aside The American Peoples are the Adults, Part I

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For the record, I have not decided who I am voting for president at this time, but I do know for sure, that I will not be voting for Donald Trump, the Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, and the Florida U.S. Senator Marco Rubio.

NOTE: I will be writing about the grievances of average Americans that are finally inspiring them in 2016, to turn off paying attention to all the gimmicks of the republican and democrat parties’ establishment class. The list of their objections is so long that it will take more than one blog to cover this subject.

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I am convinced that everyday folks have decided to register their protests by buttressing the very candidates that are the least favorites of their party elites. Both candidates, the republican Donald Trump and the Vermont (socialist) democrat Senator Bernie Sanders have promised to level the playing fields for the middle class. They have defied the conventional rules of managing a presidential campaign by not taking monies from superpacs, or any special interest entities. Then they have dared to talk to their huge audiences without being scripted and while being their authentic selves.

I can’t comprehend how those in the White House and the U.S. congress are still questioning themselves about how the American voters could possibly be supporting the likes of an over the top business tycoon and a self described socialist against the establishment supported candidates in both parties. The political elites have been incredulous as they watch thousands stand for hours in line to participate in the outsiders’ campaign events. In this year of 2016, we are all witnessing the rise in the polls of these two long shot, presidential contenders. This gives credence to the saying, “reality is stranger than fiction.”

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No, the American peoples are not just venting and expressing themselves while being entertained as per President Barack Obama’s comments at the U.S.-ASEAN Press Conference when he spoke to reporters on 2/16/16. He said, “And so, yes, during primaries, people vent and they express themselves.  And it seems like entertainment, and oftentimes it’s reported just like entertainment.  But as you get closer, reality has a way of intruding… And the American people are pretty sensible and I think they’ll make a sensible choice in the end.”

And no, republicans, the admirers of Donald Trump are not acting solely on their anger with President Barack Obama’s administration’s failures.

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The answer is that the American peoples are grading the White House and the U.S. Congress with failing grades. They are sick and tired of the government not working for them, the average American workers who are paying more than their fair share in taxes.

On 12/10/15 Pew Poll Research published the following:

“Middle-income Americans are no longer the nation’s economic majority. In early 2015, there were 120.8 million adults in middle-income households, matched in number by the 121.3 million adults who were in lower- and upper-income households combined. This is the culmination of a long slide  in which the share of adults in middle-income households has fallen from 61% in 1971 to 50% in 2015. The median net worth of families today is barely higher than it was 30 years ago. “

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Yes, they are saying a pox on all your houses. For too many years  our elected officials have let the average American down by just not doing their jobs halfway competently. We have had to listen to all the finger-pointing by the Washington D.C. crowd. The president pontificates that he can’t work with congressional republicans because they insist on being obstructionists. Their is no point in working with individuals who do not like you and who have no intention of being constructive. The republicans argue that the president is acting like an emperor and that he wants everything done his way. He doesn’t make any effort to listen to them. They have no intention to succumbing to his dictates.

As per a CNN/ORC poll published on December 29, 2015, an astonishingly high 85 per cent of them disapprove of the way Congress is doing its job, and 75 per cent say they are dissatisfied with the way the country is being governed.

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We who are out here in the real world, simply want government to put the welfare of average Americans, as their number one priority instead of as an afterthought to a lot of their petty infighting. We want our government to work effectively, efficiently, competently and with oversight accountability without gridlock. We have been saying for years that our number one need is jobs, jobs, and jobs along with a living wage pay scale. Folks up there in Washington D.C. keep saying that they are listening and that they care but their actions belie their words.

If we end up voting for the party reprobates, the republican Donald Trump or the democrat from Vermont, Senator Bernie Sanders, it is because they are listening while promising to take the initiative to get things done on behalf of the average tax-paying folks. This is pretty heady stuff!

Flint, MI Lead Water Supply Problem

My first example of what infuriates the American public are hearing stories about government being derelict in their duty to serve their constituents as in the case of Flint Michigan. About 2 years ago , Governor Rick Snyder agreed to a cost saving measure by changing the water supply source for the city of Flint, Michigan. Despite numerous complaints by a myriad of professionals and concerned citizens, Governor Snyder chose to discount them until the media shined a spotlight on this criminal neglect of allowing children to be poisoned by their intake water with high levels of lead . Just this past week, Mayor Karen Weaver was on TV explaining how workers were planning to start the process of replacing water pipes in high risk areas. She was counting on monies promised to her by Governor Snyder to do this job. However, she had just received a call from him stating that he wanted to do more tests first. What is wrong with this picture? What is more urgent than saving the lives of innocent children. This is not how government is supposed to work.


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