aside Finally, A Media Outlet Is Calling Out The President-Elect For His Dalliance With Russia

clinton-russia-putin-side-by-side-trumpaaeaaqaaaaaaaacvaaaajdy1mte4yzflltc5y2qtndmzzc04zmfilti1yzg3mzgwnwfkmgThe Editorial Board in its 12/30/16 Washington Post Op-Ed piece is blasting the republican President-elect Donald Trump for his cavalier attitude towards Russia’s successful cyber-attack against U.S. institutions and its interference with the 2016 presidential elections. Now the Washington Post personnel can expect some tweets from our president-elect.

The editorial commentary:

“ALTHOUGH PRESIDENT Obama’s sanctions against Russia for interfering with the U.S. presidential election came late, his action on Thursday reflected a bipartisan consensus that penalties must be imposed for Moscow’s audacious hacking and meddling. But one prominent voice in the United States reacted differently. President-elect Donald Trump said  “it’s time for our country to move on to bigger and better things.” Earlier in the week, he asserted that the “whole age of computer has made it where nobody knows exactly what is going on.”

Trump-Putin-Paul Manafort, Another, Russian connection; he lives in Trump Towers and was Trump's campaign mgr.
Trump-Putin-Paul Manafort, Another, Russian connection; he lives in Trump Towers and was Trump’s campaign mgr.

“No, Mr. Trump, it is not time to move on. U.S. intelligence agencies are in agreement about “what is going on”: a brazen and unprecedented attempt by a hostile power to covertly sway the outcome of a U.S. presidential election through the theft and release of material damaging to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. The president-elect’s dismissive response only deepens unanswered questions about his ties to Russia in the past and his plans for cooperation with Vladi­mir Putin.”

Trump’s vision of a hacker

“For his part, Mr. Putin seems to be eagerly anticipating the Trump presidency. On Friday, he promised to withhold retaliatory sanctions, clearly hoping the new Trump administration will nullify Mr. Obama’s acts. Then Mr. Trump cheered on Twitter: “Great move on delay (by V. Putin) — I always knew he was very smart!””For any American leader, an attempt to subvert U.S. democracy ought to be unforgivable — even if he is the intended beneficiary. Some years ago, then-Defense Secretary Leon Panetta warned of a “cyber-Pearl Harbor,” and the fear at the time was of a cyber attack collapsing electric grids or crashing financial markets. Now we have a real cyber-Pearl Harbor, though not one that was anticipated. Mr. Obama has pledged a thorough investigation and disclosure; the information released on Thursday (12/29/16) does not go far enough. Congress should not shrink from establishing a select committee for a full-scale probe.”

“Mr. Obama also hinted at additional retaliation, possibly unannounced, and we believe it would be justified to deter future mischief. How about shedding a little sunshine on Mr. Putin’s hidden wealth and that of his coterie?”clinton-use-trump-putin-hillary

“Mr. Trump has been frank about his desire to improve relations with Russia, but he seems blissfully untroubled by the reasons for the deterioration in relations, including Russia’s instigation of an armed uprising in Ukraine, its seizure of Crimea, its efforts to divide Europe and the crushing of democracy and human rights at home.”

donald-t-great-post-cartoon-anti-mediacwy8bjdusaau_fc“Why is Mr. Trump so dismissive of Russia’s dangerous behavior? Some say it is his lack of experience in foreign policy, or an oft-stated admiration for strongmen, or naiveté about Russian intentions. But darker suspicions persist. Mr. Trump has steadfastly refused to be transparent about his multibillion-dollar business empire. Are there loans or deals with Russian businesses or the state that were concealed during the campaign? Are there hidden communications with Mr. Putin or his representatives? We would be thrilled to see all the doubts dispelled, but Mr. Trump’s odd behavior in the face of a clear threat from Russia, matched by Mr. Putin’s evident enthusiasm for the president-elect, cannot be easily explained.”


  1. Gronda, this is serious offense, so I am appreciative of the bipartisan consensus that this cannot be tolerated. Our President-elect is finding himself as an outlier on this issue and is discrediting the two security agencies that he will need to do his job. What is troubling to me and apparently The Washington Post, is this stance the President-elect has continued from the outset that it cannot be the Russians. He is actually doing himself harm, by not acting more like a leader on this issue.

    To be frank, I have been worried about this issue dating back to July after seeing security experts report on their concerns about Russia. Coupling that with the fake news sites, it is quite easy to influence uninformed voters anywhere, but especially in the US. If we don’t start dealing with these issues now, it will only get worse from an election standpoint and governance standpoint.

    I remember a TV producer who left Russia. He said Putin puts his fingerprints on dramas and comedies on Russian TV. He said it is intentionally subtle, but he has dialogue included in these shows which is pro-Russian administration. Then there is the Russian American TV news show, where one of the anchors resigned on camera saying she could not take the news she was reading being influenced by Putin.

    This man is truly the cagiest leader alive and we need to be mindful of his practices. Sure, we need a relationship with Russia, but we cannot let them interfere in our country.

    That is my two cents. Keith

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  2. Dear Keith,

    DT’s pro Putin and pro-Russia comments have troubled me from the start. This looks like his Achilles heels. We need to be fully informed as to all of DT’s financial ties to Russia because his intransigence on this issue is unexplainable, otherwise.

    Ciao, Gronda.


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