ONCE UPON A TIME I DREAMED THAT JUSTICE MIGHT STILL BE POSSIBLE FOR TRAYVON MARTIN VIA THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE. I am depressed!! As of October, 2014, the word is out that the DOJ is not intending to file any civil rights actions against George Zimmerman. I just wanted justice for Trayvon Martin and to be proud of my State of Florida. In the future, I would like to  believe that my taxes are going towards a more professional, competent, efficient and well trained police force and judicial system. I was somewhat ameliorated to learn of the very recent guilty verdict rendered in Jacksonville, Florida against Michael Dunn as described in the New York Times, 10/1/2014 by Lizette Alvarez. She states: ” A Florida man who shot an unarmed Black 17 year old teenager, Jordan Davis to death during a dispute over loud music was convicted of first-degree murder on Wednesday after a jury rejected his claim that he fired his gun repeatedly in self-defense. Under Florida law, the man, Michael Dunn, 47, will spend the rest of his life in prison, without the possibility of parole.”


I never want to hear of another police investigation or judicial procedural system executed like what Trayvon and his family have endured. Our children of all colors deserve better. Please honor the memory of Trayvon Martin by getting to the voting booth this November 2014 and voting for the next Governor Charlie Crist.

UPDATE: Governor Rick Scott has won reelection by a 1% margin in a night of a tidal wave of republican victories throughout the country.

Personally, I am most interested in the modification of the “stand your ground” law by which folks who fire a gun into the air without harming anyone with the claim of self defense are not subject to Florida’s minimum sentencing guidelines of 20 plus years

This should not be a left or right issue!  I just want what is morally right to be done by Trayvon Martin and future young people in Florida. If the FBI and the DOJ cannot establish a Civil Rights case against George  Zimmerman, then the only way I can see for justice to prevail is threefold. I would like to see the re peal in Florida of the “stand your ground” law; repeal of the 10-20-life minimum standard gun rules and the installation of video cams on all police vehicles. I want to prevent any future cases similar to Trayvon Martin.  We all have fantasies and this is about as good as it  gets for this Grandmother.

Cut out all the noise.  Remember his story. Trayvon was a Black, Miami teenager with a decent core who was going through a rough period.  He had a loving, supportive family with parents who took their supervisory role seriously.  His three suspensions were minor for truancy; graffiti art; and the last one for having residual marijuana in a plastic bag found in his school bag.  I am VERY suspicious that the addition of details listing jewelry with a tool on one of  the (October 2011) suspension forms is just what it looks like, an addition. The Miami Herald reporter, Frances Robles reported this story on 3/26/2012 just one month after his death. This leak is just too well timed. Trayvon Martin’s parents have vehemently denied having any knowledge of this information in real time and they are not the type of parents who would not take the time to find out everything this important in 2011. The M-DSPD Police Chief, Charles Hurley ordered an investigation regarding this leak to the press. Recently, some conservative blogs are alleging that the school resource officer, Darryl Dunn did not report this to the juvenile police department at the time under pressure from the Miami-DSPD Chief because he wanted the percentage of young people being sent through the juvenile detention system to show a reduction. The leap to this conclusion does not make sense to me for a couple of reasons. The first one is that Chief Charles Hurley was dealing with other sensitive performance issues regarding himself at the time and he wouldn’t have ordered an internal review if he had any clue that he could be blamed for withholding crucial information from both Trayvon’s parents and the juvenile justice system.  The second point is that his performance which was under review indicated that his preferred method of reducing juvenile detention rates was extremely controversial. The Miami Herald reported, “that records show a sharp increase: More than 600 students have been Baker Acted during the 2011-2012 school year, almost doubling the number of such instances during the past 5 years. The officer and others inside the department claimed Hurley is responsible for the increase, and instructed officers to Baker Act students instead of arresting them.”  According to the reports, these were done for the most minor of incidents. FINALLY, I CANNOT FATHOM A LEGITIMATE REASON WHY THE PARENTS WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN AS FULLY INFORMED IN REAL TIME ABOUT THE ADDITIONAL DETAILS OF FOUND JEWELRY ON THE OCTOBER 2011 SUSPENSION FORM SIGNED OFF BY OFFICER DARRYL DUNN  AS THE MIAMI HERALD REPORTER, FRANCES ROBLES WHO PUBLISHED THIS LEAKED INFORMATION JUST ONE MONTH AFTER THE SHOOTING OF TRAYVON MARTIN.

