aside President Has Been Prioritizing Sending US Troops To US Southern Border Versus Dealing With Syria

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Over the weekend on April 7. 2018, it has become obvious that numerous civilians including children were attacked with chemical weaponry in Douma, Syria ordered by President Bashar al-Asad with the countries of Russia and Iran turning a blind eye.

The minute, the republican President Donald Trump announced his plan to have US troops pull out of Syria, a.s.a,p., the officials from the three countries of Russia, Iran and Turkey had a pow wow to discuss their good fortune.

The signal was given where the brutal dictator Bashar al-Assad thought he could act with impunity. This time the verbal response to this atrocity by the US president has been appropriately outraged.

Bashar al-Assad celebrating the second birthday of one of their children with his wife Asma Assad
President Bashar al-Assad

It is time to deal not only with Russia’s backing of Syria’s president but with Turkey, a country that has not acted like an ally because its leaders hate the Kurds in Northern Syria more than ISIS. But the Kurds have been the most reliable partners with the US military in fighting the terrorist group, ISIS. We do owe them US support.

Both Russia and Syrian leaders are denying their actions. This time, the US needs to rely on its own intelligence in order to deliver an appropriate response.

The conservative host Joe Scarborough of the MSNBC “Morning Joe” TV show comments on how the us president was hyperventilating over sending US national guard troops to a non-existent catastrophe on the US southern border while he was ready to turn his back on Syria by openly advertising his intent to pull the US troops out of Syria in the near future.

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On April 6, 2018, Joe Scarborough for the Washington Post penned the following commentary,  “Trump is so obsessed with his wall he’s giving up on the real war

“History teaches that generals often love fighting the last war. So does our erratic president, who spent this week doing just that, both on our southern border and halfway across the world.”

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“In a frenzied attempt to appease readers of Ann Coulter columns and Breitbart News, President Trump ordered that National Guard troops be deployed to the U.S.-Mexican border. Trump also forced his homeland security secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen, to pretend that his administration was moving forward with the building of a border wall. But in the process, Nielsen simply ended up admitting that Trump would be doing little more than renovating sections of a wall that existed while Barack Obama was president. Campaign cries of “Build that wall!” have devolved into the low-energy whispers of “Add one coat.”

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“The president’s preposterous immigration proposals come, remember, at a time when border crossings from Mexico into the United States sit at a 46-year low. Illegal crossings by Mexican immigrants have fallen sharply in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis and the steady improvement of Mexico’s economy. Fortunately, lasting damage from nonsensical White House moves on the border should be limited to the deterioration of Trump’s already sordid reputation.”

“More troubling for the United States’ long-term interests have been the president’s recent policy pronouncements on Syria. Sitting presidents often repeat the mistakes of a loathed predecessor. Candidate Donald Trump criticized Obama’s habit of announcing troop exit plans and promised voters he would not repeat the same mistake, but Trump spent this week similarly broadcasting military plans to the United States’ enemies. The commander in chief laid bare his hopes for a speedy retreat from Syria to the Islamic State, Iran and other enemies across the region. Future military movements should be the stuff of classified briefings, not some offhand news conference punch line.”

“If I win, I don’t want to broadcast to the enemy exactly what my plan is,” Trump said at a September 2016 campaign forum. But this week, Trump used a multilateral news conference with the leaders of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia to all but throw in the towel in our ongoing fight against Islamic State.

I want to get out.”

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“That the U.S. president announced his plan to cede Syria to Vladimir Putin had to be deeply unsettling for those three countries, which are under continuous threat from Russia. But they are certainly not alone. America’s friends and foes alike must be asking themselves what kind of country cedes Iraq to Iran in a catastrophic, ill-planned war; abandons that country in 2011 after returning a semblance of order; sits idly by while 500,000 Syrians are slaughtered; allows, through inaction and neglect, for the rise of the Islamic State; and belatedly crushes the Islamic State’s dream of a thousand-year caliphate — only to once again move to abandon the region, thereby empowering the Islamic State, Iran, Russia and the murderous Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad.”

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“After years of endless bloodshed, the U.S. military has finally learned to fight an enemy such as the Islamic State in a way that is successful and sustainable. The impact of that winning strategy is being felt around the region, and among U.S. troops. On Friday, The Post’s David Ignatius movingly reported on the emotional stake U.S. service members have invested in their fight against the terrorist group. Despite our long list of tragic missteps in Iraq, the troops Ignatius followed believe they are part of a meaningful mission.”

“Contributing to something greater than yourself is very important,” a military surgeon explained. “It’s an honor for us to be here.”

