aside Donald Trump And Sycophants Are Gas-lighting Us With Their Denial Of Climate Change Issues

Artist’s rendering of Donald Trump’s EPA, c. 2019

Dear Donald Trump, Cohorts And Supporters, Most Americans would like to be  fair minded by giving the President-elect time to prove that his administration will represent fairly, all the peoples and would never consider doing anything to hurt his hard working supporters, but they can’t afford this luxury. Unfortunately, it has been made clear  that the president-elect intends to continue to deny the existence of climate change by the appointment of a hard line climate change deniers to head the EPA.

Those who voted for Donald Trump have children also. The working American recognizes that a cleaner environment with clean waters to fish and swim in along with clean air so that their children do not breath in toxins is a plus for everyone. DUMBING down the science of climate change and the dismantling of the EPA is a benefit for oil companies, but NOT for the very peoples Mr. Trump promised, never to harm. Please don’t use the red herring of better paying jobs, as that is backwards thinking when an equal number of good paying jobs could be created by making products consistent with clean energy.


Dear Republican climate change deniers, the following case is an excellent example of what can happen across the country, when republicans choose to weaken governmental agencies like the EPA (Energy Protection Agency) and give lip service about caring for all its peoples.

Remember what happened in the republican led state of Michigan to its city of Flint having to contend with drinking and bathing in lead contaminated waters from 2014-2016. There are still pipes which need to be replaced as well as other residual issues requiring attention.

climate-change-outstanding-cartoon-worrying-abt-hrc-emails-v-global-warning-c30fd953e0251d8a275d79f2e7c5a264 I have footnoted below the complete 4/20/16 NPR report,  “Lead-Laced Water In Flint: A Step-By-Step Look At The Makings Of A Crisis,” by Merrit Kennedy. Here are excerpts:

April of 2014

“Officials did not immediately treat (with necessary chemicals) the Flint River water to ensure it didn’t cause corrosion in the pipes — instead, they took what Michigan Radio characterized as a wait-and-see” approach.” 

October of 2014

General Motors says it will stop using Flint River water, fearing corrosion in its machines. “Because of all the metal … you don’t want the higher chlorine water (to result in) corrosion,” GM spokesman Tom Wickham tells MLive. “We noticed it some time ago (and) the discussions have been going on for some time.”climate-change-great-pick-cartoon-what-if-its-a-hoax

April 2015

(After a full year of Flint reporting on problems with water usage), “the EPA says it was notified by the MDEQ (Michigan Department of Environmental Quality) on or about April 24 “that the City did not have corrosion control treatment in place at the Flint Water Treatment Plant.”

March of 2016 

“Supporting its preliminary conclusion, the task force charged with investigating the causes of the Flint water crisis says in its final report that the MDEQ bears primary responsibility.”

elections-inside-flint-pipes-min-tang-and-kelsey-pieper“Task force member Chris Kolb tells reporters:

“From a regulatory standpoint, to a protection of human health and the environment standpoint, they missed the boat completely. And it is extremely troublesome to me that an agency whose primary role, once again, is to protect human health and the environment came to these decisions, and they never backed off these decisions, no matter how many red flags they saw.”

“Others are also to blame, the report says, including the state’s Department of Health and Human Services, the city’s emergency managers and the governor.”

climate-change-flood-04sealevel1-superjumboThomas Friedman tackles the subject of Donald Trump and his denial of climate change in his 11/16/16 NY Times Op-Ed piece, “Donald Trump, Help Heal the Planet’s Climate Change Problem:”


“When you visit the Pentagon, ask the generals about climate change. Here’s what they’ll tell you: A majority of immigrants flooding Europe today are not coming from Syria or Iraq. Three-quarters are from arid zones in central Africa, where the combination of climate change and runaway population growth are making small-scale farming unsustainable./Last April, as part of a National Geographic Channel documentary, I followed a group of these refugees from Senegal through Niger on their way to Libya and Europe. Thousands make this trek every month. The same thing will happen in our hemisphere — and no wall will keep them back. You can’t ignore climate change and think you have an immigration policy.”

climte-change-cartoon-good-choice-e9d06443b34f146d7e785a3105fbca1e“At the same time, please understand, if you appoint a climate-change denier to head the Environmental Protection Agency and walk America away from the Paris accord, which committed 190 countries to reduce their emissions of the carbon dioxide pollutants that warm the planet, you will trigger a ferocious reaction by young people in America and across Europe. The backlash in Europe will totally undermine your ability to lead the Western alliance.”

“And as the climate physicist Joe Romm put it to me, do you really want to risk “going down in history as the man who killed the world’s last, best chance to avoid catastrophic warming?”

climate-change-flooding-04sealevel6-superjumbo“There is a better way. You can frame the entire shift in your position in terms of free-market economics.”

