aside Will Mark O’Mara Ever Be Paid By George Zimmerman & Discussion On New Theory

Mark O'Mara and George Zimmerman Standing Up
Mark O’Mara and George Zimmerman Standing Up

I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself when I read  the Atlanta Daily World, dated December 2, 2013 as they are reporting the news that George Zimmerman is finally  in receipt of a bill for the legal services rendered by the attorneys Mark O’Mara and Don West to the tune of 2.5 million dollars. I find this amusing even if it may be somewhat old news as George Zimmerman did list this debt on his affidavit to qualify for a public defender.  Another blogger (2dogsonly) suggested the timing of this story could be a ploy for funds. I believe the publicity timing of this billing is designed to reinforce the image that Mark O’Mara’s former client, George Zimmerman is indigent and not worth filing any claims against himself. These two attorneys along with investigators, paralegals and other support staff worked on the George Zimmerman case full time from April, 2012 through July, 2013 without taking on any other cases. In total they have billed over 6000 hours with Mark O’Mara’s rate at $400 per hour and Don West at $350 per hour. According to the Orlando Sentinel, when Mark O’Mara first took on this case, he said he would represent George Zimmerman at no cost based on the assumption that Mr. Zimmerman had very little monies. Later they discovered that George Zimmerman and his family were raising a lot of funds via a website and at least in the beginning, money was generously being donated. In the last week in November, 2013,  Mark O’Mara said he has been paid only a minute amount of monies after trial but other than this he has been paid nothing. However, as per the Orlando Sentinel, he has benefitted somewhat  from Mr. Zimmerman’s legal-defense fund by spending over $52000 on “law firm support and infrastructure.” The legal defense fund was reserved to pay for other expenses such as for expert witnesses and not for the wages of the attorneys. He has benefitted in other ways such as becoming famous and in being signed up as a CNN Legal Analyst. Mark O’Mara has stated in a November, 2013 CNN interview with Anderson Cooper that he has an arrangement to be compensated by George Zimmerman sometime in the future.  I am only speculating that he is counting on there being a future with George Zimmerman having monies via NRA sponsorship, or donors, a book deal.  Still, if I were him, I wouldn’t count my chickens yet.  How long do you think it will take for Mark O’Mara  to come to terms that he is not likely to see one dime directly from George Zimmerman if he can figure a way out of  paying these monies? What does Mark O’Mara know that the rest of the world doesn’t?

It has to be disconcerting for George Zimmerman’s former attorney, now a CNN Analyst, Mark O’Mara to learn that George Zimmerman has hired the high priced, high profile, very competent attorney Jayne Weintraub to assist him with his most current arrest of assault against a young lady. This attorney is being well compensated as she is too smart to take on this type of a case pro bono. However, during the week of December 9, 2013 she did go public stating that she had agreed to take on this case with no upfront monies from George Zimmerman which continues to reinforce his image of being short on funds. Mark O’Mara has to be asking himself, how is this possible?  Still, Mark O’Mara is clever enough to figure out that George Zimmerman has somehow managed to have access to funds in order to pay his new attorney.

I wonder if he has questioned how the public defender, Jeff Dowdy  was assigned to George Zimmerman as he swore as per an affidavit to having about $149 in cash, being 2.5 million dollars in LEGAL EXPENSE debt with no savings. This is the attorney who was in the private sector for about 20 years and until very recently was the public defender representing George Zimmerman along with another assigned public defender at the tax payer expense for his current assault charges with a shot gun against his current ex girlfriend.  A few months ago , this defense attorney with over 20 years of experience managed within the past year to become part of the public defenders office.  Prior to this he was in private practice representing George Zimmerman’s brother Robert, Jr. working in a media campaign to counter his brother’s critics.  According to “Think Progress,” by Judd Legum published on November 25, 2013, Jeff Dowdy and Robert Zimmerman Jr. appeared in August, 2013 on an  two hour broadcast of “Armed American Radio,” a  show produced by the The United States Concealed Carry Association. (Sample content: “We are now faced with the most ANTI-FREEDOM, GUN HATING, SOCIALIST-DRIVEN administration and agenda in our nation’s history…The onslaught of gun-haters who want to take away your freedoms CAN NOT AND WILL NOT GO UNATTENDED…”) On the broadcast, Dowdy — who was introduced as Robert’s lawyer — described George Zimmerman as an “altar boy,” who clearly acted in self-defense. Dowdy agreed that the only reason Trayon Martin’s killing was a source of controversy was because “people have been brainwashed in New York City that you have to run away.” He called the decision to prosecute George Zimmerman “reprehensible.” A few hours after this publication, George Zimmerman hired the private attorney and dropped the public defender.  Now I do find it interesting that Jeff Dowdy does claim to be a friend of the attorney Mark O’Mara. I wonder if Mr. O’Mara has been thinking about the recent amount of monies of $30,000 that  he and Shellie Zimmerman had to pay out to settle a claim filed by CMR, a security firm which provided security and body guards for Mr. and Mrs. Zimmerman whose services they contracted for after they hired Mark O’Mara and throughout the trial period. The only person who did not participate in this settlement is George Zimmerman, even though in this case, he may have been advised not to as he cannot appear to have any funds or ability to pay off a claim.  The story does include a comment from the claimant that he does not intent to pursue George Zimmerman at all. This information is referred to in an Orlando Sentinel article by Rene Stutzman, dated December 2, 2013.

