aside My Letter To Media Outlets Regarding Their 2016 Election Season Coverage

The following is a template of what I will be writing to various media outlets. I do fault the media for their complicity in helping the republican’s presidential nominee, Donald Trump to become our next U.S. president.

Dear Media Representatives,

Image result for cartoons about media coverage of electionYou are about to receive many letters similar to mine. While I do not hold your paper and /or the media, in general, solely responsible for Donald Trump’s victory, you have been a major  factor/ player in helping him win.

The rest of the story…(DT is Donald Trump and HRC is Hillary Clinton)

Previously, I have written to media outlets (I am certain that I was not alone) indicating that if DT won, the media would be held culpable in helping  DT with his victory. I was asking the press to end their coverage of treating both candidates with a sense of false equivalency because there was no comparison between the two.

The media writers and pundits were the ones commenting on WikiLeaks emails which editors knew were stolen from the DNC and John Podesta’s computer by the Russians. They covered themselves by mentioning the caveat, that the emails have not been confirmed. This was so unfair because, we the public did not have stolen emails from the RNC and the couple of DT’s campaign managers to make a comparison. Like it or not, the editors in charge could have made different choices. Instead they decided to collude with the Kremlin. Woop di doo.

Image result for cartoons about media coverage of electionWe watched DT lie almost every time he opened his mouth. He didn’t believe the Russians did the hacking and; he and his team have reaffirmed that they had no discussions with the Russians regarding the U.S. elections which is even counter to what the Russians are saying. The Russians were celebrating that they were able to successfully mess with the US election process and to help DT win.

Where was the press? They were colluding with Russia by commenting on the WikiLeaks emails. Meanwhile, I and fellow bloggers were dumbfounded as we watched in horror as too many TV hosts punted by not confronting DT’s surrogates with pertinent hard ball questions. Were the interviewers overly concerned that these surrogates would not return if they did ask the really tough questions ?

Image result for cartoons about media coverage of electionPost election, I finally saw the subject of “gas lightening” being discussed. (As per Wikipedia, “Gaslighting” is a form of psychological abuse in which a victim is manipulated  into doubting that previous abusive incidents ever occurred up to the staging of bizarre events by the abuser with the intention of disorienting the victim.”)  In the world of psychology, this is one of the well known tools of a Narcissist.

This frighteningly effective psychological tactic translates politically into peoples being repeatedly told that what they have seen and heard with their own eyes and ears isn’t real or true. This is then when the public begins to question and doubt their own common sense and their own internal moral compass.

Dear Media, DT is a liar, a con artist, a bully, dirty tricks expert etc, but the press enabled him by letting him get away with constructing his huuuuge pile of manure. This is who he is both before and post the election process. He may have conned enough folks to get elected but he didn’t succeed with most of us. HRC did win the popular vote.

Image result for cartoons about media coverage of electionWhat investigative reporting is being done regarding Rudy Giuliani and his FBI Breibart “Clinton Cash” rogue agents and the FBI October Surprise letter?

What about the status of voting machine malfunctions?  Too many stories are floating out there in the blogosphere to cast doubts in the minds of too many voters. No, I do not believe that the elections were rigged! But that does not mean that there are not legitimate questions that need to be addressed. For example, there are ways to assess and verify election results like what has written in an executive summary, which is a guide for techniques to prevent voter fraud that could be utilized in our own elections. What we need is better in depth reporting on this issue and not the status quo media B.S. which has not been convincing and right now your credibility is lacking.

How about following up with the Hispanic community as to why so many are questioning the election results regarding their portion of the vote at 29% that went to DT?

 Start by earning back our trust.Image result for cartoons about giuliani and fbi

DT has gotten away with his scorched earth politics,”gas lighting” tactics, their back door orchestration of the FBI letter (Giuliani and his “Clinton Cash” Breibart FBI agents who orchestrated the FBI October Surprise letter.), etc. because the media helped! The press were biased with tunnel vision by focusing for days on the red herring of HRC’s emails v the fact that Rome (our election process) was being burnt to the ground. Dear Media, You provided DT and his campaign surrogates with the matches.

Overall, the media failed to give adequate attention to the outstanding reporting that was done by a couple of investigative journalists who did do their due diligence. For example, the lawsuits, the bungling of past business dealings and the conflicts of interest issues regarding Donald Trump, and his businesses were well reported by Kurt Eichenwald of Newsweek over a period of weeks, but the establishment media rarely referred to his well documented research in interviews when questioning Mr. Trump’s surrogates. David Fahrenthold  uncovered the truth about Donald Trump’s lack of generosity to charitable causes despite Mr. Trump claiming otherwise; and of his self-serving dealings with his own family’s Foundation which also presents conflicts of interest issues as well as potential illegalities, but this news also earned little establishment media follow-up, especially when compared to the overwhelming amount of news coverage given to Hillary Clinton’s fubar with her email handling and the alleged conflicts of interest surrounding the Clinton Foundation, while she was secretary of state.