“Hal Harvey, who advises major companies on climate and energy policy, notes that thanks to technological advances, “the cost of solar energy has dropped more than 80 percent since 2008, wind costs dropped more than 50 percent since 2008, battery costs dropped more than 70 percent since 2008, and LED lighting costs dropped more than 90 percent since 2008. As a result, a clean future now costs less than a dirty one.”

climate-change-hysteria-cartoon-great-pick-9“Today, from California to Mexico to the Middle East, solar and wind prices are as low as 3 cents a kilowatt-hour. Added Harvey: “That compares to about 6 cents for a new natural gas power plant, anddouble that for new coal. And remember: Commodity costs — coal, oil, gas — fluctuate, but technology costs — wind, solar, LEDs — follow irreversible trends downward, and so when a new technology crosses the cost line with an old commodity, it’s goodbye to the old commodity for good.”

“Have you seen the pictures from New Delhi and Beijing lately? People there can’t breathe, owing to the pollution from burning crops and fossil fuels. So what are the Indians doing? They’re curbing the burning of crops, the use of diesel cars, and they just shut down the coal-based Badarpur power plant. They have to find alternatives to fossil fuels. So they’re investing heavily in clean tech.”Related image

‘Is your strategy to keep America addicted to coal and scuttle our lead in clean tech — which is destined to become the next great global export industry and is already spawning good blue-collar jobs — so we can import clean energy systems from India and China?”

“Mr. Trump, you won Florida, but do you know who lost there besides Hillary? Old-line utilities. They spent over $20 million pushing a referendum intended to curb the growth of solar energy in the state.”

“So Floridians said “yes” to Trump and “yes” to solar energy and “no” to those who wanted to stop both. There is a message in that bottle for you.”

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Lead-Laced Water In Flint: A Step-By-Step Look At The Makings – NPR…/leadlacedwater-in-flint-a-step-by-steplook-at-the-makings-of-a-crisisApr 20, 2016 – Merrit Kennedy 



  1. Dear Renxkyoko,

    It will be getting worse until it gets better. That good can come out of this is possible. It will encourage people to become involved because we cannot just sit back and let things like this happen.

    Hugs, Gronda


  2. Gronda, this is a relevant post. As I mentioned in a similar piece, if our leaders do not actively stay engaged in climate change discussion, it will continue to occur under the leadership of other countries like China. I envision coalitions and foundations like The Breakthrough Energy Coalition carrying our involvement forward if our President punts. I would also envision climate change representatives coming to our country not to meet with our President, but these coalition leaders.

    But, on the positive side, we are passed the tipping point on renewable energy. An eco-energy expert said Trump’s own plan would kill the coal industry, as natural gas is cheaper and does not leave coal ash that has to be maintained for many years after the coal is burned.

    Yet, we do need our country to be at the table. If we are not, I will quote a solar energy CEO who said, “Just stay out of our way, and we will make progress that exceeds the Clean Power Plan.


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    • Dear Keith,

      I agree 100% with all of your points. This is so important that we do have to let our voices be heard, loud and clear!

      DT’S actions v taking steps to mitigate climate change negative consequences are not consistent with workers getting great paying jobs, As residents of Florida, we all get it! We all want to be able to enjoy our waters, air, parks, etc. Even those in the most red neck sections want access to a clean environment to go swimming, boating fishing and hunting.

      DT’s stance on climate change appears to have more to do with pleasing the oil companies and not with providing good paying LONG TERM JOBS.

      Ciao, Groda


  3. Dear Readers,

    In the past week or so, I have received a couple of comments that I have had to file under spam. I welcome dissenting opinions but NOT with the authors referring to other bloggers or their arguments with crudeness, vulgarity and cuss words.

    For those who are familiar with conversations carried on, in this blog, you will notice that the writers are courteous and respectful because this is the expected norm.

    No one has all the answers. Recently, I have found myself being wrong about a lot of things. Just state your case without resorting to vulgarity, belittling and disparaging commentary and do not resort to commonly used talking points from either side of the aisle, where there is no basis in fact. FOR THE FIRST SIN, YOU WILL BE SPAMMED! FOR THE SECOND SIN, YOU WILL BE INUNDATED WITH REFERENCES AND FACTS.

    Otherwise, ALL ARE WELCOME! Gronda


  4. As of November 21 Hillary Clinton’s popular vote is almost 2 million and the count isn’t over.

    Donald Trump won six states by margins of less than 1 percent.

    These numbers don’t make sense and we have evidence that might explain why they don’t
    make sense.

    If the American people don’t act, we might find ourselves under the rule of foreign power.

    This is not a conspiracy theory.

    The President doesn’t accuse a foreign power of election tampering unless he has evidence.

    Government agencies like the NSA don’t make public announcements until they are certain of
    the evidence, with the glaring exception of FBI Director Comey.

