trust the government in Washington to do what is right “just about always” (3%) or “most of the time” (15%).” ( See: Public Trust in Government: 1958-2017 | Pew Research Center)

When you look into the TV cameras and state with a straight face that you will be passing your consensus tax cut bill by Christmas 2017, as it will spur the creation of better paying jobs because with the lower corporation tax rates, the corporations will invest in their businesses which will lead to more jobs. We know this is an outright lie because major CEO’s have told us this. ( See: Dear Republicans, Stop Lying To Your Voters about Your Tax Cut Bill)

If by any chance, you have convinced yourselves that all the premiere tax analysts are wrong about your tax cuts bill not creating enough revenues to pay for itself, or historical data and just plain common sense, then we taxpayers who are paying your salaries, not only are dealing with a group of US Congressional representatives who have sold their souls to the Donor class while turning their backs to the rest of us, but who are incompetent as well.

The various tax analytical entities like J.C.T. , CBO, Penn Wharton study, the Tax Policy Center, etc. indicate that over 10 years, this tax cut bill will add anywhere from $500 billion dollars to over $2 trillion dollars to the US deficit. In the budget reconciliation process, the republican lawmakers have allowed for an increase over 10 years to the US deficit of $1.5 trillion dollars.

What “we the people” are not being told is that the tax breaks that the middle/ poor class will enjoy at the start, will disappear over the 10 year budget period. That $1.5 trillion dollars cost is a net number which goes like this, the middle/ poor class voters will be burdened with the biggest tax increase in US history of about $4.5 trillion dollars plus an addition to our US deficit from about $500 billion dollars to over $2 trillion dollars in order to pay for permanent tax cuts for the Donor class at about $6 trillion dollars.


As per 11/7/17 VOX article, Why (are lawmakers passing this unpopular bill where only 26% peoples approve?)

Consider this comment from Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY), one of those New York Republicans who theoretically might be upset that his constituents would be expected to lose under the GOP bill.

Cristina Marcos

.@RepChrisCollins (R-NY) on tax reform: “My donors are basically saying, ‘Get it done or don’t ever call me again.’”

10:16 AM – Nov 7, 2017
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“The Republican donor class — i.e., corporate and wealthy America — expects Republican lawmakers to pass a Republican tax bill. It’s as simple as that.”

“We know donor pressure is a big reason that Republicans kept trying to repeal Obamacare. But they still failed. Tax reform is their next — and maybe last — chance to deliver a big legislative victory. Republicans know it.”

“We haven’t repealed Obamacare, so if we don’t get tax reform done, we are in trouble,” Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) said back in September. “We might as well flip up our tent and go home.”

“So House Republicans aren’t going to sweat the details. Their donors put them in office to cut their taxes.”

Here’s my take away…:

$1.5 trillion dollars debt (what republicans have budgeted to pay for this tax cuts bill), spread over 125 million households, translates into $12.000 dollars debt per household over 10 years, or $1,200 dollars per year.

So 62% of households making less than $200k per year will see $500 dollars per year or less in savings, and this is under this final consensus bill that the republicans plan to pass on 12/19/17.

Can you imagine the average Joe voter putting $1,200 on the credit card every year in exchange for $500 dollars or less?

These numbers can be adjusted a bit, depending on how the tax analysts score this consensus US tax cut bill to be become set in stone / signed by the republican President Donald  Trump.

This is the level of incompetence that we the people are funding with our tax payer dollars. Folks, this is the worst deal ever by the supposed deal-maker.

Senator Corker has turned coat:

Republican Sen. Bob Corker on Saturday told the International Business Times” he hasn’t read the GOP tax bill, and had no clue about a last-minute addition to the legislation that would potentially benefit him and President Donald Trump.  Republicans are relying on Corker to vote yes since the party can only afford two defectors. The Tennessee lawmaker was the only GOP senator voting no on the legislation prior to Friday (12/15/17).”

IBT first reported on the provision, which was added during the reconciliation process (week of December 11, 2017) and which would reduce taxes on income from real-estate LLCs. Senator Corker who had previously stated that he could never vote for any tax bill if it added one penny to the US deficit, and who had previously voted _N0- to the Senate’s version of the tax cuts bill, had a miraculous change of heart where he now plans to vote in favor of passage. It seems that Senator  Corker, a real estate mogul like Trump, stands to benefit from the last minute added provision, since he made up to $7 million last year from such income.

Senator Corker has vehemently denied that his change of heart had anything to do with the republicans’ last minute added provision. But I don’t care! What is important for me, is that once upon a time he stood for something on principle and then he didn’t.

Image result for photos of bob corker

Corker announces his support for the bill coincidentally after it was added.

See my statement on my support for tax reform legislation:

Image result for photos of us congress working on tax cuts bills

Dear Republicans, please believe that this tax cuts bill will not improve your polling numbers. There is now a 48 point advantage for those voters under 30 years of age towards the democratic party. They do get the fine points of the republican 2017 planned tax cuts bill.

A per 12/17/17 NBC news report, “According to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, signaling a dangerous political environment for Republicans entering next year’s midterm elections.”

“Fifty percent of registered voters say they prefer a Democratic-controlled Congress, versus 39 percent who want Republicans in charge.”

“The last time Democrats both held a double-digit lead and hit 50 percent on this question in the NBC/WSJ poll was September 2008, right before the party won the White House and picked up a substantial number of House and Senate seats.”

For those who are part of “the Resistance” it is time to man the phones, fax, tweet, email, send postcards to our US Congress legislators. Demand that lawmakers NOT pass their 2017 Donor Relief Act (republicans’tax cuts bill); and to object to the FCC ending the net neutrality protections. Tell them that we don’t want their piece of coal as a Christmas present.

TO FAX:  Resistbot will do it all for you. Text “RESIST” to 50409 or message Resistbot on Facebook and it will walk you through the steps to fax your Senator and will tell you when your fax has been delivered.

The main US Senate phone line 202-225-3121 (202-224-3121) or  YOU CAN FIND PHONE NUMBERS FOR EVERY SENATOR HERE. or U.S. Senate: Senators of the 115th Congress.

Find Your Representative · – U.S. House of Representatives

Here is Senator Bob Corker’s phone number: 202-224-3344 


    • Dear Keith,

      Et-tu Senator Bob Corker of TN. We foolishly believed that there was one republican left in the US Congress who stood for something. Well, now we know that he is just another paper tiger.

      Hugs, Gronda


      • Gronda, I sent him another email about his statement that he had not read the revised bill. I gave him the stated benefit of the doubt that he did not sell his soul to change his vote with the added provision. But, it troubled me that he changed his mind WITHOUT reading the new bill. It still adds to the debt, so what gives? I asked him to reconsider. I had sent him another one before I read this piece. Keith

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