aside The Donald: He Did It His Way (The Last 2016 Presidential Debate)

(Ralston Pool Via AP)
(Ralston Pool Via AP)



Last night on 10/19/16, I was mesmerized to the TV while I ate a pint of Talenti gelato, my comfort food as I watched the presidential debate. I would cringe on occasion but otherwise, this was the best reality TV show ever. The presidential candidates, republican nominee, Donald Trump and the democrat nominee, Hillary Clinton duked it out with barbs, insults, facts, and hyperbole in true Las Vegas style. He reminded me of a non-contained school bully and she acted like the professional who took all of his antics in stride while talking to her audience. Of course, Hillary Clinton won, appearing presidential at all times while Donald Trump inflicted himself with the knock-out punch. He refused to state that he would concede the election if he lost when asked about this on two occasions by the moderator, Chris Wallace.


According to the 10/19/16  LA Times, Hillary was the big winner of the 3rd and final presidential debate. They had three judges doing the scoring, Cathleen Decker, political analyst and columnist; David Lauter, Washington Bureau Chief; and Doyle McManus, political columnist.  The win became obvious in ROUND 4:

  • DECKER: “After almost an hour of mostly muted disputes, the Donald Trump we’re used to seeing emerged. He falsely said that he had never mocked the attractiveness of women accused of mistreating. He falsely said he had never mocked a disabled reporter. He tried to make up ground by hitting the Clinton Foundation, but Clinton parried at the end when Trump refused to say that he would honor the results of the election. That’s an astonishing and unprecedented thing for any nominee to say, and it flows from Trump’s claims of electoral fraud that have no basis in fact.”
  • “He refused to say that he would honor the results of the election. That’s an astonishing and unprecedented thing for any nominee to say, and it flows from Trump’s claims of electoral fraud that have no basis in fact.”
  • LAUTER: “Trump first got into trouble by denying that he had denigrated the women who have accused him of sexual misconduct. Clinton was able to quote his words back to him. Then, Trump topped that by refusing to say he would concede the election if he lost. Clinton could not have had that round go better if she had scripted it.”
  • MCMANUS: “The debate turns to fitness for office, with questions to Trump about his alleged abuse of women and to Clinton about her emails. The difference: Clinton can handle tough questions about her character; Trump can’t. The Republican fumes, sputters, changes the subject — and, on the subject of the women accusing him of misconduct, utters a sentence he will soon regret: “I didn’t know any of these women.” He called the Clinton Foundation “a criminal enterprise,” said Clinton should not have been allowed to run for president, and finished by refusing to promise that he would accept the outcome of the election if he loses. This was Trump unshackled, and it wasn’t pretty.”

The best write up about last nights presidential debate is by Maureen Dowd in her NY Times opinion piece, “Egged On to Get Egg On His Face:”

“When Melania Trump stood by her man-child the other night on CNN over the lewd comments to Billy Bush on a hot mic, she told Anderson Cooper that her husband “was led on — like, egged on — from the host to say dirty and bad stuff.’’


“She was offering her best defense. But it was actually the best damnation.”

“At the final debate tonight in Las Vegas, Donald Trump once more showed how easily egged on he is.”

“Continuing to deploy lethal darts from her team of shrinks, Hillary Clinton baited Trump into a series of damaging nails-in-the-coffin statements. And it was so easy. The one-time litigator prosecuted the case against Trump, sparking another temperamental spiral, as effectively as Chris Christie once broke down Marco Rubio.”


“In Trump’s warped fun-house mirror of a psyche, every rejection is a small death. That is why he harps on humiliation, that America is being humiliated on the world stage, that we are losing potency — a theme that resonates with angry voters who feel humiliated by their dwindling economic fortunes and angry about illegal immigrants and refugees who might be competition.”

“She once more proved adept at getting her rival’s goat: She again contended that he’s not a self-made man but a spoiled rich kid who was underwritten by his father and she accused him of choking on bringing up the issue of who would pay for the wall when he met with the president of Mexico.”

“Trump tried to stay calm, but he can never let go of a slight.”


“He defended himself on groping charges by saying, “Nobody has more respect for women than I do.’’ But he ended up, after Clinton’s hazing — “Donald thinks belittling women makes him bigger” — blurting out as she talked about entitlements: “Such a nasty woman.’’

“When Clinton called Trump a Putin puppet, he unraveled, once more proving how malleable he is with anyone from Vladimir Putin to Clinton, who either praises him or pokes him.”


