New Jersey ( Now In Florida) Grandmother’s Analysis of George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman Cartoon
George Zimmerman Cartoon


How people perceive and feel about George Zimmerman is like a Rorschach test. To me, how people reacted to his “not guilty vote” at the July, 2013 trial is what caught my attention. I read about a pew poll in which the results showed that the vast majority of white, older, registered republicans endorsed this vote while all the other demographics either did not or favored it by a much smaller margin. It was a shock for me to learn that  my fellow, more mature  Floridian republicans didn’t seem to have more compassion for Trayvon Martin and his family. It bothered me how they too readily accepted the negative media portrayal of him.  Early on, I did view Mr. George Zimmerman as being overall a decent person who made a terrible mistake. (Later, I came to a have different view point.) Yet, I couldn’t comprehend why I didn’t hear the typical conservative refrains of how someone should take  responsibility  for one’s actions. For example, if I as a person without any history of violence, tickets, issues with the police made the mistake of running my car over someone, I expect to be held responsible and  I would expect to pay the consequences. If there were mitigating factors such as the pedestrian was “under the influence” and accidently stepped out into traffic without warning, these facts could be brought up for consideration. Now, what if my brakes were not in proper working condition? I would expect to pay the consequences if I could have avoided the accident by fixing my brakes in a timely basis even if the person was partially at fault. All these pieces of information can be a reviewed within the context of a complete set of facts. A final judgment would be rendered only after a complete, competent and fair investigation had been implemented.

In short, in this case I couldn’t figure out why people seemed to be taking sides before all the facts had been uncovered. This is when I started reading about the “stand your ground” law in Florida and how it was started in 2005 by ALEC, a conservative organization promoted by Koch brothers’ monies and supported by Tea Party groups. Then when I reviewed how the Trayvon Martin case, was initially investigated by the Sanford Police station it seemed minimal and very one sided. It appeared to me that the investigation consisted mostly of accepting George Zimmerman’s testimony at face value and then shaping the investigation and facts to fit whatever he said. Then there was a media effort to paint the 17 year old Black victim who was walking home after completing a quick errand as a thug and thereby justifying George Zimmerman’s mistake of profiling this young man as suspicious and then shooting him.  After all, George Zimmerman was the neighborhood watch captain who was protecting  a Florida neighborhood which had suffered from a string of recent robberies. There was no standard protocol investigation of George Zimmerman himself to independently verify his story. For example, the police did not pull his police record in a timely basis. If they had, based on his record, they might have considered obtaining a warrant to obtain his blood work to check for his alcohol levels. The first detective to interview George Zimmerman admitted to the FBI that she had already been given the heads up by a fellow officer that this was probably a self defense case.

Attorney Mark O'Mara and George Zimmerman
Attorney Mark O’Mara and George Zimmerman

I have observed some of George Zimmerman’s defenders, such as his former attorney, Mark O’Mara on a recent CNN interview explain how George Zimmerman  has also experienced trauma after the shooting of Trayvon Martin on February 26, 2013.  Mark O’Mara, now a CNN analyst, is still firmly convinced his former client is innocent and the shooting was justifiable. He referred to an extensive FBI investigation in which many neighbors, friends and acquaintances were interviewed which portrayed George Zimmerman to be mild mannered and that what happened on 2/26/2013 as being totally out of character.  He continued to say that after all, he became the most hated man in America and he was afraid to go anywhere. The full story as to the November 2013 arrest has yet to be told but the young lady who filed the most recent complaint may have had some financial interests. Frank Taaffe, his former neighborhood  watch copartner has been offering the diagnosis of PTSD for his friend, George Zimmerman on every TV talk show, he has been invited on as a guest. They are trying to paint the picture that George Zimmerman is reacting to the trauma of post trial. Of course, this has been  followed up by his former wife, Shellie while on another recent TV interview who has stated she doesn’t know George Zimmerman and she has her doubts about the events on the evening of February 26, 2013. All she can say for sure is that she is afraid of him. WOW, THIS IS LIKE ANY REALITY SHOW!

