aside The Republican President-elect Donald Trump Is Still Acting As The Divider-In-Chief

Image result for photos of trump Victory Tour.If the republican President-elect Donald Trump truly wants to bring divided Americans back together, he would do well to avoid favorite republican wedge issues, like “those liberals do not want folks to say, “Merry Christmas.” The conservative right has this habit of talking  about how the democrats’ are perpetuating a “War On Christmas.” While this point has no  basis in reality, it did not keep the president-elect from referring to it during his past campaign stump speeches with words like, “Americans are not free to say “Merry Christmas” to each other.” While at a recent thank you rally in Wisconsin, he was bragging about how this would change, now that he has been elected to be our next U.S. president.

The reality is that most folks who are like myself will greet fellow Christians, with the salutation, “Merry Christmas.” If I am talking to Jewish friends, I take time to wish them “Happy Hanukkah.” If I happen to be in the presence of acquaintances who are not part of any religious faith, I just utter words like, have a great holiday.”

I am willing to bet that even our President-elect has the good grace to refer to phrases like “Happy Hanukkah” when he celebrates this joyous season with his beloved Jewish son-in-law and his family.

But he is still intent on dividing us!Image result for photos of trump Victory Tour.

On 12/21/16  E.J. Dionne writes about this in the following op-ed piece in the Washington Post, “Happy holidays, Donald Trump:”

“Some things Donald Trump says enrage me, while others get under my skin. The pronouncement that does both is his regular claim that until he prevailed, Americans were not free to say “merry Christmas” to each other.”

“He was at it again last week in West Allis, Wis., during his Watch-Me-Divide-The-Country-Further Victory Tour. Trump declared: “So when I started 18 months ago, I told my first crowd in Wisconsin that we are going to come back here someday and we are going to say merry Christmas again. Merry Christmas. So, merry Christmas everyone.”Image result for photos of trump Victory Tour.

“Here’s what bothers me: Long before Trump came along we were entirely free to say “merry Christmas” to each other. Our political leaders could say it, too. “On her MSNBC program last weekend, my friend Joy Reid demonstrated that President Obama was no Christmas-hating guy trying to hide remembrances of the birth of Jesus Christ behind some noxious wall of secularism. She showed not one but 20 moments when the president said the words “merry Christmas.”

“As for me, I’ve never felt the least reluctant to say “merry Christmas” — as long as I know the person I’m talking to is a Christian who observes the holiday.”

“And there’s the rub. We all know that Trump has simply picked up the “war on Christmas” theme driven annually by conservative media. Like so much else these days, this “issue” divides us along partisan lines. A PRRI survey released this week found that Republicans, by more than 2 to 1, want stores and businesses to greet customers with “Merry Christmas.” Democrats, by a similar margin, prefer them to say “Happy holidays.”Image result for photos of christmas shoppers

“The political commotion around Christmas is partly a response to litigation over what religious freedom demands when it comes to governments setting up displays in public places at this time of year. There are legitimate and heartfelt differences of opinion over what the First Amendment tells us about this.”

“But as is his way, Trump sidesteps all the complexities. He reduces everything to whether or not we can say “merry Christmas” and folds this into his attack on “political correctness.” The political correctness police are instantly transformed into a phalanx of heathen Scrooges and Grinches.”

The mosque’s secretary, Zulfi Karimm and the synagogues chairman, Rudi Leavor, have become close friends.

“It doesn’t stop Trump that “happy holidays” is popular among retailers not because some Big Brother liberals (let alone government) are telling them to say it. They simply want to sell to a broad group of consumers, many of whom aren’t Christian.”

“If Donald Trump wanted to criticize the commercialization of Christmas, he might start an interesting conversation. But a man who sells his brand for a living probably doesn’t want to go there.”

Muslim women in front of a nativity scene
credit: AFP

“What Donald Trump is demeaning is the simple decency that lies behind the decision to avoid saying “merry Christmas” to non-Christians. I learned about this not from secular liberals, but from my very devotedly Catholic (and Republican) parents. We lived in the most Jewish neighborhood of our overwhelmingly Catholic town. The idea that you can be, simultaneously, part of a majority and a minority is a common experience in our open and religiously diverse society.”


  1. Gronda, to be frank, our President-elect is at war with anyone who openly disagrees with him or criticizes him in a public forum. Today, he is attacking celebrities who do not want to perform at his inauguration. Really, is that where you want to spend your time, Mr. Trump? He also does not like questions as he is not very good with details, which is why we will see him very infrequently doing so, unless it is controlled setting.

    HIs thin-skin and large ego will become two very obstacles in his Presidency. I have felt this way from the get-go and nothing he has done has changed my mind in that regard. Someone needs to hide his IPhone as a start. He cannot govern by Twitter.


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    • Dear Keith,

      DT is a deeply flawed individual who is not suited to be president. As a woman, I have to accept a creep who bragged about how he could get away with grabbing women’s private body parts. He has pandered to white supremacists. He is vulgar in his speech. His potential for conflicts of interests far outweighs anything that republicans complained about regarding the Clintons.

      Republicans had better not reference the Clintons in the future. They should be ashamed but they are not.

      Thank goodness, I am no longer a republican. I and Ana Navarro are on the same page. DT himself will never have my respect.

      Ciao, Gronda


      • Respect is word that must be earned. Trump cares only about one thing and everything else is a distant second. That one thing is Donald Trump. People are to be exploited for gain and the truth is a commodity that is only used if it serves his purpose. Per his autobiographers and his ghostwriter that has been his history.

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  2. Dear Keith,

    DT keeps forgetting that he is not president yet. He shows such disrespect to President Obama when he involves himself in foreign affairs, We have one president at a time. He is like the bull in a china closet. And the republican lemmings keep covering up his mishaps.

    Ciao, Gronda


  3. Has the man forgotten about the concepts of ‘religious freedom’, which gives each of us the right to practice and observe any or no religion, and ‘separation of church and state’? And why does he have time to waste rambling on and on about this issue … are there not more important things, like learning about foreign policy, environmental issues, etc.?

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