I will be vacationing in Italy and then Chicago from May through the end of July 2015.

This is a shout out of thanks to all of my followers. I so appreciate you taking the time to read my work and for any commenting. I am hoping that by the time I return from my 2015 summer vacation, that SCOTUS will have ruled favorably on same sex marriages and Obama Care; and that some police officers are finally held accountable for any wrongdoing in the Freddie Gray case.

GRAZIE MILLE! Thank you to bloggers, Jueseppi B and Dr. Rex for reblogging a lot of my work and for just being an extra ear. Also, thank you, RenxKyoko, RennyDiokno for rebogging some of my posts and   Xena for your mentoring, support, suggestions and for rescuing me from the cyber stalker.

I will miss you during my blogging hiatus and have a great summer!!!


I am so excited about touring Italy for the month of May 2015. A lot of preplanning went into this trip, starting with purchasing Delta Airline tickets around July 2014. We three Floridian ladies who range in ages from 65-69 years old are so pleased with the results of all our work and with the budget for this one month trip. It is about $5000 per person for airline ticket expenses; travel insurance; overnight accommodations; transit expenses between cities; and a food budget per day. By splitting hotel, apartment and taxi expenses by three friends, we were able to save monies.

One of the highlights will be the 2015 Milan Expo (World’s Fair) which is supposed to be a foodies paradise. We are traveling from the northern area in Lake Como to south of Naples when we stay for a few days on the Amalfi coast.


I am a retired airline employee who also, used to arrange tours as a profession many years ago while I lived in Brussels. One friend, a former NY teacher is a frequent world traveler and the other NJ friend is a recently retired hospital executive who is about to learn what patience means. She was worried about the ISIS threat to attack the Vatican. I did not send her a copy of all the tweets by Italians to ISIS, warning them about Italy’s traffic problems along with some other funny comments.

Sample of a tweet by Cathy Crowley on 2/21/15:

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In short, the Italians’ humorous tweets in response to ISIS attempts to instill fear is typical or their attitude towards life.

I will be taking lots of notes so that I can blog about our adventures when we return.



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  1. Baltimore State’s Attorney IS filing criminal charges against police!! Thank you SA MOSBY!!!! Just announced now!!

  2. SA Marilyn MOSBY says Gray’s death was a “Homicide”. She is detailing their refusal to seek medical help, did not seat belt him. She is seriously very angry at these police!!!q

  3. Oh, Grondamorin I hope you can access this!! This is a first.
    1st cop charged with 2nd degree murder and additional charges
    Next officer charged w/ intentional assault,etc
    Next cop charged
    Last one is a woman for misconduct in office.
    Oh my god, there is hope
    She says she wants justice for this young man and she means Freddy Gray. I am in tears of joy and relief!!
    Ferguson protestors deserve credit for shining light
    She says a warrant has been issued for all cops and the woman!!!😃😂😅

  4. SA Mosely says NO crime was committed by Freddie Gray, yes Freddie Gray!! We are so used to hearing police committed no crime that is it stunning !
    She says there was NO probably cause to arrest Freddie Gray, he was NOT committing any crime and the knife he had is legal.

  5. One officer charged w/ murder in 2nd degree by his car, manslaughter. 6 officers charged and arrest warrants have been issued.
    Illegal arrest, she says it was an illegal arrest!

  6. SA Mosely says : ” young people your moment is now”. She comes from 5 generations of policemen and has only been in office for 3 mths. Even Fox will not be able to spin this with “oh shes an AA so siding with her race.”👍😘

  7. The police union has requested Florida SA, Angela Corey, because she knows how to throw, oops, we mean prosecute a case.😈

    • LOL. This prosecutor is going to do her job and she appears to be very competent. This will make her so famous to where she will be in history books.

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