Then there are those like Tony Norman of the Pittsburgh Gazette who wrote on November 21, 2012  how he now has pity for Mr. Zimmerman with these words, “The rage I used to feel toward George Zimmerman for the ease with which he  manipulated Florida’s incompetent criminal justice system has been replaced by  something totally unexpected in recent days — pity… Amateur psychology suggests that all of Mr. Zimmerman’s post-acquittal drama may  be his way of trying to come clean for killing Martin. He may have wanted to be  convicted, but he beat the system with a far-fetched defense and a gullible  jury. Even so, there’s a tiny part of him that still craves justice. The fact  that Florida can’t give it to him is what’s so damn pitiful.”

This New Jersey Gronda Doesn't need a FBI Profiler
This New Jersey Gronda Doesn’t need a FBI Profiler

Mr. Norman’s words hit home for me. I don’t believe George Zimmerman has been well served by not coming forward right at the start to accept full responsibility. I can’t help but wonder if he wouldn’t have been a lot better off if he had just come forward to tell the whole truth right away. It’s too bad, he didn’t have the strength of character and integrity to take the high road on his own. He was surrounded by advisors who would not have recommended or have any understanding about what it means to take the high moral ground. Mr. Zimmerman has been raised in the Catholic Church and faith for many years and he is well versed on the importance of accepting responsibility, confessing truthfully to any wrongdoings, demonstrating contrition and taking steps to make restitution. He is blessed or maybe in his case, cursed with a conscience. I, like Mr. Norman can have pity for him, if he seeks the counsel of a priest with the ability, competency and success record in treating with therapy, souls like George Zimmerman.  I believe one can rewrite one’s life for the good only with both spiritual and practical therapeutic assistance including medication. One just has to want a normal life with healthy, positive relationships badly enough to be willing to actively do the hard work involved. It is my guess that he is now under some type of treatment in order to obtain the medication required for ADD but it is not adequate for his needs. My concern now is that he may be too emotionally frozen and incapacitated to take this step without intervention from maybe the church, directly. If he does not admit that he needs help to where he actively seeks or accepts competent,  professional assistance, and thereby starts the steps of accepting responsibility, then I have no pity.

Over the months we have come to know some of George Zimmerman’s background. Let’s take a quick review of what we believe to know for about him.  In a couple of reports, I found a reference to three prior arrests with the records being sealed but I have not been able to independently confirm this to my satisfaction. Another question mark that I have uncovered is what happened between George Zimmerman and his godfather by which he separated from the insurance business in 2002. This is the same year that George Zimmerman’s parents remove his name from the deed of the Lake Mary home.

(1.) The Orlando Sentinel in 2012 reports: George Zimmerman lived  in the 1980’s and 1990’s in Manassas, VA, with his parents and two siblings. Their neighbor Jim Rudzenski recalled the family as being very Catholic..very religious. ” George and his siblings didn’t play with the neighborhood kids,” he said. “They had to stay home and play.”  The children attended All Saints Catholic School through the eight grade before going to Osborn High School.  The Father, Robert Zimmerman, is a retired military man and he could be strict. “And the children’s grandmother, who lived with the family, also kept  a watchful eye,” said Kay Hall, who lived across the street from the Zimmerman family. The Rev. Robert Cilinski, the All Saints Pastor, states that the Zimmerman family ” were known and respected in the community for their dedication and service.”   A  neighbor who lived across the street, retired Pastor George W. Hall recalled that George Zimmerman and his brother were raised with strict supervision. He said most kids would have described their home like a prison. He continued, “But they were so polite. They always looked after you before themselves.”  His father, Robert, was a magistrate judge and a veteran of the Vietnam War.  His mother, Gladys, of Peruvian descent was employed as a deputy court clerk. They proudly ran a disciplined household that stressed the importance of service, responsibility and the Roman Catholic faith.