trayvon martin

As a matter of fact this New Jersey grandmother now living in Florida says the above story does not pass the smell test at any level.  Any half decent parent, even on their death bed, out there in the real world knows that there is no way that information about found jewelry on their son’s suspension form would bypass their beady eyes in real time. While the school resource officer may not have shared this information with the juvenile police department, there is no good reason why this information wouldn’t have been shared with the parents for the well being of their son. The parents had a right and a need to know.  In addition, if  I were the parents, I would consider the school resource officer not sharing this crucial information with them in real time, a legal action worth pursuing. Of course, this would be the case if I believed the information to be valid. If the Miami school resource officer did not have the integrity to share this important information which he is now alleging in real time (2011) with Trayvon’s parents, I would not believe him now even if he was under oath. Now, it is his job at risk.  As a naturally suspicious grandmother, I would want to interview all Miami high school students having any reports regarding any found jewelry in 2011. In addition, I would want an investigation as to the current location of this found jewelry.  I am curious as to how this jewelry was inventoried etc. in comparison to the standard established protocol for similar incidents.  Frankly, if I was the Miami Herald reporter, I would be wondering how I was so fortunate to be granted this exclusive tidbit just one month after the death of Trayvon (2/26/2012)  that even his parents were denied in 2011.

The attorney, Mark O’Mara tried  to include in his opening statement reference to Trayvon Martin’s penchant for fighting by claiming that  he had a video portraying Trayvon Martin participating in street fighting.  Later as the video was publicly exposed for just showing two homeless men fighting over a bicycle, Mr. Mark O’Mara had to publicly apologize for the mischaracterization of this video. There are those who want to make something out of the amount of THC found on Trayvon during the autopsy.  Virtually any expert would say that the amounts reported are so small that the marijuana could have been ingested weeks  ago and would have had no influence on his behavior on the evening of 2/26/2012.  There seemed to be a need to paint Trayvon Martin as a thug; focus on him wearing a hoodie and jeans; in other  words, the kid had it coming.

I am suspicious that it was the former Sanford deputy and former school resource officer, Mark Osterman, George Zimmerman’s friend who was present at the scene of the shooting and all of the police interviews  who did some of the investigative work.  I do not want to believe that the attorney, Mark O’Mara would have knowingly described the video deceptively before the judge.  He may have made the mistake of relying on someone’s investigative product without actually having previewed the video himself.  Eventually Mark O’Mara instructed the federal air marshal Mark Osterman to have no further contact with his client.  With his prior experience as a school resource officer he may be the one who was able to find out about  Trayvon’s confidential records regarding his school suspensions which was leaked to the press within a month after the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Earlier in his law enforcement career, he resigned while he was in the process of an appeal from being fired from his  job as a Sanford deputy due to his lack of truthfulness and integrity.

So, fate was set in motion on that dark, rainy evening of 2/26/2012, while Trayvon Martin was residing with his Dad and his fiancee and her son at her townhome in Sandford, Florida for a few days respite. The Dad and his fiancée went out to dinner leaving the two boys behind watching sports and playing games. Before 6:30 PM Trayvon takes  off to purchase some skittles for  his host at the local 7eleven by probably traveling past the short cut next to the home of Frank Taaffe.

Frank Taaffe is a neighborhood watch partner of the development, “THE RETREAT AT TWIN LAKES.”  He has a documented history of  racism and alcoholism and he was also the copartner with the neighborhood watch group coordinator, George Zimmerman. Earlier in February, 2012, it was his house which people allegedly claimed that a robbery by a black young suspect was thwarted.  Because most of the young folks in the neighborhood took advantage of a short cut to exit the development which is right next to Frank Taafe’s home, I am speculating that Trayvon Martin did the same especially since it was raining.  It is my guess that on that evening, Frank Taaffe happened to notice  Trayvon walking past his home and somehow he manages to contact Mr. Zimmerman before 7:00 PM who lives close by on the same side of the street, “RETREAT  VIEW CIRCLE.” It would not be implausible for Frank Taafe to plant the idea in George Zimmerman’s mind that there was a Black young teenager surveying in a suspicious manner his home to have George Zimmerman react.  It is important to note that in one of the first interviews with Detective Singleton, Mr. Zimmerman does mention that he first saw the suspect next to the home of a neighbor who was almost robbed earlier that month. This might also explain the closeness of their relationship after the shooting.  It has been Frank Taafe who’s been George Zimmerman’s staunchest supporter with the media over the past many months.