“No puppet. No puppet. You’re the puppet,’’ he said, going into what the former Obama chief speechwriter Jon Favreau tweeted was “a full Baldwin.’’ Talking about Putin, Trump once more offered the simple reason he has flipped his party’s wary stance toward the Evil Empire, subjugating his party’s ideology to his own ego: “He said nice things about me.’’ Similarly, he reduced a debate about the Supreme Court to the fact that Ruth Bader Ginsburg had attacked him and had to apologize.”

“He was so unnerved, he said one of the most shocking things ever heard in a debate, putting his ego ahead of American democracy. Asked by the admirable debate moderator, Fox News’ Chris Wallace, if he would accept the results of the election or reject it as rigged, Trump replied coyly and self-destructively: “I will tell you at the time,’’ adding, “I will keep you in suspense.”


“The inanity continued when Trump spinners talked to the press after the debate.”

“As The Washington Post’s Robert Costa tweeted, Sarah Palin told reporters that Trump will accept only a “legitimate” election, and anything else would betray those who “died” for freedom.”

“And the Post’s Phil Rucker tweeted that “Giuliani just predicted Dems will ‘steal’ the election in Pennsylvania by busing in people from out of state to pose as dead people to cast ballots.’’

“Trump tried to give what one of his biographers, Timothy O’Brien, calls his “Clint Eastwood ‘High Plains Drifter’ glare’’ and spaghetti Western talk. “We have some bad hombres here that we’re gonna get ’em out,’’ he said about illegal immigrants who commit crimes.”

“But he was all hat, no cattle. He gets so easily distracted by belittling statements — even though he dishes them out easily — that he could not focus to make points in areas where Hillary is vulnerable.”

“In order to stop losing, he would have to stop losing it.”


  1. All hat and no cattle. That sums it up. Not supporting the election outcome is hopefully the final nail. As President Obama said “quit whining.” As any athlete will tell you, whining about an outcome is a terrible character flaw. “Just play, damn it,” would be the appropriate response, which is what Obama said.

    • Dear Keith,

      As far as I’m concerned, DT doesn’t want to win. He had every expert and family member advising him to say that he would support the outcome and he chose not to listen. It is like Breitbart News is writing his script.

      The good news is that he has delivered the win to HRC and that the election season is almost over.


    • Dear Zplosivez,

      Welcome!! You are so right. Too many like myself were lulled into believing this was not possible. Mea Culpa!! I WAS WRONG…WRONG…WRONG!!

      There is one caveat with all of this. By the time, all the votes are counted, HRC will have won the popular vote by about 2 million votes. But there is an electoral college voting system which is what counts in the end, and Donald Trump won this by 107,000 votes over about 3-4 states.

      This challenges the victor’s claim that he has won a mandate.

      Now it is time to see if he honors his promises to his American worker followers by creating many new jobs with many newly initiated infrastructure improvement plans. This will make everyone happy including his detractors.

      He cannot do this by NOT telling the truth. Recently he tweeted that he stopped Ford Motor Company from laying off workers by stopping its plans to relocate a U.S. plant to Mexico. The president of Ford had to publicly call Mr. Trump a liar because the plant in question was not being relocated anywhere and no workers were to be laid off.

      But if he continues to deny the science of climate change and to dismantle the government agency that checks for companies that pollute our waters and air with toxins, then the majority of the peoples will not support him.

      Between you and me, I am waiting to see how he deals respectfully with the Sioux Indians and the oil pipeline being built on their lands. They are asking an oil company to reroute the pipeline around their sacred burial grounds and around the river which is what they rely on for their water supply. Donald Trump has been a buiding contractor and so, this is something he should be able to resolve to the satisfaction of all parties.

      But now, we have to wait to see what happens.

      Thank you for stopping by, Gronda

      • Your welcome, actually the trump story is highly motivational, it helps the common man to understand the concept of ‘never giving up’… Even when the media, TV stations ,newspaper house and even the entirety of Europe never believed in trump to emerge the winner, ..he stunned everyone… Today’s it’s president Trump…

        • Dear Zplosivez,

          Normally, I would agree 100% with what you write. In this case I pray and hope for the sake of his followers that he keeps his promises to them.

          His message is very enticing ; however my concern is with the messenger, Donald Trump who has a long history of not living up to his business promises on many, many occasions.

          The good news is that we who did not vote for him will work very hard to make sure that he honors his promises to those who want jobs very badly to where they were willing to gamble their votes for him.

          We are a good and generous country who cares about what happens to our brothers and sisters who are hurting but we do not want to have them turning against each other. We will also guard against this.

          Warmest Wishes, Gronda

        • Lets hope this time he keeps to his promises… As this is the American people, not his business empire… He has to put more determination… Let’s just hope for the best actually..

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