conflict art women 1013944_273543942783306_574745973_nThere are everyday folks fighting ISIS on their home turf, the internet. Heroes like Anonymous, a computer savvy group of volunteers are working to block the ability of ISIS to recruit and disseminate their propaganda via the computer. There is a loose network of journalists both inside the capital city of ISIS and outside of RAQQA, named R.B.S.S. who are sneaking out photos and news reports about the activities of ISIS, under threat of execution.

We, as average everyday Americans can do our part by not acting out in fear of our Muslim brothers and sisters and by welcoming the Syrian refugees who are risking their lives to flee the rule of ISIS. ISIS abhors these refugees because they do not depict being governed by ISIS, in a flattering light.

We can become more informed about the middle east and our enemy, ISIS. With better understanding of the intricacies of this area, we can discern which politicians do not have an adequate grasp of middle east issues, so that we do not vote for them.

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Thank you to all the bloggers who are spreading this compassionate stance about embracing the Syrian refugees who seek a safe haven in America.

I have been thinking about what can be done to expose ISIS ideology as the cult like, fraud that it is. For example, I am disheartened about the level of sexual abuse that is being reported and inflicted on the women living under their rule. It is detailed by credible media outlets that thousands of Yazidi young women have been  kidnapped to be shared as sexual slaves among the ISIS soldiers. Studies estimate that about 2500 Yazidi women are still missing. This ISIS group sounds like the mafia who are trafficking in young girls for financial gain.They are pimping instead of practicing “jihad,” which entails curtailing one’s sinful nature.

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The 8/4/15 IBT Times article, “Islamic State Yazidi Slaves: Thousands Remain In ISIS Captivity As Iraqi Kurdistan Marks One Year Since Sinjar Massacre,” by Michael Kaplan reports the following:

“Yazidis are a Kurdish-speaking minority who practice an ancient religion  considered heretical by ISIS extremists. Nouri Shingali, who oversees Yazidi affairs for the semi-autonomous Kurdish government in Iraq, said the government has carefully documented missing Yazidis since the Sinjar attack, adding that while 1,850 have been released by ISIS, about 2,500 are still considered missing, Rudaw reported.”

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The 11/29/15 LA Times, “Iraqis find 3 more mass graves in formerly ISIS-held Sinjar,” by the Associated Press reports:

“Iraqi officials say three more mass graves have been found in the northern town of Sinjar, where Kurdish forces backed by U.S.-led airstrikes drove out Islamic State militants earlier this month.”


“Qasim Simo, the head of security in Sinjar, said that the graves are believed to contain 80 to 100 bodies. Two graves have been found east of the town and one has been found within the town itself, bringing the total number of mass graves uncovered to five.”

“ISIS captured the town in August 2014 and began killing and enslaving members of the Yazidi religious minority, leading thousands to flee into the mountains. A U.S.-led coalition began carrying out strikes against the extremist group later that month, partly out of concern for their plight.”

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As a grand-mom in her mid sixties, I am uncomfortable about my idea, but it could be effective. Our US intelligence groups may want to coordinate with someone like Larry Flynt who can expose their religious ideology as a fraud on various grounds. For instance, when a soldier dies, their widows are required by Islamic law to be granted a three month period of grieving before being asked to marry another male. Yet, this requirement is being discarded by ISIS, to have women remarry within a month.

These young girls are forced  (under threat of execution) to convert to the extreme ideology of ISIS. Once these women become adherents of this new religion and thus, are no longer infidels, how can ISIS justify the continuation of cruelty inflicted on them. Someone like Mr. Flynt could create photos with partially nude women wearing the nagib to cover their faces and nude men with their ski type masks. The actors/ actresses would be featured as part of an artistic canvass as they mimic intimacy. Words could be added to the portrayals to confront the sinful nature of these cult-like, hypocritical religious ideologues. Then groups like Anonymous could flood their internet with this material while counting all the downloads.(This is my fantasy.)

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There are a multitude of ways to befuddle ISIS with their selective adherence to Islamic laws. R.B.S.S., “Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently,” the journalist, Abu Mohammed posted some suggestions, by Peter Bergen: How to defeat ISIS. Mr Mohammed’s source is The following are his excerpts:

“Peter Bergen is CNN\’s national security analyst, vice president at New America and a professor of practice at Arizona State University. He is the author of \”Manhunt: The Ten-Year Search for bin Laden — From 9/11 to Abbottabad.\”

“Earlier this month (July, 2015), the outgoing chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey, said that the war is \”tactically stalemated\” and there are no \”dramatic gains on either side.\”

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Here are some ideas about how to move forward:

1. “Enlist defectors from ISIS to tell their stories publicly. Nothing is more powerful than hearing from former members of the group that ISIS is not creating an Islamist utopia in the areas it controls, but a hell on earth. The flow of \”foreign fighters\” to ISIS from around the Muslim world is estimated to be about 1,000 a month. Reducing that flow is a key to reducing ISIS\’ manpower.”

2. “Amplify voices such as that of the ISIS opposition group Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, which routinely posts photos online of bread lines in Raqqa, the de facto capital of ISIS in northern Syria, and writes about electricity shortages in the city. This will help to undercut ISIS propaganda that it is a truly functioning state.”

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3. “Amplify the work of former jihadists like the Canadian Mubin Shaikh, who intervenes directly with young people online who he sees are being recruited virtually by ISIS.”

4. “Support the work of clerics such as Imam Mohamed Magid of northern Virginia, who has personally convinced a number of American Muslims seduced by ISIS that what the group is doing is against Islam.”

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5. “Keep up pressure on social media companies such as Twitter to enforce their own Terms of Use to take down any ISIS material that encourages violence. Earlier this year, Twitter quietly took down 2,000 accounts used by ISIS supporters, but the group continues to use Twitter and other social media platforms to propagate its message.” (Thank you Anonymous for helping with this.)

6. “Keep up the military campaign against ISIS. The less the ISIS \”caliphate\” exists as a physical entity, the less the group can claim it is the \”Islamic State\” that it purports to be.”

ISIS Drastic Rise of Sexual Attacks to Women in Raqqa

7. “Applaud the work that the Turks have already done to tamp down the foreign fighter flow through their country to ISIS in neighboring Syria, and get them to do more.” (Finally in 2015)

8.” Provide \”off ramps\” to young ISIS recruits with no history of violence, so that instead of serving long prison terms for attempting to join ISIS — as they presently do in the United States — they would instead serve long periods of supervised probation.”

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“This will help families that presently face a hard choice: If they suspect a young family member is radicalizing and they go to the FBI, that person can end up in prison for up to 15 years on charges of attempting to support ISIS; but if they don\’t go to the authorities and their child ends up traveling to Syria, he or she may well end up being killed there. Providing off ramps would offer families a way out of this almost impossible choice.”

“Three of Shafi and Zarine Khan\’s teenaged children were arrested by the FBI last year at Chicago\’s O\’Hare Airport as they attempted to join ISIS. The Khans say they would have intervened effectively with their children if they had known they were radicalizing, but now their oldest son, Hamzah, faces 15 years in prison, despite the fact he has no history of violence nor does the government allege he was a planning a violent act.”

libya-women-voteLibyan women staked 17% representation in new Transitional Authority

9. “Educate Muslim parents about the seductive messages that ISIS is propagating online.”

10. “Relentlessly hammer home the message that ISIS positions itself as the defender of Muslims, but its victims are overwhelmingly fellow” Muslims.



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