(2.) Mark Osterman, a long time friend  reported to both the FBI and FDLE that George Zimmerman confided in him that his Mother was very strict in over disciplining him over the years and had beaten him and his brother often. He resented his father who was a highly successful professional who did not defend him.  Prior to the Trayvon Martin shooting, George Zimmerman and his parents had been estranged for years. (3)He was a favored alter boy by the priests while he was in high school and they rewarded him with an assignment as a receptionist at their rectory. (4.) He was a member of the Young Marines program designed to teach young people good citizenship.  (5.) In school,  George Zimmerman hinted at ambitions in the business world. He joined a Future Business Leaders of America club. According to an Orlando sentinel article, he wrote, “I’m going to Florida to work with my godfather who just bought a $1 million business.” (6.)  There is a reference in some news accounts regarding an assault  he suffered before graduating high school in 2001 but there are no details available. (7.) As per his own admission at his first police interview on 2/26/2012, he suffers from ADD and takes medication for this. A report authored by Melinda Smith M. A. and Robert Segal M. A., updated November, 2013, states that common symptoms are: “Many adults with ADD/ADHD have a hard time managing their feelings, especially when it comes to emotions like anger or frustration. Common emotional symptoms of adult ADD/ADHD include :sense of underachievement; doesn’t deal well with frustration; easily flustered and stressed out: irritability or mood swings; trouble staying motivated; hypersensitivity to criticism, short, often explosive, temper; low self-esteem and sense of insecurity. Other common issues are with being able to keep a job, following corporate rules, meeting deadlines, and sticking to a 9-to-5 routine. Managing finances may also be a problem: They may struggle with unpaid bills, lost paperwork, late fees, or debt due to impulsive spending.   The symptoms of ADD/ADHD can put a strain on someone’s work, love, and family relationships. They may be fed up with constant nagging from loved ones to tidy up, listen more closely, or to get organized. Those close to them, on the other hand, may feel hurt and resentful over the adult with ADD’s  perceived “irresponsibility” or “insensitivity.”  (8.) In 2001, After he graduated high school, he moved to Lake Mary, Florida to work for his godfather in his “Lake Mary” insurance business.  He was also able to live in his parents retirement home in Lake Mary until they retired around 2006.  (9.) When the mortgage boom erupted in 2002,  Mr.  Zimmerman changed jobs and started  employment with a mortgage broker making an estimate of up to $10,000  per month which was very good monies for  a 20 year old young man.  (10.) In 2002, his parents removed George Zimmerman’s name from the deed of their retirement home.  (11.) In the evenings he was also working security jobs for parties in which he earned up to $100 per evening and had access to alcohol and a partying atmosphere.  Between 2001 and 2005, he worked part-time for two agencies “securing house parties”, which I assume means keeping them from getting out of control. According to the New York Daily News, he was ultimately fired from his position for “being too aggressive.”A former co-worker recalls: “Usually he was just a cool guy. But it was like Jekyll and Hyde. When dude snapped, he snapped. He had a temper and he became a liability. One time this woman was acting a little out of control. She was drunk. George lost his cool and totally overreacted. It was weird, because he was such a cool guy, but he got all nuts. He picked her up and threw her. It was pure rage. She twisted her ankle. Everyone was flipping out.”           

Stand Your Ground Cartoon
Stand Your Ground Cartoon

(12.) In 2005, according to Florida public records, George Zimmerman was involved in a bitter domestic violence incident with his ex fiancé by which the ex fiancé  filed for a restraining order against George Zimmerman and he returned the favor.  According to the Miami Herald, the ex fiancé said that three years earlier, George Zimmerman attacked her while the two were driving to a counseling session. She had popped her gum in his face and he repeatedly smacked her in the face. In January 2002, she added, Zimmerman became enraged that she had come home late. They wrestled and he threw her on the bed, smacking her.                       

