aside No, President-elect, We Do Not Have To Play Nice

“We the people” are hearing from the republican President-elect Donald Trump that we need to come together to support his plans to lift up our country. His pleading is for us to allow him enough time to prove that he will make good on his promises.

He and his surrogates are asking for the public to grant them some kumbaya time with a straight face, even after he and his campaign operatives were the catalyst for the most contentious, divisive and mean spirited election process that I have witnessed in my life time.

I would take the president-elect’s pleadings seriously, if I observed actions, signaling that he truly has plans to represent all Americans and not just his Alt-right, White Supremacists’  ideology- bound followers.

Here are four signs that I am looking for that would give me some pause, but I am not holding my breath in the meantime.

1.) He is not to bar the democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, Jill Stein or others from requesting a vote recount/ audit in MI, PA, WI and OH. While it is not likely that anything untoward happened during the voting process, “we the people” are in a “trust but verify” state of mind. It is hard for me to see how a divergent peoples can come together without the reassurance, as per Mr. Trump’s own words, that our election system was not rigged.

Yesterday, there was  a 11/26/16 WaPo news item by Matt Zapotosky, that the Clinton campaign plans to participate in Wisconsin recount, with an eye on ‘outside interference. So far, the president-elect is flunking this test as he complains that the election is over and that Hillary Clinton has already conceded.

Here is an excerpt:

” In a Medium post, Clinton’s campaign lawyer Marc Elias said that the campaign had received “hundreds of messages, emails, and calls urging us to do something, anything, to investigate claims that the election results were hacked and altered in a way to disadvantage Secretary Clinton,” especially in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, where the “combined margin of victory for Donald Trump was merely 107,000 votes.”

2.) Let’s see if he appoints an intellect of the caliber of a Mitt Romney, a Condoleezza Rice or a Colin Powel but NOT someone totally unqualified like Rudy Giuliani, to be the next secretary of state.

3.) I’m intrigued to see how the President-elect Trump, as a former building contractor,  resolves current disputes to satisfy both the Standing Rock Sioux Indians and the oil company intent  on routing the Dakota oil  pipeline though their sacred burial grounds and the river which is the Sioux Indian’s major source of water. Yesterday’s (11/26/16) NY Times headlines indicate that government officials are telling protestors to leave the campsite, impeding construction of the pipeline or face being arrested.

4.) And I am insistent in stating that the president-elect needs to stop denying that Russia did hack the DNC, the U.S. State Department. and HRC’s campaign mgr’s website which is counter to evidence presented by the U.S. intelligence community. I want to know that he will not discount important intelligence data in the future, just because it doesn’t conform to his reality.Charles M. Blow penned a 11/23/16 NY Times Op-Ed piece which reflects my thinking, No, Trump, We Can’t Just Get Along.” 

Here are excerpts:

“Donald Trump schlepped across town on Tuesday to meet with the publisher of The New York Times and some editors, columnists and reporters at the paper.

“As the Times reported Trump actually seemed to soften some of his positions:”

“He seemed to indicate that he wouldn’t seek to prosecute Hillary Clinton. But, he should never have said that he was going to do that in the first place.”

“He seemed to indicate that he wouldn’t encourage the military to use torture. But he should never have said that he would that in the first place.”

“He said that he would have an ‘open mind” on climate change. But that should always have been his position.”

“After a campaign of bashing The Times relentlessly, in the face of the actual journalists, he tempered his whining with flattery.”

“At one point he said:”

“I just appreciate the meeting and I have great respect for The New York Times. Tremendous respect.  Always has been very special.”

“He ended the meeting by saying:”

“I will say, The Times is, it’s a great, great American jewel.  A world jewel. And I hope we can all get along well.”

“I will say proudly and happily that I was not present at this meeting. The very idea of sitting across the table from a demagogue who preyed on racial, ethnic and religious hostilities and treating him with decorum and social grace fills me with disgust, to the point of overflowing. Let me tell you here where I stand on your “I hope we can all get along” plea: Never.”

“You are an aberration and abomination who is willing to do and say anything — no matter whom it aligns you with and whom it hurts — to satisfy your ambitions.”

“I don’t believe you care much at all about this country or your party or the American people. I believe that the only thing you care about is self-aggrandizement and self-enrichment. Your strongest allegiance is to your own cupidity.”

“I also believe that much of your campaign was an act of psychological projection, as we are now learning that many of the things you slammed Clinton for are things of which you may actually be guilty.”

“You slammed Clinton for destroying emails, then Newsweek reported last month that your companies “destroyed emails in defiance of court orders.” You slammed Clinton and the Clinton Foundation for paid speeches and conflicts of interest, then it turned out that, as BuzzFeed reported, the Trump Foundation received a $150,000 donation in exchange for your giving a 2015 speech made by video to a conference in Ukraine. You slammed Clinton about conflicts of interest while she was secretary of state, and now your possible conflicts of interest are popping up like mushrooms in a marsh.”

