aside Political Experts Are Formally Indicating That Democrats Are Favored In Nov. 2018 Elections

As of March 2018, it’s now official as the political gurus have done their various studies, calculations and analysis, that the US voters are tending to favor casting their lot with the Democratic Party candidates over republicans in the upcoming 2018 November midterm elections.

There are credible polls predicting a democratic win in the upcoming Pennsylvania’s 18th district March 13th special election for a US Congressional seat despite the president’s promise for tariffs on steel imports which would benefit the district’s major city of Pittsburgh which is steel country.

Not even the GOP 2017 tax cuts are turning the polls in the republicans’ favor. It seems that the US voters are not as gullible as republicans had hoped.

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Here’s the rest of the story…

On March 8, 2018, Matthew Chapman of Shareblue Media penned the following report, “Experts just officially rated the House a toss-up for the first time”

“In the Center for Politics’ latest House forecast, there are no longer enough seats leaning or favoring Republicans for a GOP majority.”

“On Thursday (3/8/18), Larry Sabato’s Center for Politics shifted the rating for 26 more House races toward Democrats. And the midterm election outlook reached a critical tipping point.”

Bob Englehart / Cagle Cartoons”For the first time in the Center for Politics forecast, there are fewer than 218 seats in total rated “Lean Republican,” “Likely Republican,” or “Safe Republican.” In other words, there are no longer enough seats favoring Republicans that the GOP could keep their House majority by winning favored races alone.”

“Among the races the Center for Politics reclassified are four seats previously seen as leaning Republican that are now deemed toss-ups: Rod Blum in Iowa’s 1st District, Mike Bost in Illinois’ 12th District, Erik Paulsen in Minnesota’s 3rd District, and the special election in Pennsylvania’s 18th District.” 

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“Republicans are panicking about that last race in particular. Despite the district’s massively conservative tilt, polls now show Democratic Marine vet and former federal prosecutor Conor Lamb in the lead. And as Republican outside groups frantically flood the race with money, party insiders are privately fuming about the incompetence of their candidate, state Rep. Rick Saccone.”

“The Center for Politics update contains other revealing developments. With the improved odds for Democratic incumbent Reps. Tom O’Halleran of Arizona, Ami Bera of California, and Stephanie Murphy of Florida, there is now no Democratic incumbent whose race is rated worse than “Likely Democratic”.

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“Perhaps most amazing of all, House Speaker Paul Ryan’s Wisconsin district is no longer rated “Safe Republican.” The Center for Politics says this is due to “uncertainty surrounding his future.”

“Republicans believed their numbers would be rallying by this time, thanks to the tax cuts. But the tax bill continues to poll poorly, as even voters in Trump country recognize it as a giveaway to corporations and billionaires at their expense. GOP strategists are now quietly abandoning their push to advertise the tax cuts in key districts.”

“The new ratings are a massive red flag for anyone hoping to preserve the Republican grip on power. All over the country, voters have had enough.”


  1. Yippee!!! Thanks for putting a big smile on my face, Gronda. Very encouraging news! Now, the Dems have to work even harder to grow their lead and take both Houses in November. Wow! Toothless Trump!

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    • Dear John Fioravanti,

      D-day is this Tuesday, the 13th of March for the Pennsylvania special election being held to elect a US congressman from this state. This seat has been held by a republican for years.

      The republicans are pulling out all the stops including with tons of monies, TV advertisements to help keep this seat in republican hands. Republican party stars have been stomping with their candidate Rick Saccone.

      Can you imagine their angst when the democratic candidate Conor Lamb still wins?

      Hugs, Gronda


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