Image result for cartoons about giuliani and fbiWe were robbed of an above board election process and of course, I and all my fellow Americans will never know for sure who would have won under an unhindered election season.

We now need you to get back to the business of basic journalism 101. Do not allow us to ever again be robbed of an above board and fair election process. Please hold DT accountable for fulfilling his campaign promises to his followers, the American workers. Do not allow him to follow through on a bait and switch con.

Image result for cartoons about giuliani and fbiClues of the bait and switch tactic con in progress, would be for DT to appoint Steve Bannon as his Chief of Staff; and Jeff Sessions as his attorney general. THESE SELECTIONS WOULD MEAN DT IS PUSHING A SCORCHED EARTH CONSERVATIVE AGENDA VS HIS STATED PRIORITY OF LIFTING UP THE AMERICAN MIDDLE CLASS.

Yes, I am grieving but I’m at the anger stage which for now is directed at the media. YOU LET US DOWN AND WE AS YOUR READERS, DESERVE BETTER.

Sincerely, Gronda Morin

UPDATE: This blog was updated on 11/20/16.


  1. Gronda, we have witnessed the biggest con job ever perpetrated on the American people, a man who has never anyone’s interests but his own in mind, has told gullible people that he is their champion. It would be funny if it did not hurt us all. Keith

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    • Dear Keith.

      What I witnessed previous to his win is so egregious that I will not be part of the bubble that says, “maybe he’ll now act presidential and take the high road.”

      I would be so happy to be wrong.

      Ciao, Gronda


    • I hope he does a few good things to balance the many less good. But, one thing he won’t do consistently is act presidential. He will be taking to twitter to defend himself as before and our ambassadors will need to do a lot of apologizing.

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        • Dear Silentlyheardonce,

          Welcome! I have this motto to about believing what I see with my own eyes and hear with my own ears. I will not discount my own truth.
          I have heard enough rotten fruit spewing from DT’s own mouth, that he has to prove himself to be worthy of me giving him a chance to make amends. So far, he is failing miserably.

          A Doubting Thomas, Gronda


    • Dear Jueseppi,

      I used to look askance at peoples who would claim that the end times are near. Now I am wondering! There has to an explanation for all this craziness .Frankly, Sicily sounds a lot better than Canada.

      Thanks a million for all of your support and for this reblog.

      Ciao Bello, Gronda


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    Dear Media, DT is a liar, a con artist, a bully, dirty tricks expert etc, but you enabled him by letting him get away with constructing his huuuuge pile of manure. This is who he is both before and post the election process. He may have conned enough folks to get elected but he didn’t succeed with most of us.

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  3. Good job, Gronda! I have been doing some research and was thinking about sending letters to the media also! I hope they get a flood of them! Just read, and have not verified yet, that Trump has selected a climate change denier, Myron Ebell, to head the EPA. It is as if he is purposely selecting the worst possible person for every position! Grrrrrr ….

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  4. Just to ring in with my resounding agreement. The media played us, well not me but them who voted for DT. Even going so far as to give false hope by reporting HRC was ahead in the polls until the latest emails came out. They are on Zuckerberg about all the false news post on FB as if that’s where the problem lays. FB is social media if Idiot news has breaking news why didn’t mainstream media pick it up. That’s not the problem, the problem is trusting news media that gained respect over the years and now they are in liningredients behind Fox news.

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  5. The media certainly gave Trump more than his share of air time. How much that helped him I don’t know. What I do know is that he got to the voters who feel they are forgotten. The dems blew it in that respect. I have adopted a wait and see attitude believing that we will survive Mr. Trump. At least I hope so.

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    • Dear Lulu,

      Welcome!! I more than graciously extend my hand in inviting those who felt forgotten to let us support them in holding DT accountable in delivering on his promises to them.Frankly, as long as DT lifts up these folks, I’ll be supportive.

      It is when he acts counter to these folks’ best interests, that I plan to be the first one on the streets protesting on their behalf.

      From what I have observed prior to the election, I do not hold out much hope that he will now be transformed to someone who sticks to his promises. I WOULD LOVE TO BE WRONG. DT should be focusing like a laser beam to help his followers by creating lots of U.S. good paying jobs and in rebuilding the U.S. infrastructure.

      But for now, he is going to have prove himself to me.
      Thanks for stopping by, Gronda

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  6. The media was partially to blame, to be sure. But I no longer hold to the idea that “if only the voters knew better” . People watched his debate performance. It was out there in the open. His vulgar comments were covered by the press. His inability to string 3 sentences together in meaningful way were exposed in the debates. His selection of Bannon and his calling on Putin to interfere with the Dems was reported. So, while I agree that the press could have done more, there was ample evidence of this man’s character on display.
    I used to think that these people (Trump voters) were just “ignorant” or “not informed”. I now think that they are simply racist and xenophobic. We need to accept the fact that almost half our citizens are just not very decent people. On the surface, yes. But in the privacy of their voting booths they voted their consciences.
    I know it sounds harsh, but I am no longer willing to give these people the benefit of the doubt. They KNEW who and what they were voting for.

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