aside Pass The Word, Sound The Alarms! Sign The Petition to Demand A Vote Audit

cartoon-must-use-eagle-w-dt-hair-636142476413728210-trump-eagle-b-finished-11-09-16NOTE: At around 11/16/16, Verified Voting started a petition, titled, “Demand An Audit Of The 2016 Presidential Election,”with a single signature, and now has 116,122 supporters as of 11/22/16 before noon ET. This petition is requesting that there be a vote audit based on the votes caste on or before November 8, 2016 to elect the next U.S. president. Here is the link: Petition · Demand An Audit Of The 2016 Presidential Election …

 The following is the write up by “Verified Voting:”

“The FBI determined some months ago that hacking, originating from Russia, was having an influence on our electoral process. These hackers interfered with our presidential election through attempted and successful penetration of email and voter registration databases, among other systems. This created fear, uncertainty, and doubt about the safety of our electoral processes.”

forsale“Computers tabulated the vast majority of the 129 million votes cast in the presidential election, and polls were wildly off. Did hackers manipulate the results by compromising voting equipment? Did other problems, glitches, or errors affect the outcome?”

“There’s a simple, relatively inexpensive way to find out: audit the electronic results against the paper ballots used by about 75% of U.S. voters.”

“American democracy depends on public trust of our electoral process, and public trust requires a trustworthy process.”

elections-cybersecurity-6-0-hhwzpc-q9zcilq2t“Verified Voting Foundation is a non-partisan non-profit organization that advocates for public policy that promotes accuracy, transparency and verifiability of elections. We believe the integrity and strength of our democracy relies on citizen’s trust that each vote be counted as cast. Our primary concern lies in ensuring that the means for verifying election outcomes are in place and used for that purpose. We also focus on the reliability and security of voting systems. We connect those who are making and implementing policy that shapes how we vote to those who understand the particular risks associated with the emerging digital landscape, particularly on-line and electronic voting.”

This petition will be delivered to:

  • Secretaries of State
  • Election Officials
  • Governors
  • Here’s the letter:
    Letter to
    Secretaries of State
    Election Officials

    The people of your state deserve a secure election system with rigorously tested outcomes. The electoral season has been marked by hacking which the FBI attributes to Russia. Registration databases have been compromised in some states, as have email systems. We cannot be sure at this point that the results of your state’s election have not been affected. Let’s remove all doubt and do a risk limiting audit to verify the election results.