On the day of the shooting, George Zimmerman has spent the whole day working himself up into a righteous anger because he and his wife had a major fight AND SHE HAS LEFT THE HOUSEHOLD.  Mr. Zimmerman does have a history of not being able to handle his  anger on occasion.  In 2005 he was arrested for assaulting a police officer  in a bar, even after the officer warned him.  In addition his ex fiancée presented him with a restraining order claiming domestic violence and he returned the favor.  He was required to take part in an alcohol/ anger management pretrial program. He was also fired from a security agency job he had held for several years for throwing a guest at a party. A coworker described him as being normally a pretty cool guy but when he was in a rage, he was a liability. This was all before 2006. Still, I find the most telling testimony regarding information about George Zimmerman’s character is from Witness 22 who chose to remain anonymous during the July 2013 trial.  This tells the true story of how Mr.  Zimmerman treats someone he considers inferior when he thinks he can get away with it and yet how he can be so convincing in explaining himself to superiors that the victim almost doubts himself. He testified that he and George Zimmerman worked for the same company for a the years 2008/2009.  George Zimmerman was already employed when Witness 22 was hired. At the time George  Zimmerman was not liked by his fellow employees and he chose to pick on Witness 22 who was from a Middle Eastern background to gain brownie points with his coworkers.  George Zimmerman proceeded to make Witness 22 a target of bullying and his life at work became a nightmare on a daily basis. He would make Witness 22 do menial jobs, then embarrass him in front of the other employees by calling him irreverent names and making jokes about him.  Witness 22 overheard George Zimmerman use lines from “Ahmed the Terrorist.”  Witness 22 said the daily harassment was so bad he felt feelings of violence towards George Zimmerman. Witness 22 did file a complaint with Human resources and they did have a talk with George Zimmerman which did nothing.  Witness 22 said that George Zimmerman was so convincing and professional in his demeanor when defending his behavior towards Witness 22  to management that he almost doubted himself.  Eventually, George Zimmerman was fired as he was constantly making complaints against management in how he believed the various departments should be run.  HR said he was too much trouble.

There were other clues as to his lack of integrity prior to the July, 2013 trial.  For instance, he had his first bond revoked and he was returned to jail due to his misleading the court under oath about his true financial condition at one of his hearings. There were audio recordings proving this deception.  His wife was charged with perjury because of this and she has since pled guilty after apologizing to the court. Mr. Zimmerman had his bail increased ad additional restrictions imposed. Other negative information subsequent to this period are not material as there was plenty of information regarding his character prior to trial and any new reports regarding gun usage or assaults should not be a surprise.

After a whole day of stewing in his indignation, he gets that call from Frank Taaffe if he wasn’t already hanging out with him or he goes off shopping on his own ( a story I do not buy).  He grabs  his Keltec PF9  semi automatic gun with the bullet already chambered and jumps into the truck and then spots Trayvon Martin and decides he looks suspicious in his hoodie and jeans.

“Yellow Line is Retreat View Circle”/ Shortcut is Location of Frank Taafe’s Home/ Purple Line Is GZ Walking Route/ White Line is TM Walking Route/ Red Line Is GZ Route While In Vehicle

George Zimmerman calls the non emergency police emergency line at 7:09 PM and advises the dispatcher that he sees a young suspicious Black suspect.  He mentions that the suspect is running but can’t tell where he is going.  By this time   Mr.  Zimmerman has parked the truck closest to the cut off area as he cannot drive across it and then he runs across it.   He then  turns  south on “RETREAT VIEW CIRCLE” which is the street that leads to the back exit as he thinks this is where his suspect is heading.  While he is talking to the dispatcher with the cell in his left hand, he has the gun out close to his right side as any competent law enforcement person would do going into a possibly dangerous situation.  The dispatcher asks Mr. Zimmerman if he is following the suspect and he responds, “yeah.”  The dispatcher suggests that he does not need to do this as police are in route and Mr. Zimmerman answers, “OK.”  Mr. Zimmerman cannot find his CRIMINAL, THE ONE HE GROUPS TOGETHER WITH “THESE  ASS H_L_S, ALWAYS GET AWAY!!”  when he was talking with the dispatcher.  The call with the dispatcher ends at  7:13:38 PM.  Mr. Zimmerman figures out that no one left out of the back entrance and so he decides to return to his truck going north on the cut off area with the side walk between the two sets of townhomes.

Trayvon Martin was returning with his purchases while talking on his cell with a long time friend from elementary school, Rachel Jeantel.  The conversation started at 6:54 PM and eventually Trayvon mentions that there is a white man following   him in a truck.  Rachel tells Trayvon to run and loses the cell phone connection before 7:10 PM.  He may have run south on to  the cut off area or the “Retreat View Circle” street as both would lead him to his destination.   He ends up in the cut off area close to the back door of the town home in which he is a guest. Rachel says when she reconnected about 7:12 PM Trayvon was trying to catch is breath and he was saying he was tired.  He believed he had lost the man.

