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clinton-love-this-one-hillary-champ-1If my hypothesis is correct that the republican mantra by Donald Trump’s followers that Hillary Clinton is a liar who should be locked up is based unfairly by a 30 year republican led campaign to successfully characterize her as dishonest, how do I prove this? Easy!.

Why is this important? In my mind, just as there are credible justifications why someone would have voted against our current President Barack Obama, which have nothing to do with crazy talk like he was born in Kenya, I would like the same to be true for the 2016 democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. Those who vote against her for whatever  reasons should factor out the myth that is in the U.S. ether, that she is congenitally dishonest.

William Safire
William Safire

The Rest of the Story…

In the beginning there was a right wing pundit, William Lewis Safire (1929- 2009) who was adored by his right wing and establishment republicans audience (the “irregulars”). He was a gifted American author, columnist, journalist, and President Nixon’s speechwriter who represented well the republican right’s point of view. He was a long-time syndicated conservative political columnist for the New York Times, after a short jaunt at the Washington Post. Over the years, he posted articles in the Sunday Magazine on the subject of language. He also wrote several books about language and four novels. In short, his loyal followers took everything he wrote to heart even when what he wrote was discredited with the facts. Does this sound familiar in today’s world?

According to NPR’s brief biography published on 9/27/2006 after Mr. Safire passed away, David Folkenflik wrote, “Over the years, Safire devised memorable coinages: For example, he called then-first lady Hillary Clinton “a congenital liar” in 1996 while the White Water hearings were under way but not yet decided…And he also pursued his own fixed ideas, even when… untrue.” 

William Safire wrote a 1/8/1996 New York Time’s opinion piece. “Essay: Blizzard of Lies.” that has been accepted as gospel by the conservative right despite ample evidence to the contrary. But 20 years later, conservative republicans are still on a mission to keep alive, Mr. Safire’s truth.


Prior to 1996, the prevailing anti-Hillary attitude was that she was just intolerably smug.

Michael Arnovitz in his 9/13/16 Policy blog, “Thinking About Hillary — A Plea for Reason,” wrote the following:

“After the Safire piece however, this all changed. Republicans, who learned from Nixon never to let a good propaganda opportunity pass if they could help it, repeated the accusations of mendacity non-stop to anyone who would broadcast or print them. And if you doubt the staying power of Safire’s piece, type the phrase “congenital liar” into a Google search along with “Hillary Clinton” and see what happens. To this day, that exact phrase is still proudly used by many on the right. This, even though Safire was eventually proven wrong about everything he had written. And despite the fact that he stated himself that he would have to “eat crow” if she were ever cleared, Safire never apologized or even acknowledged his many errors once that happened. Because as we all know, swift-boating means never having to say you’re sorry.”


Here are excerpts from what William Safire wrote in 1996:

“Americans of all political persuasions are coming to the sad realization that our First Lady — a woman of undoubted talents  — is a congenital liar.”

“Drip by drip, like Whitewater torture, the case is being made that she is compelled to mislead, and to ensnare her subordinates and friends in a web of deceit.”

“In the aftermath of the apparent suicide of her former partner and closest confidant, White House Deputy Counsel Vincent Foster, she ordered the overturn of an agreement to allow the Justice Department to examine the files in the dead man’s office. Her closest friends and aides, under oath, have been blatantly disremembering this likely obstruction of justice, and may have to pay for supporting Hillary’s lie with jail terms.”


clinton-hrc-love-quotequotequit-copy“Again, the lying was not irrational. Investigators believe that damning records from the Rose Law Firm, wrongfully kept in Vincent Foster’s White House office, were spirited out in the dead of night and hidden from the law for two years — in Hillary’s closet, in Web Hubbell’s basement before his felony conviction, in the President’s secretary’s personal files — before some were forced out last week.”

“Why the White House concealment? For good reason: The records show Hillary Clinton was lying when she denied actively representing a criminal enterprise known as the Madison S.& L., and indicate she may have conspired with Web Hubbell’s father-in-law to make a sham land deal that cost taxpayers $3 million.”

clinton-pls-use-mrntal-health-iweemswwaaudfp“Why the belated release of some incriminating evidence? Not because it mysteriously turned up in offices previously searched. Certainly not because Hillary Clinton and her new hang- tough White House counsel want to respond fully to lawful subpoenas.”

“One reason for the Friday-night dribble of evidence from the White House is the discovery by the F.B.I. of copies of some of those records elsewhere. When Clinton witnesses are asked about specific items in “lost” records — which investigators have — the White House “finds” its copy and releases it. By concealing the Madison billing records two days beyond the statute of limitations, Hillary evaded a civil suit by bamboozled bank regulators.”


“Another reason for recent revelations is the imminent turning of former aides and partners of Hillary against her; they were willing to cover her lying when it advanced their careers, but are inclined to listen to their own lawyers when faced with perjury indictments.”

“Therefore, ask not “Why didn’t she just come clean at the beginning?” She had good reasons to lie; she is in the longtime habit of lying; and she has never been called to account for lying herself or in suborning lying in her aides and friends.”


“No wonder the President is fearful of holding a prime-time press conference.”

Incidentally, the FBI Director Comey who was in charge of the FBI investigation regarding Mrs. Clinton’s email scandal, was also the deputy prosecutor in the White Water hearings.

The question still remains, is it simply coincidental that her high approval numbers while she is on the job, just happen to take a dive whenever she is seeking political office?


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