    Imagine the propaganda coup for Putin when America Inaugurates an impulsive narcissist
    who uses the office of the President for personal profit: a narcissist who lost the election
    by over 2 Million votes, a man who waged one of the most viciously divisive political
    campaigns in modern history.

    Imagine the blow to the image of America as a nation of people who pledge themselves to become
    a more perfect Union by focusing on the principles of democracy, social justice and the Rule of Law.

    If we were physical attack, we would know what to do.

    But the attack was psychological so we’re still trying to understand how this happened
    even as the evidence of how it happened is all around us.

    As long as there is credible evidence that this election was hijacked those of us who didn’t fall for the #Wikileaks lies and the GOP smear campaigns have no reason to be fair.

    I think we should #AuditTheVote and join #TheResistance.

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    • Dear Rob, this is a short but real answer, AMEN! I agree that there should be a vote audit and I am definitely in for being part of the “Resistance.”

      I am certain in my heart that this was an orchestrated coup of this 2016 presidential election process on multiple levels.

      First..There was the discovery by a hacker about the Blumenthal email which revealed the existence of HRC having a separate server.

      Second..Then there was a planted leak by opponents which led to the March 2, 2015 NY Times headline story about the HRC Private server with all sorts of innuendo about possible criminal action v HRC.

      Third, There was the marketing campaign of disinformation instilling in the public’s mind that HRC could be criminally charged; that she is a liar, a criminal who should be locked up in jail.

      Fourth.. has to do with the Russian connections. I am posting a Michael Flynn blog this evening. He is an ideologue Clinton hater with strong Russian ties and their GRU. Then there is Paul Manafort who was the previous DT campaign manger with strong ties to Russia and Putin. We know that the hacking of the DNC, HRC’s campaign mgr, John Podesta and the state dept on more than one occasion was done by Russian operatives; that Roger Stone knew someone with ties to Julian Assange of WikiLeaks; I suspect that it was probably Paul Manafort who had contact with Julian Assange because Roger Stone and Paul Manafort have been long time friends since both started out as business partners. This sounds like a Tom Clancy novel to me.

      Then Fifth, there is Rudy Giuliani and his connections to NY FBI group of anti-Clinton haters who set up the FBI Oct’ Surprise by Director Comey.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • Thank you Gronda, for this detailed response. It’s surprising that there isn’t more general outrage against using a weapon of war against a civilian population. A properly run disinformation campaign will make people feel and act crazy.

        The disinformation campaign is not over, it is now in a new phase. There is a push in the U.S. press to normalize the behaviors and policies that have emerged since #Trump became President-elect. This is my point. If Trump colluded with a foreign power to subvert the election than he has done far worse than simply steal an election. He has colluded with an assault on the foundation of our democracy.

        The American people don’t owe him a chance.

        Triple hugs, Gronda.

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        • Dear Rob.

          In the next couple of weeks, I am writing several letters to many media outlets calling them out for having been duped into playing Russia’s hand and by abetting in robbing the American peoples of an above the board and fair election process.

          I am not letting them now try to normalize what has happened. We are not as easily duped as they have proven to be.

          When the history books are written about this 2016 presidential election process, the media will not be examples of profiles in courage but rather many will be described as stooges for Russian operatives. They will be seen as colluding with a foreign government to mess with our elections at the expense of not doing what is right for the public. How do they think that they will not be held to account for their actions?

          Quadruple hugs, Gronda

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        • Gronda, I have shared before I would like to see an audit as well. It is strongly believed by our professionals that Russia had a hand in hacking emails of HRC’s staff and DNC. Our professionals have noted that, emails can be altered and likely were, before being released. It has been noted that someone was pinging voting machines for weakness, such that Obama told Russia not to mess with our election. There were two vulnerabilities – one was in the reporting of results to the media and one was in the ability maybe to change in a targeted way certain precinct results.

          I am not surprised by much anymore, but Russia has influenced other elections, so why not ours? And, why would they stop at hacking when they could assure the outcome – they just needed it close to not cause suspicion?

          Now, HRC ran a poor campaign and the email scandal unfortunately reinforced the piñata filled with innuendo and rumor created of her over time, but she was poised to win and likely would have without the FBI involvement late. She also should have not take Wisconsin, PA and Michigan for granted, as she ventured into Arizona to upset that apple cart. And, she almost lost VA pulling advertsing months ago.


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        • and she now has close to two million popular votes votes. Clinton ran a less than perfect campaign but Trump ran a horrible campaign. I had this frightening insight last night that I hope is a fantasy. I wondered if Putin’s end game is to create such chaos and open fascism in our political system that Russia looks free and democratic by comparison. The United States becomes a hopeless crazy mess with too many guns. The World then looks to the remaining ‘superpower’ to save it. Russia to the rescue. America is defeated by an Orange man baby and a corrupt media.

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