aside Gronda And Friend’s May 2016 Sojourn In Praiano, Amalfi Coast, Part 1

Hotel Onda Verde, Praiano
Hotel Onda Verde, Praiano

As we got close to Hotel Onda Verde (Via Terramare, 3, 84010 Praiano SA, Italy; 0039 089 874125), I started to look for familiar signs regarding our location. It would be easy to pass by this exquisite gem of a structure because all that is visible from the street is a glimpse of an elevator with a large enough glass enclosure to allow for parking spaces (There is no additional charge for parking.). This amazing architectural wonder has been built with the supporting foundation of a mountain. Imagine the lobby being the level, minus 6th floor and my room being on level minus 4.

When we arrived exhausted, the hotel staff quickly registered us and showed us to our room 114. As usual the hotel rooms are not as large as those in the U.S. but the room was beautifully appointed and furnished with a huge balcony with chairs to sit on while watching the sunset over the sea. Of course, we had free WIFI throughout the premises.

View from lobby
View from lobby/ Note the mountain side walls

This boutique luxury family owned hotel is managed with the emphasis on exceptional customer service with the personal touch. The Hotel Onda Verde offers concierge services which include making reservations for massage services (which are out of this world for 80 euros), selling bus tickets, reserving seats on the boats, ordering car services and taxis, booking side day tours, providing directions, suggestions and a host of other duties. The host managers Mr. Francesco and Mr. Moro  treat each guest with the utmost consideration, diplomacy and tact. They go out of their way to accommodate any reasonable request and they are very knowledgeable about the surrounding area. This means that you can rely on their suggestions and information. Before you leave this lovely space, you will feel that you are a part of this hotel family.

Praiano Hotel Onda Verde's family
Praiano Hotel Onda Verde’s family

So  now, you can now picture this multi- level construction extravaganza built on a cliffside overlooking the shimmering calm, clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. There are steps that descend down to sea level, where there is one of the most popular and beautiful beaches, Marina di Praia set between two cliffs. Within the Marina di Praia area, there are places to eat and drink as well as booths where one can purchase tickets for a boat tour or for a ride to Positano or Amalfi or one of the nearby secluded beaches that can be reached only by boat (This is at the bottom of Hotel Onda steps and where the staff can reserve a place for you on the boat.).

 Hotel Onda Verde
Hotel Onda Verde
Hotel pool
Hotel pool
It has multiple exterior levels with comfortable lounge chairs as pictured above. Some areas have overhead type coverings for those who wish to avoid the sun while other patios are open. The entire place is elegantly decorated throughout with the Italian/ Mediterranean influence of terracotta and ornately decorated tiles, high ceilings, chandeliers, Florentine style furniture; colorful ceramic pottery; an abundance and variety of plants and flowers; and many other creative touches. The swimming pool looks like a mountainous waterfall that is wide enough for people to have a good swim.
We had a double bed room with a huge balcony
We had a double bed room with a  balcony and a sea view
praiano amalfi Hotel-Onda-Verde-photos-Room bath area
There is a fine sophisticated full service restaurant / Bar, “Ristorante Franchino” which comes highly recommended  on the premises of Hotel Onda Verde. In the mornings there is a complimentary breakfast which offers a huge selection of delicious choices.
In the past, when I have visited Hotel OndaVerde, there was an exceptional chef, Nikolai who was beloved by the guests for his outstanding food preparations but I found out that he has left. I was  disappointed because I was so anticipating the pleasure of sampling his wonderful creations.
praiano amalfi Hotel-Onda-Verde-photos-Exterior-Hotel-information terrace eating areapraiano amalfi Hotel-Onda-Verde-photos-Exterior-Hotel-information
 How to travel among the Amalfi Coast towns

Amalfi Coast map

 According to the hotel printed Sita Sud bus schedule, there is a bus stop just 20 meters to the left, as you exit the hotel’s parking enclosure. When I was there in May 2016, peoples taking the bus from Praiano to Positano waited on one side of the road, and those going from Praiano to Amalfi waited on the other side. You must purchase the bus tickets before entering the bus, either at the hotel or another designated spot (tobacco shops and bars).
praiano sita bus how-to-get-around-06
 The SITA bus service runs all along the Amalfi Coast. There is a slight discount if you a purchase 3 days pass for 15 Euro. The rides are quite frequent and late evening ones are also available. During summer there is service until midnight from Sorrento and Amalfi to Praiano.
Praiano tourist office is near main Church of San Gennaro
Praiano tourist office is near Church of San Gennaro

A local bus that loops Praiano and Positano is available from spring until fall. The service is operated by the Flavio Gioia company. In this case the tickets can be purchased on board. When we were in Positano, there were two different bus stops for the Sita Sud bus company and the Flavio Gioi bus line. So if you find yourself at the wrong bus stop, just climb on it and pay the 2-3 euros instead of using the purchased tickets. (Make sure you have coins on you.)

More information is available at the local  Praiano’s tourist office, located in the centre of the village in Via Capriglione by the main Church of San Gennaro.

Taking boat ride from Praiano to Positano
Going from Praiano to Positano

In Positano you can take a connecting bus to Sorrento; and from Amalfi, you can take a bus to Ravello. These are all popular destinations.

The boat rides from Marina di Praia Beach in Praiano to the Amalfi or Positano ports is faster and a more expensive way to travel than by bus. But there may be times when it is preferable to travel by boat. For example, you may want to arrive earlier in Positano because in May, the last ferry going to Capri left  around   10:30 am. Remember that you can always order taxi service through the local company, “Benvenuto.” Giovanni who speaks English answers the phone at 0039 339 636 1653;; email: One of their advertised promotions includes a shuttle service from your hotel to the evening chamber music or the outdoor concerts in Ravello.

Maria di Praia Beach is at bottom of Hotel Onda's steps.
Maria di Praia Beach is at bottom of Hotel Onda’s steps.


2016 Ravello Concert Society Festival Chamber Music Festival Ravello on the Amalfi Coast.

ravello music festival – Hotel Onda Verde The program shown below is the RAVELLO CONCERT SOCIETY one. Our reception is happy to offer assistance for your reservations.


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