“You are a fraud and a charlatan. Yes, you will not get any breaks just because one branch of your forked tongue is silver,” I am not easily duped by dopes.”

“I have not only an ethical and professional duty to call out how obscene your very existence is at the top of American government; I have a moral obligation to do so.”

“I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything, but rather to speak up for truth and honor and inclusion. This isn’t just about you, but also about the moral compass of those who see you for who and what you are, and know the darkness you herald is only held at bay by the lights of truth.”

“It’s not that I don’t believe that people can change and grow. They can. But real growth comes from the accepting of responsibility and repenting of culpability. Expedient reversal isn’t growth; it’s gross.

So let me say this on Thanksgiving: I’m thankful to have this platform because as long as there are ink and pixels, you will be the focus of my withering gaze.”

“I’m thankful that I have the endurance and can assume a posture that will never allow what you represent to ever be seen as everyday and ordinary.”

“No, Mr. Trump, we will not all just get along. For as long as a threat to the state is the head of state, all citizens of good faith and national fidelity — and certainly this columnist — have an absolute obligation to meet you and your agenda with resistance at every turn.”


    • Dear Cornfedcontessa,

      I appreciate your kind words.

      Have you noticed that DT is not taking the concept of a vote recount/ audit well? And he was the one squeaking the loudest about the possibility of the voting system being rigged.

      Thanks a million for stopping by and for this reblog.

      Hugs, Gronda

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  1. “It’s not that I don’t believe that people can change and grow. They can…”

    No, I don’t think a 70 year old misogynist, bigot, and bully will ever change. He will depart this earth as a misogynist, bigot and bully.

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    • Dear Nkdwhtguy,

      NO, He is not likely to change. We were being sold this possibility when he was elected the republican presidential nominee. We kept hearing things like he’ll pivot.

      No one who has watched him after his nomination and during his campaign, believes this.

      Thanks for stopping by, Gronda


  2. Reblogged this on ayékòótóFMD and commented:
    A good analysis of the albatross on America’s neck . To those outsiders and those DT wants to eviscerate from the earth, we wonder how did a person like that came to be the new face of America and the head of state to be? Were Americans sleeping or in a daze?

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    • Dear ayékòótóFMD,


      There are obviously some who are willing to buy DT’s act. But there are some of us who are not so easily fooled.

      It is up to us who are not so easily conned to stand up to hold DT accountable for all his actions.
      Thanks for stopping by and for this reblog.

      Warmest Wishes, Gronda

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      • Evil grows when good people zip up their lips. To those of us outside and the butt of Trump’s antediluvian’s tantrums, slivers of light from people like you gives us hope. Our only fear is that such HOPE will not be smothered by your new President’s actions and his cohorts.

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  3. “”We the people” are hearing from the republican President-elect Donald Trump that we need to come together to support his plans to lift up our country.”

    He has no plans to lift up our country. Trump thinks that being president is a 9 to 5 job where he can go to Trump Tower in NY on the weekends. His wife doesn’t want to live in the White House. He is willing to stretch the secret service to its limits. He has missed security briefings and has yet to hold a press conference since his election.

    His criticism of the statement made by “Hamilton” speaks volumes, because if he believes and wants those things asked of him, he would have thanked the cast and told the American people that he is 100 percent in favor of unity and diversity.

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    • Dear Xena,

      You are so right. The cast of “Hamilton” when they spoke, they were speaking up for a lot of Americans who are scared and frightened about a DT administration living up to DT’s purported campaign promises.

      They simply wanted reassurances but instead, they got slapped down by DT.

      Our president-elect is clueless.

      Hugs, Gronda


      • Gronda,
        I’m afraid that America is going to experience a dictatorship under Trump. He is already representing his family as royalty and wanting even his son-in-law to be instrumental in his administration.

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  4. Dear Keith,

    Today, when I watched KellyAnn Conway on one of the TV shows, she was stating that DT’s grass roots support would feel betrayed if DT picked Mitt Romney to be the next secretary of state because of his past lack of support for DT. What Ms. Conway doesn’t get is that this selection by DT would be a signal that he does want to be president of all the peoples. We shall see who prevails on this one.

    Ciao, Gronda


  5. Hi Gronda, great post. Charles Blow is a new hero. Today Trump says that ‘millions’ of people voted illegally. This is a great time to treat him like a ‘normal’ President elect. I assume that the President elect has
    facts based on intelligence briefings and that he is speaking the truth. ‘Millions’ of illegal votes suggest a criminal conspiracy to undermine the election. It means the result of every race from the president to the house to the governor’s races is suspect and that to ensure the will of the people a national audit is imperative.

    Mr. Trump is the incoming President and normal presidents don’t spout bullshit. I therefore assume that
    millions of people voted illegally in the 2016 elections and as a concerned citizen, I demand a national
    audit of the vote.


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