(13.) IN MARCH 2012, MSNBC REPORTED: “In 2005, Zimmerman, was arrested and charged with “resisting an officer with violence”  (even though pre warned) and “battery of law enforcement officer,” both which are third-degree felonies. The charge was reduced to “resisting officer without violence” and then waived when he entered an alcohol education program. Contemporaneous  accounts indicate he shoved an officer who was questioning a friend for alleged underage drinking at an Orange County (popular college) bar.”  (14.) Mr.  Zimmerman had years of success in the mortgage business until about 2006 when the real estate market went bust.  In 2006, he moved out of his parents Lake Mary retirement home after they moved to Florida.  In 2008, he completed a 14 week citizens’, police academy program sponsored by the Seminole Sheriff’s Department. In 2006 -2008, he worked at various jobs to make ends meet including a job as a used car seller at Car Max.  In 2009, he applied for a law enforcement position in Prince Williams County, Virginia but he received a rejection letter due to his poor credit history.  At the time of the Trayvon Martin shooting in 2012, Mr. Zimmerman had almost completed an associate degree in ” Criminal Justice” at Seminole State  College which he had started in 2009. He was looking forward to a career in law enforcement, until the school declined to allow him to continue, citing safety concerns.  Until March 2012, he had been employed as an underwriter for the mortgage risk-management firm Digital Risk. 

  (15.)  In  2007, he married Shellie Nicole Dean, a cosmetologist who is in the process of completing her nursing degree. They both lived in a development called “The Retreat At Twin Lakes.”  (16.)  Witness 22 who has chosen to remain anonymous testified under oath at the July, 2013 trial testified that he and George Zimmerman worked for the same company for a the years 2008/2009.  George Zimmerman was already employed when Witness 22 was hired. At the time George  Zimmerman was not liked by his fellow employees and he chose to try to become popular by to picking on Witness 22 who was from a Middle Eastern background.  George Zimmerman proceeded to make Witness 22 a target of bullying and his life at work became a nightmare on a daily basis. He would make Witness 22 do menial jobs, then embarrass him in front of the other employees by calling him irreverent names and making jokes and doing skits about him.  Witness 22 overheard George Zimmerman use lines from “Ahmed the Terrorist.”  Witness 22 said the daily harassment was so bad he felt feelings of violence towards George Zimmerman. Witness 22 did file a complaint with Human resources and they did have a talk with George Zimmerman which did nothing.  Witness 22 said that George Zimmerman was so convincing and professional in his demeanor when defending his behavior towards Witness 22  to management that he almost doubted himself.  Eventually, George Zimmerman was fired as he was constantly making complaints against management in how he believed the various departments should be run. HR said  he was too much trouble. (17.) He and the air marshal friend, Mark Osterman’s  wife worked for the same mortgage broker before both started working for Digital Risk, a fraud investigation company under contract to major  financial  institutions.  It is this connection that explains how he and Mark Osterman became friends. It was Mark Osterman who recommended that his friend  carry a  concealed gun for protection, a Kel Tec  PF9 9mm semi automatic  gun with the bullet already chambered.  This was  to protect Mr. Zimmerman  from a pit bull who had previously approached his wife, Shellie without a leash and probably to protect himself.  Mr. Zimmerman suffered from his own fears as he had been a victim of violence a couple of times before 2005. 

Frank Taaffe
Frank Taaffe

(18.) Around 2011, there were several robberies in this “Retreat at Twin Lakes” development, easily verifiable as this information is part of Florida public records. On one such occasion, a couple of robbers entered the home of a young woman with a child. The robbers heard the sirens of the local police and escaped while Mr. Zimmerman’s wife, Shellie watched them leave.  After this event, Mr. Zimmerman with some other neighbors formed a “neighborhood watch group” with the support and training from from the local Sanford Police Department. They were instructed to call the police non emergency line if they saw anything suspicious and to call 911 if they saw a crime in progress. Mr. Zimmerman was selected to be the neighborhood watch captain.

