U.S. Democratic presidential candidates Senator Bernie Sanders and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
Senator Bernie Sanders and  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Immigration has been a devisive subject in the 2016 U.S. presidential election process. The republican and the democrat front runners, Donald Trump and Senator Bernie Sanders have been openly vocal about either eliminating or vastly reforming the H-1B and the L-1C visa programs. It has been uncovered that companies have abused this visa program which was intended for them to have access to highly qualified stem (science, technology, engineering and math) foreign workers when they could not fill specialized positions with U.S. applicants. Instead some iconic companies like Walt Disney abused this benefit by replacing U.S. tech employees with H-1B foreign workers at much lower wages which they contracted from an outsourcer organization based in India.

U.S. Senators are sponsoring two separate bills designed to curtail the H1B visa abuses. Usually, I would have little faith in the successful passage of these bills because reforms have been in the works for years and of course, this is an election year. The glimmer of hope that exists has to do with the U.S. congress wanting to increase the number of H1B visas which will be problematic without them also agreeing to major reforms.


Companies have resorted to these tactics in the race to their bottom line profits. They strive to please their stockholders, investors, Wall Street and business news pundits. Then these top level executives frequently award themselves huge salary increases and bonuses.

Management who succeed in reaching their bottom line goals while mistreating their long time U.S. employees and by compromising in providing their consumers with outstanding service and value, are building their organizations on a shaky foundation. What happens is that executives become so focused in improving the bottom line by cutting costs, that they end up acting at the expense of expanding the business with creative thinking as in the case of a “Steve Jobs.” Instead, they find themselves imitating the insular thinking of Michigan’s Governor Snyder who saved a few dollars in the state’s budget by providing an alternate water source for the city of Flint. They do NOT think beyond the immediate, quick reward. Wall Street and the U.S. economy will both end up paying the price for this singular strategy of companies reaping profits by cutting costs at the expense of treating well their loyal, long term employees and their consumers.

Donald Trump (right) Marco Rubio
Donald Trump (right) Marco Rubio (left)

Then these same organizations are so puzzled as to why the American workers are so angry that they are favoring outsiders like Donald Trump and Senator Bernie Sanders in the 2016 presidential election campaigns. No, this anger is not because of our current president’s policies as some conservative pundits keep declaring, as another one of their talking points.

It is because of jobs, jobs, and jobs. As businesses have suppressed wages for years while productivity has increased; hired cheaper labor to replace U.S. workers; off-shored millions of U.S. jobs for over a decade; fought unions; helped create the 2008 Wall Street collapse which cost Americans their homes, financial ruin, pension losses, etc., Americans keep fuming. Meanwhile the U.S. infrastructure is in dire need of repairs. And then our college grads are burdened with mortgage sized college loans. To add insult to injury, too many of these professionals are not finding jobs commensurate with their skill levels.disney brazil it-sector-creates-majority-of-jobs-in-brazil

Everyday Americans are bombarded with stories like 2,000 U.S. jobs being moved to Mexico.  According to the 2/12/16 Mexico News Daily. Carrier Corporation, the maker of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, will move its Indianapolis manufacturing operations to Monterrey, Nuevo León, over a three-year period starting in 2017. The average hourly wage in Mexico will be about one fourth of their U.S. counterparts. There is the 10/28/15 Breitbart news item indicating that there are about 800,000 H1B visa holders employed in the U.S.( “Two Ex-Disney Workers Displaced by H1B Foreigners Speak“). Or there are these 1/5/16 Breitbart headlines,  “Universities Hide Workforce of 100,000-plus H-1B Employees.”

This list of grievances does not begin to cover the harm created by the record number of those incarcerated in our prison privatized systems run for profit. Our Black brothers and sisters, as part of the “Black Lives Matter Movement” have had to fight to be heard about the disproportionate number of unarmed Black suspects being fatally shot by law enforcement officials and the level of injustice which ensues. Americans do not want the complete elimination of government such as our justice system. They just want it to work fairly and effectively.

isis great cartoon arab dialing us untitled

Then we keep learning about the middle east fiasco which began with the mistaken 2003  U.S. invasion of Iraq, which was sold to Americans as a short term war, based on false premises. Twelve years later, after trillions of U.S. taxpayer dollars spent (adding to our U.S. deficit) and thousands of U.S. soldiers having paid the ultimate price in the battlefields along with our Muslim brothers, the middle east is a worse mess than when we started. Now, we are having to deal with the results as in the form of brutal and barbaric extremist insurgency groups like ISIS.

The catalog of harm being done to the average American and / or residents of this country is never ending.

It is no wonder that the public’s anger is boiling over with establishment politics. Their voting for the likes of Donald Trump or Senator Bernie Sanders is their concept of a revolution. If a third party enters the race and wins, it will be the voters’ voices, shouting enough is enough!


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