“Instead, Trump is preoccupied with an imaginary border war. So the National Guard heads to Texas while our heroes in Syria are forced to come home.”

“Our troops deserve better.”


  1. of course we absolutely have to send troops south…after all they are so “needed” there considering immigration is down below what it was 10 years ago…freaking moron. oh, not YOU…the idiot in chief.

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    • Dear Suze,

      This whole reality show is a nightmare. The president with FOX TV concoct a “fake news” story about the US southern border being in a crisis mode to where the president gets to send troops. After all, he has to look tough on border security to appease his base who want that promised southern border wall built which has been plagued with delays.

      In the meantime, the president’s base doesn’t care about the folks in Syria and so he has been pushing for the complete withdrawal of US military personnel in Syria, against the advice of his own experts.

      DHS lies about what is going on at the US border to where its secretary is embarrassed. So, then she wants to establish a list of journalists who write pieces questioning its actions.

      We are living in “never, never land” where reality no longer exists.

      Hugs, Gronda


  2. Nothing like exaggerating a problem and coming up with a solution that solves little. By the way, on a related topic, watch the most recent “Last Week Tonight” where John Oliver focuses on our broken immigration system.

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    • Dear Keith,

      He keeps exaggerating a problem so that he can act in a way that pleases his base, like the US has a $500 billion dollar deficit with China versus $375 billion dollars.

      Here is what Politifact reports:

      “When you factor that surplus into the two countries’ overall trade balance, the United States ran a roughly $336 billion deficit with China last year — which means Trump’s figure was off by about $164 billion.”

      “It’s possible Trump may have confused the Chinese deficit with the United States’ overall trade deficit, which was $566 billion in 2017, according to the bureau.”

      “However, it’s also possible Trump used the $500 billion figure as a matter of habit. We rated this claim Mostly False when he said it in 2015.”

      Thanks for the tip on John Oliver’s discussion about our broken immigration system which is excellent.

      Hugs, Gronda


      • He just uses numbers and people let him roll. Here is number released today by the CBO. The debt will increase by $11.7 trillion over the next ten years increasing our current debt of just over $21 trillion to close to $33 trillion. So, his solution to cut taxes and sign a spending bill makes this problem worse not better.

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  3. Syria is a hotbed of pure chaos. Just recently, Syria’s Foreign Ministry says the U.S. is beyond its rights to intervene in Syrian affairs, one day after the Trump Administration laid out its expansive goals to influence the outcome of Syria’s seven-year long civil war.

    “The Foreign Ministry, in remarks carried on Syria’s state news agency SANA, said Thursday that America’s military presence is “illegal.”

    It said Syria “does not need a single dollar from the U.S. for reconstruction because this dollar is stained with the blood of the Syrians.”

    The question is: should the US intervene despite being told explicitly NOT to interfere?


    Vladimir Putin briefs Donald Trump on plan to end Syrian civil war


    • Dear 1EarthUnited,

      We have reasons to stay in Syria to where Russia will not be listened to any longer. Russia was supposed to create the conditions for a peaceful ending to this war. Russia blew it when it allowed for Syria’s president to gas his own peoples.

      I don’t know what will happen from here. All I know is that chemical attack guaranteed that the US military is not going anywhere soon.

      President Trump was waiting on US intelligence reports proving that the chemical attack occurred and who were the players. On 4/9/18, President Trump announced that he had the required proof.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • I guess all this will be sorted out in due time. Russia claims they have proof that there was no gas attack and this was all just another staged attack to justify Western interference. Trumps’s IC is trying to prove otherwise. Actual proof should now be revealed, rather than baseless innuendos and false suppositions. Nobody needs more war in that poor middle east!


        • Dear 1EarthUnited,

          Here’s the rub. Russia never accepts responsibility for anything. Its officials huff and puff, and keep denying until they are confronted with absolute proof.

          The problem with this habitual reflex to deny outright, everything and anything, is that the Russians have guaranteed that the world will never believe them without absolute proof.

          The culprits who could set the stage for a fake attack are Saudi Arabia, Israel and maybe the UAE as these countries benefit if the US military remains in the region.

          Russia will not be believed without hard evidence.

          Hugs, Gronda

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  4. From things I’ve heard/read … his primary source of information and thus, decision-making, comes straight from the talking heads at Faux News.

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    • Dear Nan,

      The president does like to watch FOX TV which has been evaluated by credible fact checkers to have its content be over 50% fake news.

      But this chemical attack on Syrians this past weekend is for real. Let’s pray that he makes decisions about what to do, in reality.

      Hugs, Gronda


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