(19.) Frank Taaffe, a neighbor who lived on the same street as Mr. Zimmerman was his neighborhood watch partner. Mr. Taaffe has become a good friend and has vehemently defended George Zimmerman on just about every TV media talk show that exists. It is his home which is located next to the short cut most of the local kids use to exit the development.  It was his house by which a robbery attempt by a young Black man was allegedly thwarted in early February, 2012. The magazine, Mother Jones published an expose on August 8, 2013 which found that the 56-year-old New York native has a lengthy criminal record that includes charges of domestic violence and burglary, and a history of airing virulently racist views. The article states that on August 4, 2013, he appeared on The White Voice, a weekly podcast hosted by a man named Joe Adams, who has deep, long-standing ties to white-power groups and has authored a manual called Save The White People Handbook. (Sample quote: “A mutt makes a great pet and a mulatto makes a great slave.”) On July 27, 2013, he argued that whites and blacks have no business mingling. (“They don’t want to be with us and we don’t want to be with them.”) Frank Taaffe also opined that if Zimmerman had racially profiled Martin, he was justified in doing so because “young black males” had burglarized homes in their neighborhood. “What if I—a middle-aged white man—wore a hoodie and went through Trayvon Martin’s neighborhood?” he asked defiantly. Adams replied that “no sane white person” would dare walk down their “local Marcus Garvey Boulevard.”  Frank Taaffe’s private Twitter feed (@pinsones)  is full of racial animus which I cannot print out of fear my grandson could read my blog. It does include”the only time a black life is validated is when a white person kills them.” Incidentally, he also has a documented record which can be verified with Florida public records for DUI, by which he was ordered to attend Alcoholic Anonymous meetings. The Mother Jones article continues with many of the other entries on Frank Taaffe’s rap sheet stemming from domestic-violence complaints filed by his second wife and their son. “In 2000, he was arrested for burglary—the very crime he alleges “young black males” were committing in his community—after allegedly swiping some papers from his ex-wife’s home. Frank Taaffe pleaded no contest to a lesser charge of trespassing, and was sentenced to nine months in prison. According to police reports, he was later charged with stalking and with child abuse after his son, William, jumped out of a moving car, allegedly to escape his father’s angry, profanity-laced tirade.”

“Yellow Line is Retreat View Circle”/ Shortcut is Location of Frank Taafe’s Home/ Purple Line Is GZ Walking Route/ White Line is TM Walking Route/ Red Line Is GZ Route While In Vehicle

 (20.)  On February 26, 2012, George Zimmerman had been stewing all day working himself into a righteous anger. He and his wife, Shellie Zimmerman had a terrible fight and she left the household to live with her Dad for awhile. It is my theory that it is Frank Taaffe who is known for his virulent racist attitudes who calls George Zimmerman before 7:00 PM or they are already hanging out together as they live on the same street.  It is  Mr. Taaffe who is the neighborhood watch partner and who has the home located next to the exit short cut used by most of the local kids. I am admittedly speculating that Mr. Taaffe noticed Trayvon Martin walking by his home in the rain.  He then discusses this with George Zimmerman.  Remember that this is the home by which a robbery was supposedly thwarted earlier that month.  You would have to use your imagination as to what Frank Taaffe would have told George Zimmerman to trigger him to react. The rest is history.  I came to this theory based on a comment  Mr.  Zimmerman volunteered on his first police interview when he stated he first noticed the suspect next to the neighbor’s home which he claims was almost robbed earlier that month. This can be verified on by listening to the first 12 minutes of the first audio recording collected from Florida public records of the interview between George Zimmerman and the Sanford Police Investigator, D. Singleton on the evening of 2/26/2012. ( I could not find any record of this attempted robbery as per Florida public records.) The Florida public records do definitely indicate that the appropriate Black suspects were apprehended and charged regarding the burglary on 2/6/2012 at 1540 Retreat View Circle.

My analysis is short and sweet.  George Zimmerman with a history of ADD would have had a horrible life being raised in the rigid home he grew up in with his Mom being overly strict. It is easy to predict that he would have  issues in relationships with women. He probably was never able to please his Mom which would have been difficult for a normal child but impossible for a child with ADD. To avoid any negative consequences, he had to become very creative in explaining or justifying why he did something which displeased her. This behavior in turn can be exasperating to a parent. My perception is the family values appearances very highly.  So far, George Zimmerman would need some assistance to deal constructively with his ADD and to come to terms with his past history.