George Zimmerman/ Trayvon Martin Covered with Yellow Blanket
George Zimmerman/ Trayvon Martin Covered with Yellow Blanket

Right before the call ended between Rachel and Trayvon at 7:16, she heard Trayvon ask the man, “why are you following me?”    Mr. Zimmerman says something like, “what are you doing around here?”  At 7:16:57 the shot was heard on a 911 call.  I believe Trayvon saw an angry white man with a gun and acted in a blind panic by holding and pinning his attacker while trying to extricate the gun away.  Mr. Zimmerman could not throw the gun away to fight because the bullet was chambered.  He was afraid the criminal, Trayvon would grab the gun and then would be able to easily shoot him.  If the bullet had not been chambered, Mr. Zimmerman could have thrown the gun and could have done battle because it would have taken Trayvon two hands and some training to manage this gun.  If the gun was in his holster in the back of his pants at the outset of the confrontation as he has always alleged, then he should have been able to fight back to do some damage.  The best proof of my hypothesis is that there are no wounds or marks on Mark Zimmerman’s hands or on the body of Trayvon Martin beyond a little scratch on his ring finger.  After perusing some of the gun discussion web sites, I formed another hypothesis. What if Trayvon Martin in the fight for his life did struggle to grab the gun while he was on top and George Zimmerman was under him with the back of his head laying on the cement sidewalk?  Then what if George Zimmerman panics and shoots Trayvon in close proximity to where the Kel Tec PF9 gun recoils causing the bloody nose and the lacerations to the back of George Zimmerman’s head? In the various gun web sites there was a lot of discussion around folks having difficulties with the recoil effect with the Kel Tec PF9. Keltec PF-9 Recoil Demonstration & Failure to Eject – YouTubehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98U1c5tJzqg

While Mr. George Zimmerman is not an overt racist, on the evening of February, 26, 2012, he pursued Trayvon in an emotionally charged condition; he rushed to judgment and profiled Trayvon as a criminal on virtually no information other than he was Black and young; he never identified to Trayvon his role in the neighborhood; he had a loaded gun with the bullet chambered; he ignored the dispatcher’s advice not to follow and that police were in route; he went looking for  trouble and he found it.  The only reason Trayvon ended up fatally shot that evening is because he was Black and Mr. Zimmerman had an anger control problem which he took out on Trayvon Martin.

Mr. Zimmerman was then able to contact his friend, the federal air marshal and former Sanford deputy, Mark Osterman  who came to the scene of the shooting and then the police station.  It is from this point on that Mr. Osterman’s influence can be felt.  He would be able to have the officers empathize with Mr. Zimmerman being the neighborhood watch captain trying to protect his community from the recent rash of robberies.  This could explain why the police did not do a background check on Mr. Zimmerman that same evening.  No photos taken of Mr. Zimmerman’s injuries at the shooting scene were turned in immediately that same evening.  It seems many hours later, an investigator calls in apologizing for not having downloaded the photos he had taken supposedly at the scene on his police cell and then he turned in the photos ( definitely not complying with the chain of evidence protocol).  Why wouldn’t the official police photographer at the scene have taken these pictures of Mr. Zimmerman’s Injuries to begin with?

My guess again is this type of evidence and negative data start coming in as soon as the true identity of Trayvon Martin is discovered and as Murphy’s law would have it, Mr. Zimmerman shot an innocent kid.  The strategy is then set up by Mr. Zimmerman, Mr. Osterman and others to paint Trayvon Martin as “not so innocent.”  This again is where Mark Osterman  with his prior experience as a school resource officer proves useful and he is able to uncover information that he can use to create a picture of Trayvon as a thug with a few embellishments here and there and of course, the information is made public. Then they have to firm up Mr. Zimmerman’s story with video reenactments and other interviews to ensure a level of consistency no matter what surprises should surface.

Frank Taafe
Frank Taafe

Frank Taaffe in an interview with Greta van Susteran on Fox TV explained how he and George Zimmerman got together just before he was arrested to discuss how he would talk about Black suspects perpetrating robberies in the community WITH THE MEDIA.

Frank Taaffe was  announcing with conviction on Fox TV and HLN TV on an interview with Nancy Grace that he knew  that the jury was split 5 to 1 in favor of George Zimmerman with I jurist holding out for manslaughter many hours before the verdict was announced. Nancy Grace at the time totally discounted Mr. Taaffe but days later, Mr. Taaffe’s information was confirmed.  I still would like to know how Frank Taaffe had access to this information before the rest of us?

UPDATE: After the above original Washington Post article, a DOJ spokesperson announced that the investigation as to possible civil rights violations by George Zimmerman are still being seriously pursued.