Michael Brown and his sister at a younger age
Michael Brown and his sister at a younger age

I wanted to get a feel for Michael Brown’s (“Big Mike”) character. Is he the type of young man who would act out as exemplified on the 8/9/14 video of the Ferguson Market which depicts “Big Mike” as grabbing cigarillos from the counter area without paying and then running out the door after pushing aside a clerk.? “Big Mike” is about 6′ 5″ and 289 lbs., at 18 years old. He did not have a criminal history background but a high school degree and a plan to earn his degree from a technical school with a goal of  taking courses in heating and air conditioning systems and somehow to use his technical skills towards a career in the music industry. He had been hanging out with his life long friend, Brandon Lewis who already had a job at a local grocery store. Michael Brown had hopes of becoming employed at the same store while he attended school. On the morning of 8/9/14, Brandon Lewis had wanted to sleep later, and so Michael Brown quietly woke up, dressed and went outside by himself.

Before this time period, his Mom, Leslie McSpadden had moved out of the high school district that Michael Brown was attending. Consequently, he went to live with his Paternal Grandmother, so that he could finish out his schooling at the same high school.

According to a 8/24/14 NY Times article by John Eligon, Michael Brown was known to be deft with technology and his hands. Once, when his cousin’s PlayStation broke because a disc was stuck in it, Mr. Brown took it apart, fixed it and reassembled it. Mr. Eligon added the following:

“Mr. Brown, who constantly wore his Beats by Dre headphones, also was a big fan of rap music. He knew of Kendrick Lamar before he became famous. His favorite group was Migos. And within the past year, he began producing rap songs with friends.

The content varied. He collaborated on songs that included lyrics such as “My favorite part is when the bodies hit the ground.” But he also derided fathers who “don’t pay child support” and rapped glowingly about his stepmother.

He occasionally smoked marijuana and drank alcohol, according to friends. But for his music he adopted a persona to appeal to hip-hop fans, said his cousin, Bryan Douglas, a music producer who was going to help Mr. Brown pursue his music career.”

During an interview his Mom, Leslie McSpadden shared with the audience a few words that he used to  whisper to her, something like, “One day, everyone will know my name.”

Michael Brown on the left, had a future
Michael Brown on the left, had a future

Dorian Johnson  was with him that day, and he gave an interview on 8/31/14 to the Washington Post, which was published on August 31, 2014 by . The following is what he said: “Sometime in March, a buddy stopped by with a stranger.

“Wow,” Johnson said, “that’s a big dude.”

The dude, Michael Brown, was 6-foot-4, and he had brushed past Johnson with barely a hello as he headed to the video-game console and began to play.

“I asked, ‘Why he don’t speak?’ ” Johnson recalled.

“He don’t like to talk to people,” the buddy said.

“He’s in my house, he’s going to talk to me,” Johnson replied — then he engaged Brown. Johnson soon had the answer to his own question.

“His voice didn’t fit his body. He might as well have been my size,” said Johnson, who is a lean 5-foot-7.

“Everybody we came around felt a little intimidated by him,” he said. “When he opened up his mouth . . . you’d say, ‘Naw, this guy wouldn’t hurt anybody.’ When he talked, you heard the kid in his voice.”

Dorian Johnson told the Washington Post that their friendship was of a casual nature. Both were in a transitional phase in their lives. Dorian Johnson had a daughter to care for and Michael Brown was heading to trade school which started 8/10/14 to pursue a career in the world of music. He was known

Leslie McSpadden, Michael Brown's Mom
Leslie McSpadden, Michael Brown’s Mom

On page 36 of the St Louis County Police Department Investigative Report, I discovered the following commentary by a detective who was canvassing the Canfield Apartment complex searching for potential witnesses. The detective took notes on a conversation with a friend of “Big Mike” which is as follows:

“On 8/9/2014, Ferguson police were canvassing the Canfield Apartment area to locate any eye witnesses. One of the apartment occupants said that she knew Michael Brown but that she was not at home at the time of the shooting. She said that she had received a call at 12:27 p.m. with information that “Big Mike” was deceased. She immediately returned to her home. She identified “Big Mike” as a God brother” and a friend of hers. She stated that she was with “Big Mike” prior to the incident, and he was going to walk to the store with a friend whom she identified as “DOB.” She described the friend as a black male with a dreadlock hair style and in his early 20’s.

Dorian Johnson, Witness Friend of Michael Brown.
Dorian Johnson, Witness Friend of Michael Brown.

She stated that Michel Brown had been stressed recently over a grandmother and an aunt being in the hospital. She further stated that he had “other stuff in his mind,” but she would not elaborate what that meant. She stated he just had to deal with typical teenage stuff. She added that she believed he was a very kind young man.”

On page 121-122, one of the two white construction workers present at the crime scene on 8/9/14, agreed to participate in an interview with a detective on 8/19/14. The following write up describes the  interaction.

The detective writes, “At  approx. 11:15 a.m., Detective xxxx and Special Agent arrived at xxxx(address). After arriving, investigators met with xxxx and were invited into his residence. xxxx confirmed he was in possession of a note, he wrote immediately following the incident. xxxx provided Detective xxxx with a handwritten note, which was hand written on white lined paper. The note reads as follows:”

62255_cartoon_main conversation abt race

“On Saturday, August 9 at approx. 12:15, I witnessed one White male police officer gun down and kill one black male. Initially, I heard a single shot fired and peered around the corner to see black male at which time, I heard another shot and saw the White cop behind the Black man. I was 50- 60 yards away watching the black man stumbling away from the officer and turn with hands raised, yelling OK! OK! Officer proceeded to unload clip at least 6- 7 more shots.”

