aside My World As I Knew It Has Been Turned Upside Down, Donald Trump Is The Victor

clinton-side-by-side-photo-w-dt-and-hrcbn-pz697_trumpc_j_20160926224757Dear non voters, All those who sat home , who did not vote and did not want Donald Trump to win, you helped propel a Donald Trump victory. Every vote does count. Like it or not, Donald Trump’s supporters showed up and voted and assumed their power of the vote.

Dear FBI, Thank you Director James Comey for giving Donald Trump the momentum he needed for 9 out of the last 11 days of the 2016 presidential election. By the interference of the FBI announcing the review of newly discovered emails which could possibly be pertinent to a closed case in July 2016, it cast a shadow over Hillary Clinton of a possible future indictment. We will never know the outcome or what would have been without the FBI intercession.

elections-dt-family-great-pix-bn-oo828_trumpk_p_20160621142653Dear media, If you come to regret this presidency of Donald Trump, please look in the mirror. You made him by continuously presenting a case of false equivalency between the republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump and the democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton. Business will be great for you as he well be great for a lot of headlines news.

Dear Pollsters, You deserve to be out of business. You were wrong in just about every prediction.

Dear Readers, I apologize for being wrong about any and all rosy predictions that I made in predicting that we would be electing our first Madam President.

bank-wells-fargo-photo-use-920x920Dear Businesses, When you made record profits, record high salaries, bonuses and other goodies while not lifting up your frontline employees for several consecutive years, you helped create this revolution. For those companies that moved facilities out of the country, that fired American workers to be replaced by foreigners with the HB1 and HB2 visas at much lower wages, you contributed to the environment which allowed Donald Trump to prevail.

clinton-promessa-bill-passes-hdlns1-puertoricoDear Government establishment, After the 2008 recession, you stood back while millions of your constituents lost their homes, had their 401k retirement funds diminished along with the loss of jobs and the sense of any stability in their lives while the culprits who caused all this pain for too many Americans, were never held accountable.

The people have voted. There was record participation. This is the equivalent of the Brexit vote. The majority of the voters have registered their dissatisfaction with the status quo and the arrogance of the do nothing ruling class in Washington DC.


Donald Trump is now, our next U.S. president and let’s wish him well with of God’s blessings over him, his family and this great country.

MY THOUGHTS: This is the last hurrah for those who cater to the White male voter while dishing everyone else who doesn’t fit this profile. President Elect Donald Trump who just won the vote has been President Obama’s birther in chief; the same one who frequently voiced comments that were misogynistic; xenophobic; racist; and cruel. He won bigly by not even having to publicly share his income taxes.

We all listened with dismay to the “Access Hollywood” tapes as he bragged about grabbing women’s body parts with impunity and without their permission; how he detailed his practice of entering unannounced the dressing rooms of participants in beauty contests while they were in various stages of undress; and we heard the women come forward as they described how his actions matched his words on the tape..

clinton-russia-putin-side-by-side-trumpaaeaaqaaaaaaaacvaaaajdy1mte4yzflltc5y2qtndmzzc04zmfilti1yzg3mzgwnwfkmgThis is the same person who has the well earned reputation of being a libel bully, who frequently shortchanged small business people after they provided him with valuable services; who had a habit of losing emails and other documents which the courts ordered him to produce during his numerous court cases; who lost almost a billion dollars in one year; who probably has not paid federal income taxes for years; who has given very little of his own monies to charities; and who misused his own foundation monies to benefit himself.

This is the same candidate who wants to ban all Muslims from entering our shores; who is against the cause of the “Black Lives Matter” movement; who is going to build the wall on our southern vote. Let’s see how he plans to deport all the undocumented workers living in the USA.

elections-cartoon-hacking-issue-20817865-mmmainAnd he has hinted at a pro-Putin, a pro Russian stance as well as concurring with President Putin by questioning the value of NATO’s continued existence. He has publicly denied any knowledge of Russia being the country which has been hacking the DNC and others, despite being informed otherwise by the intelligence community.

He has consistently denied the existence of “climate change” and all of the scientific data which proves otherwise.

In short, let’s hope that his demeanor as our president elect differs from how he has comported himself in the past, especially during this election season.

We the people who were against his presidency cannot lose heart and hope. We have to participate in this great democracy by holding our elected officials accountable.


  1. Gronda, great post. As I said in mine today, it is disappointing, but we must support our President elect. Clinton gave the right tone in her concession speech. We should look for common ground such as infrastructure investment, which both wanted and it will create jobs. And, we must civilly push back when issues we support are not getting considered. It is still tough. Keith

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  2. Hi Gronda, it is remarkable to me how the campaign run by DT was full of terrible comments and then after winning he comes out with (presidential) quality acceptance. What was all that about (the crooked Hilary, the great wall, the nukes for Japan and Sth Korea, the deportations, the anti free trade etc) Now everyone has to treat him with emotional intelligence, because his detractors are intelligent. I wonder how long it will be until the “deplorables” realise the status quo is only continuing under such a man, and that their moment in the sun was short. If the state of the nation improves, it will be because of those around him, spoonfeeding his ignorance with political experience. I found it interesting that in my 64 years this is the first president to not end an acceptance speech with “God bless you, God bless America”. My condolences, and thank you for exceptional articles during the campaign.

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    • Dear Steele46,

      It is a dark day for all of us. I have licking my wounds just like everyone else. Last night I went to a celebration party for electing HRC which turned into a Wake and I left early.

      In Hillsborough County where I live, HRC won by 10 points but the Supervisor Of Elections is a straight arrow who is very competent.

      I have been bragging away about how there was such a huge increase in Hispanics voting in 2016 v 2012 and that this was a good sign for HRC.

      Get this, after I reviewed the vote breakdown today, it indicates that DT won with 29% of Hispanics voting for him which is 5 points higher than what Romney got in 2012, and he didn’t threaten mass deportation etc.

      There is no way that that 29% of Hispanics voted for DT. This does not pass my smell test.

      I have started to do research by viewing the film “Hacking democracy:” (HBO documentary)

      pdf Ballot-Scanner Voting System Failures in the News … –

      Nov 8, 2006 – Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) voting machines have been … revealed over three times as many problems with DREs as with ballot scanners during the 2006 general … the equipment in 2006, the number of problem reports, the number of …… Fayette County, West Virginia. …… Ripley County, Indiana.
      Hugs, Gronda

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