He is able to appear to be living a normal life with some struggles for most of the years after he left home except for 2005 and 2012. These are both periods of time when he has been living with women who are “significant others” who are in the process of leaving him. Anyone who has ever gone suffered a break up after a long term relationship knows that this does not happen overnight and this process probably involves weeks of pain prior and post the separation. This is when he becomes distraught and is unable to function normally. He is especially vulnerable at this time. He values his friendships and so when Frank Taaffe calls for assistance with a story on 2/26/2012, it is my guess that George Zimmerman would want to help and would not be thinking clearly. If my speculation is correct, George Zimmerman would want to protect his friend by not revealing this information. His friend may feel encouraged to return the favor by helping  Mr. Zimmerman financially and by defending George Zimmerman in the media.  This would be harming Mr. Zimmerman and his faith.  No amount of money or offer of friendship is worth someone’s soul. Some relationships are toxic.

George Zimmerman is like a lot of us, a complicated person with flaws. He has let his darker angels take control and he needs to stop whatever he is has been in the habit of doing, withdraw to a quiet place where he can meditate and talk to a priest who can competently provide therapy and has a history of helping someone get back on the right path. He cannot dream to have healthy relationships with anyone, especially with women without becoming emotionally healthy himself. HE HAS TO SAY GOOD BYE FOR NOW TO FRIENDS LIKE THE FRANK TAAFE AND MARK OSTERMAN’S OF THIS WORLD. If he does not make the effort to realize and admit he needs help and then if he does not take the steps to obtain the best possible assistance, then I have no pity. There are lots of folks out there with horrible pasts. At some point when these folks figure out their lives are not going well and that when they keep having similar problems and issues over and over again, it is not constructive to blame everyone else, people and events in the past. It is time to grow up and become the author of their own life. These folks have to figure out how to alter the dysfunctional cycle they have been on and usually this requires seeking professional and spiritual help along with the individual’s major motivation to change and determination not to live in fear.  I am sure Dr. Drew of the HLN TV Show by which his friend Frank Taaffe has been a frequent guest, would be someone who would respond to his professional calling and would be an excellent resource.

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  1. Hello gronda! I am also a grandmother living in Florida! ( white).I have followed this case since 2/26. Your observations are very astute.
    You will love reading Whonoze and bcc.list blog. The bcc blog is no longer active but he and others did an amazing job uncovering what happened that terrible night. The bloggers, referred to as the scientific bloggers, moved to Whonoze with wonderful insights. They uncovered the car to pedestrian chase GZ’s did to Trayvon through the clubhouse cameras. Amazing work!!

    The only item I would correct is it’s Mark Osterman whom he is referring to at his first interview.
    Det. Singletary says” how is your wife, was she frantic when you didn’t come home?
    GZ says:” no, a very nice eye witness ( John Manola)called her and she called my friend Mark WHO WAS THERE( my emphasis) and they came in 5 minutes.
    Mark Osterman was a disgraced cop fired but then allowed to resign after appealing . The cop union is one of the strongest so it is very difficult to be fired. He was hired as a air line undercover when they were hiring anyone with breath after 9/11. I think, although, not sure he was let go from this job also.

    Then from that night on he and his wife lived with Osterman who proceeded to write a book and throw him under the bus on Dr. Phil show.

    GZ turned off his parent’s electricity and locked the box. He also had friends take the rap for him when he lived in Va. See his old my space page.
    He barely graduated from HS and attempted to scam UCF on pell grant by leaving off his wife’s income, IRS tax return.

    He is all about cheating…you may enjoy listening to his jail house call on axiom amnesia.

    His ADHD rendered him unable to process anything and his mother just beat him every day. Thereby creating an adult with no conscience and no capacity to learn from his mistakes. There is no religious history and probably unspeakable acts that are secret from neighbors. You will not see any normal childhood pictures, just one of him making pizza and looking very terrified. This is quite telling and really almost impossible to fathom. What family doesn’t have pictures of their children.

    Thank you for your effort and for your extensive research.


    • It is great to hear from a fellow Florida grandmother, This case has almost become an obsession for myself. I was embarrassed over how Trayvon Martin and his family was treated by the police and judicial system in Florida. I appreciate your feedback and will definitely be reviewing the other blogs. Thank you for your support.


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