imrs designated caucasionI have a problem lining up the timeline posted on official police dispatch records when compared to Police Officer Darren Wilson’s deposition that he provided to a detective from the St. Louis County Police Department, Bureau of Crimes Against Persons, one day after the shooting (8/9/2014).

According to the St Louis Post Dispatch post published on 11/14, 2014 by Robert Patrick, the author explains, ” the records, obtained by the Post-Dispatch via Missouri’s Sunshine Law, provide the best timeline yet for the events surrounding the shooting of Michael Brown Jr., 18.

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The several paragraphs below detail the St Louis Post Dispatch’s timeline for 8/9/2014 regarding the shooting by Police Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri:


At 11:29 a.m. on Aug. 9, a dispatcher asked Wilson to help other officers search for a man who had reportedly threatened to kill a woman. At 11:47 a.m., Wilson said he would respond to a call for a 2-month-old with breathing problems. Wilson drove his police SUV from the west side of West Florissant Avenue to Glenark Drive, east of Canfield Drive and Copper Creek Court, where the fatal encounter would soon occur.

At 11:53 a.m., a dispatcher reported a “stealing in progress” at the Ferguson Market. The 911 operator was still talking to the caller in the background. In a second broadcast, 19 seconds later, the dispatcher says the suspect is a black male in a white T-shirt running toward QuikTrip, and had stolen a box of Swisher cigars.

About 19 seconds later (11:54 a.m.), there’s more detail: the suspect is wearing a red Cardinals hat, a white T-shirt, yellow socks and khaki shorts, and is accompanied by another man.

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At noon, Wilson reports that he’s back in service from the sick- baby call. He then asks the officers searching for the thieves- unit 25 and 22, if they need him. Seven seconds later, an unidentified officer broadcasts that the suspects had disappeared.

At 12:02 p.m., Wilson says, “21.” Put me on Canfield with two. And send me another car.” His call triggered at least two officers to head his way including one who said he was close to Wilson.”

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Sources have told the Post- Dispatch that Wilson has told authorities that before the radio call, he had stopped to tell Brown and his friend Dorian Johnson, 22, to quit walking down the middle of the street. They kept walking, and he realized brown matched the description of the subject in the stealing call.***

Wilson then asked for back up and backed up his SUV next to Brown and Johnson.

Wilson said brown attacked him, sources said, and that they struggled over the officer’s gun before Wilson was able to fire twice, hitting Brown. Brown ran away.

Wilson has told authorities that he called, ” Shots fired, send all cars,” on his radio, but during the struggle his radio had been jarred and the channels  changed. (Police officer is still with his SUV.)

The Post- Dispatch reviewed all calls made during that period on all St. Louis County police channels, the fire channel used by Ferguson and other channels publicly archived on line and could not locate the call. At least one channel on the Ferguson police radio is “receive only,” meaning that the call may never have been broadcast. ferguson cartoon

After the Call, Wilson pursued brown on foot.

According to sources, Wilson has said that Brown turned and charged, and that Wilson then fired once, paused when Brown appeared to flinch and fired again multiple times. he said he then radioed for an ambulance.****

Witnesses’ accounts vary widely. Most saw only part of the encounter. Johnson said that Wilson grabbed brown by the throat, and later, tried to pull him into the SUV. Johnson also said Wilson’s fatal shot came after Brown turned around and was getting to the ground with his hands in the air.

Other witnesses have said that Brown stood still or staggered, stumbled or fell towards Wilson before he was killed. Some witnesses said Brown’s hands were up; others said they were not.

UPDATE: 12/12/14 (Timeline as  reflected on the 11/14/14 ST. Louis Post Dispatch by Robert Patrick)

Forty one seconds after Wilson’s call, unit 25 reported that he was about to arrive at Wilson’s location, saying he was “going out on Canfield” and accompanied by the sound of his racing engine.

Forty eight seconds later, another officer had arrived or was about to, announcing, “22’s out.”

At 12:03 p.m. an eyewitness to the shooting Tweeted: If his smartphone’s clock, or Twitter’s agreed with the clock on the Dispatch records, Brown was killed less than 61 seconds after the dispatcher acknowledged that Wilson had stopped two men. The St. Louis County PD report #14-43984 puts the time of Michael Brown’s death at 12:02 p.m.

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**** The physical evidence and eye witness testimony are inconsistent with the above Officer Wilson’ statement in which he says, Michael Brown turned around, and then he fired the first shot followed up by multiple shots. As per the 8/10/2014 deposition on page 9, he states, “Um, he ran east on Canfield. I exited my vehicle and said “shots fired.” Send me more cars. As per the St. Louis Post Dispatch, they could not locate this call.

The crime scene investigator’s testimony can be found in the ” Transcribed Witness Testimony Journal,” volume 2, pages 151- 181. He explains how he found 10 shell casings but then he had to devote lots of time searching for the two missing shells because he was aware the 12 shots were expended by Officer Wilson’s gun.

Michael Brown and Darren Wilson
Michael Brown and Darren Wilson

Finally, he and two others located and dug out of the ground, two shell casings in a grassy knoll area east of the crime scene. These two shell casings were not found close to the other 10 shell casings but further east. He found no shell casings in the Officer’s SUV. He volunteered that another detective, at a later date, discovered a projectile in the front driver’s window/ door area. Then, he detailed how he uncovered a projectile near a Canfield Apartment building. It seems to me, that the presence of these two shell casings, east of the crime scene, is physical evidence that could support by some of the eye witness accounts that Officer Wilson was firing gun shots as Michael Brown was fleeing east, away from the officer.

***Officer Wilson’s above version, is questionable. Based from what he stated on his 8/9/2014  police statement and his 8/10/2014 deposition which is, “Well as I left the sick case call, I heard on the radio that there was a stealing in progress for on the West Ferguson Market on West Florissant. I heard a brief description of a Black male with a black T-shirt. Um, as I was driving out down Canfield west bound, I observed two black males walking in the center of the roadway on the center yellow line,” then why didn’t he attempt an arrest from the start as Michael Brown is holding the cigarillos in plain view?

Dorian Johnson, Witness Friend of Michael Brown.
Dorian Johnson, Witness Friend of Michael Brown.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch posted an article on 9/7/2014 by Jeremy Kohler. He interviewed one of the two White construction workers employed by a Jefferson County company, who have come forward as eye witnesses. The reporter writes that these two outsiders just happened to be working outside of the apartment complex on 8/9/2014 and where they had an excellent view of the time period just before Michael Brown and Dorian Johnson started running east away from the Officer’s SUV.  Mr. Kohler states. “His account largely matches those who reported that Wilson chased Brown on foot away from the car, after the initial gun shot and fired at least one more shot in the direction of Brown as he was fleeing; that Brown stopped, turned around and put his hands up; and that the police officer killed him in a barrage of gunfire.

Here is a common sense test question to assist any reader in weighing the credibility between the two White construction workers who live outside the area or Police Officer, Darren Wilson. What would be more feasible in your mind, Michael Brown turning around to face the officer after he heard a shot or shots fired behind him or Michael Brown turning around on his own after he was succeeding in fleeing someone who just shot him?

Is it possible, that as Dorian Johnson and Michael Brown were running east that Dorian heard the shots behind them and with all the blood that was covering the body of his friend, arrived at the understandable belief that his friend was shot in the back? After all, there were missed shots which would be easy to do when they were fleeing versus standing still while facing a shooter.


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