George and Shellie Zimmerman
George and Shellie Zimmerman

Do you think he remembers what happened to Shellie Zimmerman? George Zimmerman involved her in being deceptive to the court about their financial situation by which Shellie Zimmerman was charged with perjury and his bail was revoked as he was returned back to jail. He was released on bail at a much higher amount, with instructions to turn in his duplicate passport; to be constantly monitored and to not imbibe any alcohol. Shellie Zimmerman stood by George Zimmerman throughout the trial. She never indicated that she had left the household the evening before the shooting on 2/26/2012.  If the police and prosecution did not discover this, it is due to their investigative incompetence. However when she appeared before the court to face the perjury charge, she was alone.  She accepted responsibility for her actions, apologized to the court and accepted the consequences. This was followed up by George Zimmerman being asked by his Mother -In -Law to evacuate her home that she had leased inexpensively to him and her daughter.  He rewarded her by thrashing the home, inciting an incident with her daughter, the Dad being punched in the nose and she having to file a theft report with the police for a stolen TV and other furniture.  Oh yes, Shellie Zimmerman had to wait months in order to serve him divorce papers as she couldn’t locate him until he ended up in jail due to his most recent arrest for assault charges against his current ex girlfriend.  Then there is his history over the years with having poor credit. For example, during the July, 2013 trial, Lieutenant Scott Kerns from Prince William County, Virginia confirmed that George Zimmerman had applied for a position in law enforcement around, July 2009 but he was denied the opportunity because he had bad credit. The witness validated a rejection letter dated 7/8/2009 referring to George Zimmerman’s “bad credit.”

Recently, in November, 2013, Mark O’Mara was a guest on a CNN interview defending George Zimmerman’s current situation explaining that there is more to the story about his recent assault charges against his young lady which will become evident and that he has also suffered trauma post trial. In short Mark O’Mara was still in full defense mode . This is when he stated that he has made an arrangement for compensation to be paid by Mr. Zimmerman in the future.  I am awaiting the drama of how Mark O’Mara intends for this to come to fruition.  I wouldn’t hold my breath as my money, is on George Zimmerman having something occur by which Mark O’Mara will not receive one dime. I recall his lecturing folks how we should look upon his client as innocent never understanding we were looking at a man who never once accepted any responsibility for the mess he helped create while doing everything he could to trash the reputation of an innocent kid just trying to walk home in his own neighborhood safely while being Black.

Stand Your Ground cartoon
Stand Your Ground cartoon

Another new theory that I have been toying with has to do with the recoil effect of the Kel Tec PF9.  What if my other hypothesis is correct that George Zimmerman had his gun ready to use, bullet chambered as he wanted to emulate how a competent law enforcement officer would act before he exited the truck to follow Trayvon Martin? After he figured out that Trayvon had not exited the development via the south exit on “Retreat View Circle,”   he was returning to his truck via the shortest route which was the sidewalk between the two sets of town homes where he surprised Trayvon and vice versa.  Trayvon Martin sees the gun and being frightened for his life starts to struggle for his life by pinning and holding down his attacker while grabbing for the gun. He is on top of George Zimmerman in close proximity and now George Zimmerman is stuck because he truly believes Trayvon is a criminal.  The Kel Tec PF9 semiautomatic gun he was carrying could not be thrown away as the bullet was already chambered and if Trayvon grabbed it , he could easily shoot him.  If he had not already chambered the bullet then he could have thrown the gun away and landed some punches on Trayvon which would have extended some time while the police were in route . This is because it would have taken Trayvon two hands to hold the gun along  with some training.  If the gun was in the holster concealed in the back part of his pants as Mr. Zimmerman has always alleged, then Mr. Zimmerman would still have been able to fight Trayvon.  As it was, while Trayvon Martin was fighting for his life by holding and pinning his arms down while trying to extricate the gun away from him,  George Zimmerman shot him in the torso.  However they were in such close proximity that while the back of  Mr. Zimmerman’s head is laying flat on the sidewalk and he shoots, the recoil from the gun bloodies his nose and causes the lacerations on the back of the head.  The best proof of my hypothesis is the fact of no bruises or marks on Trayvon’s hands with the exception of  a scratch on the left ring finger and no bruises or markings on Mr. Zimmerman’s hands. Refer to these site regarding the recoil issue: Keltec PF-9 Recoil Demonstration & Failure to Eject – YouTube; Keltec PFRelated articles:


  1. O’Mara will never see his money, but then again he didn’t take on this trial for the pay. I think, no I know he took on this trial for the publicity of it all. I’m sure his law practice is more than thriving now.

    He’ll probably write a book or two, and become a legal consultant for FOX news or something like that. He’s set for life, so no he doesn’t even need Zimmerman to pay him his money.


    • I’m sure he has already seen some benefits like becoming a CNN Analyst and being able to purchase another building and of course, he now has fame. However, after he discovered GZ had access to funds, it is only natural that his offer to assist for no monies based on GZ claim of little funds wouldn’t be kosher. Mark O’Mara and Don West deserve some compensation for working over one year full time on this one case. Mark O’Mara recently on a CNN interview states that he has an arrangement with GZ to be paid in the future when GZ comes into funds. I’m just curious to see if this comes into fruition.


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