Tel Aviv attack
Tel Aviv attack

On January 1, 2016,  a single Israeli Arab shooter took aim in a popular pub on the corner of Gordon and Dizengoff in Tel Aviv, killing two bystanders and wounding seven others. Some are speculating that this is Israel’s first terrorist attack by ISIS while others are thinking that this could be a hate crime. The bar is reputed to be frequented by the LGBT community as well as being owned by a French national. To date, no terrorist group has acknowledged responsibility for this horrific act and the perpetrator is the subject of a wide spread man hunt after he escaped from the scene of his misdeed. Until the suspect is apprehended and questioned, his motive remains a mystery.

This is the first shooting incident in Tel Aviv since November 2, 2015 when two people were killed in a southern section of the city by a stabbing attack. By the end of December, 2015, 21 Israelis have been fatally stabbed or shot without warning in recent surprise attacks by Palestinian activists. In response, 131 Palestinians have been killed. Over half had been participants of theses attacks.

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The following is Haaretz News’ reporting by Ido Efrati and Yaniv Kubovich on this shooting on January, 1, 2016:

“Massive manhunt underway for suspect, identified as an Israeli Arab; two seriously wounded in shooting on corner of Gordon and Dizengoff; growing consensus among security officials that shooting was a terrorist attack.”

“Two people were killed and seven were wounded in an apparent shooting attack in a central Tel Aviv  pub on Friday afternoon. A massive manhunt is underway for the assailant.”

“The police have identified an Israeli Arab resident of a village in the northern area of Wadi Ara as the suspect.”

“The suspect, 29, stole the gun from his father, who works in security. The father recognized the suspect from media reports, and after learning his weapon was gone, contacted the authorities.”

“Two of the casualties are in serious condition, while the rest sustained light injuries.”

“There is a growing consensus among security officials that the shooting was a terrorist attack. After holding a situation assessment, security officials warned civilians on Friday afternoon to remain alert as police special forces and the Shin Bet security service search for the assailant.”

‘Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was briefed by the police and the Shin Bet about the ongoing investigation, his office said. “

“The attack occurred at the Simta pub on Dizengoff 122, near the corner of Gordon St. One of people killed was identified as Alon Bakal, a manager at the pub. Bakal had moved to Tel Aviv three months ago after completing law and business studies in Netanya. The other was identified as Shimon Ruimi, 30, a resident of Ofakim.”

TEL AVIV ATTACK _87446159_d143e4b1-858b-48cb-96ab-99bc1aeea309“We ran into the alleys, he continued to shoot at us,” he said. “Passersby had guns in the area refused to shoot him.”

“Gali Morag, who lives on Gordon Street opposite the scene of the shooting, says she heard shots and, looking out the window, saw a young man dressed all in black and with a woolen cap running down the street. He turned a corner and disappeared from sight. Other people were running after him.”

“Shani Mizrachi, a paramedic for Magen David Adom, said that “there was a huge crowd when I got to the scene. Some of the wounded were inside the pub and others lying in the street. I immediately began to assist a man of about 35 who had bullet wounds in his upper body. He was in fully conscious. I gave him first aid and he was evacuated in a serious condition to the hospital.”

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“Israel’s Channel 10 reported that about 30 shots were fired from an assault rifle during the attack.”

“Five of the casualties were evacuated to Ichilov Hospital Tel Aviv. Two died at the hospital and two others are in serious condition and in the operating room. One victim in light condition was brought to Beilinson Hospital, Rabin Medical Center, Petah Tikva. Another victim was also evacuated to Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer.”

“Ichilov opened an emergency hotline, which can be reached at 1255133.”

‘About 20 minutes after the attack, a man killed in a shooting on Yunitsman Street in northern Tel Aviv. It is as yet unclear whether the incidents are connected. “

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BBC News 1/2/16 Analysis by Kevin Connolly is as follows:

“While 1 January is not New Year’s Day in the Jewish state, Friday afternoon would be the peak of the weekend and this was a party area of Tel Aviv.”

“The city tends to be slightly more remote from the political tensions and violence affecting other parts of Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.”

Tel Aviv Carmel Market,
Tel Aviv Carmel Market,

“There has been speculation that if the bar was popular with the gay community, it may have been a hate crime. It remains a possibility that there was some kind of link to organised crime.”

“But until the perpetrator is captured, it is not clear what the motive may have been.”

“A spokesman for the Israeli ambulance service, Zaki Heller, said people inside and outside the bar had been hit:

“Some of the wounded were inside the pub. Three of them were lying unconscious and the rest were on the sidewalk (pavement),” he said.”

Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv

“Footage from a neighboring food store shows the gunman – who appears to be a young man, wearing protective glasses or sunglasses, and dressed in dark clothes – choosing dried fruits or nuts.”

“Moments later, he returns the items, gets an assault rifle out of his bag, leaves the shop and can be seen opening fire from near the doorway.”

“He is believed to have made off on foot.”

“Afterwards, broken glass could be seen on the pavement outside the bar and a nearby cafe which was also targeted.”

Tel-aviv-Gibor-Sport-001 bus section

“Osnat David, who owns a nearby hair salon ,said she and her customers had hidden while the shooting took place.”

“We were shaking,” she said. “There were about eight of us, hiding in the storage room.”

“The shooting took place at around 15:00 local time (13:00 GMT) on Friday (1/1/16).”

UPDATE ON 1/4/16: Haaretz News is reporting that the shooter,  29-year-old Nashat Melhem is still armed and at large.

UPDATE ON 1/9/16: Haaretz News is reporting that the shooter was killed was killed in his hometown in Northern Israel by Israeli security forces on 1/8/16. He was wanted for killing 3 people.



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