aside Breaking News: Admiral Harward Turned Down Offer To Be National Security Advisor

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Ret. Vice Admiral Robert Harward

Eric Beech for the 2/16/17 Reuters article, reports the following:

“President Donald Trump’s choice for national security adviser, retired Vice Admiral Robert Harward, has turned down the offer, the Financial Times reported on Thursday, citing two people familiar with the situation.”

“Harward was offered the job after Michael Flynn resigned on Monday for misleading Vice President Mike Pence over his conversations with Russia’s ambassador to the United States.”Robert Harward plans a housecleaning of Trump’s National Security Council staff

As per the 2/15/17 Foreign Policy report by Thomas E. Ricks, “He is not an ideologue, as Flynn seemed to have become in the last few years. Harward thinks of himself as a national security professional — and indeed once served on the NSC staff, during the Bush Administration. Before that, early in the Afghan war, he headed the Special Operations task force in Kandahar.”

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Admiral Harward

“Harward also would work well with Defense Secretary James Mattis. When Mattis was chief of Central Command, Harward was his deputy. Mattis trusted him enough to put him in charge of planning for war with Iran. Mattis has urged Harward to take the NSA job.”

This evening 2/16/17, CBS is reporting the following:

“Two sources close to the situation confirm Harward demanded his own team, and the White House resisted.”

“Specifically, Mr. Trump told Deputy National Security Adviser K. T. McFarland that she could retain her post, even after the ouster of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. Harward refused to keep McFarland as his deputy, and after a day of negotiations over this and other staffing matters, Harward declined to serve as Flynn’s replacement.”

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“Harward, a 60-year-old former Navy SEAL, served as deputy commander of U.S. Central Command under now-Defense Secretary James Mattis. He previously served as deputy commanding general for operations of Joint Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg in North Carolina.”

“Harward has also commanded troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan for six years after the 9/11 attacks. Under President George W. Bush, he served on the National Security Council as director of strategy and policy for the office of combating terrorism.”


  1. I don’t blame him a bit, but it is too bad, as I think he would have been good. However, if Bannon was going to shove his staff picks on him, his authority would have likely become limited very quickly anyway. This means the next candidate will likely be Petraeus. Sigh.

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