“30 minutes before incident fellow co-worker spoke with the black man who spoke of Jesus and life of honest people. Mike was his name. He was wearing a cardinal’s ball cap, grey shirt and jean shorts with yellow pot leaf socks and sandals.”

images i am only going store for snacks

“At the time of the incident, after hearing the first and second shots, I stood there like a deer in head lights, stunned to see and believe what was happening. Mike said he was going to the convenient store to get a few things and would be right back. We were working at his building and engaged in conversation. He seemed like a nice guy.”

On August 18, 2014, two detectives and a special agent met with the other white construction worker around 6:30 p.m. This is documented on page 113 of the St. Louis County Police Department Investigative Report # 14-43984). The detective does note that this witness appeared to be drunk. The witness handed the officers a photo copy of his statement and a map of the Canfield Green Apartment Complex. He advised them that he didn’t trust police enough to hand over the originals. Finally he opened his utility box and delivered the original forms of his written statement along with the map. His words are as follows:

images boy w flower

“Witnessed cop shooting 8-9-14 12:00- Talked with victim for 25-20 minutes- About God He says the Lord Jesus Christ would help me through my problems -Then he said he was going to store  & he would be back-Then I heard a pop (thought Nothing) -Then another looked over -seen Victim stumbling and running. Thought  gunfire, figured he was running -from who had gun-Then he threw his hands up and yelled, ok, ok  -A police officer (who said nothing) emptied his gun into the guy- I believe 7 more at close range -What happened before the first two I don’t know- but from what he said-   He would be back- I would say 25-30 minutes passed before shots fired.”

images boy w bulls eye fergusonI’m envisioning a young man who does not seem disposed to act as ugly as he is depicted in the video of the Ferguson Market on 8/9/14 after 11:43 a.m. I see a guy who took time to talk to a stranger about how God could help him before he walked to the store.

The detective after 11:00 pm traveled to the market and was given permission by the night manager to view the video of events for that day. There is no audio component associated with the video.  The detective does note in the police report (14-43984, pg 53) that “Big Mike” and the store clerk did seem to be having words while “Big Mike” collects a box of cigarillos and then another handful. The clerk and he continue to have words, until the clerk is pushed aside when he tries to block, “Big Mike’s exit. A blogger, shannoninmiami  who has read some of my blogs has been wondering if it is possible that something the clerk said could have upset “Big Mike.” I have yet to read anything describing this discussion. The total value of the confiscated cigarillos is $15.00 This is not a robbery but a shop lifting incident. If he lived another day, he should have faced the consequences; however, he did not deserve the death penalty. “Big Mike’s friend, Dorian Johnson had put back on the counter the first box that was taken and the police verified this fact.


    • Thanks for your support. It is sad to see newspaper articles referring to his grabbing $33.99 which ended up being $15.00 worth of goods as a robbery. I’m wondering like shannoninmiami what that clerk said to make “Big Mike snap.

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    • Dr. Rex, Yes he did. I have not yet figured out what provoked him. I haven’t read the testimony of the store clerk yet. I do know that the management at the Ferguson Market refused to turn over the computer to the police. By the time a subpoena was issued, the computer had been destroyed.

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  1. OMG this is just horrible! I can’t imagine the terror Mike felt as he was forced to stand there, defenseless and watch that person take his life bullet after bullet after bullet after bullet. Wilson not only tortured Mike before he killed him,he traumatized the whole damn neighborhood doing so! they should sue him for that alone!

    all the witnesses saw the same thing and said the same thing. all the evidence that we’ve seen supports those witnesses and makes the most sense- the only logical explanation.

    Wilson has no independent evidence.
    Wilson’s fantastic story of a super phycho hulking demon with a death wish was him looking at himself!


    • Yes, and he had the prosecutor helping him. I am wondering if the city of Ferguson shouldn’t file suit vs. his office. On 11/24 when the prosecutor made his announcement of no indictment, he hadn’t pre-warned the Governor about the 9:00 p.m. media event, The Governor could not order the National Guard to Ferguson as he had planned to do ahead of time to protect the local businesses and well intentioned protestors. He is as responsible for the fire setting, vandalism as those who actually did the deeds.


      • I saw that video of some type of para-military/police set fire to a car parked beside the autoparts store then the auto parts store caught fire afterwards. some of the fires were set by authorities and/or with their blessings.
        there’s a news story I read in the beginning where that showed a map of the canfield apts. and were the city blocked off one street with literally concrete blocks as a way to basically control and monitor who drove in & out. the police would routinely harass, ticket and arrest residents. it’s shocking.
        it was truly an outdoor prison-type situation. the city extorted the ppl and kept them on lock down. it was the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen.

        there’s so many things that were just wrong in that town I’m afraid the FEDS, aclu & NAACP will forget something!!
        another example, when the protests started the city’s #1 priority was seeing that the protesters didn’t set foot in the white neighborhoods! that’s why they acted so brutish and closed the air space so no one could see what they were doing.

        that grand jury announcement was a planned act of vengeance against the black ppl & businesses. they had all their resources yet I watched the fires start and burn for hours live and never saw a fire truck. I hope the feds sue and charge everyone complicit in that disaster.

        Mike’s murder was a modern day lynching and the cops the perpetrators. they need to be held accountable publicly.


  2. Dear Shannon…Thank goodness for Eric Holder..I want to believe the truth will prevail. The police and prosecutor felt they had been unappreciated..I loved watching new York where the protesters were much better treated and people who caused trouble were arrested without police in battle gear.


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