aside Why Is The President Not Planning For An Infrastructure Bill Until 2018?

If there is one step that our republican President Donald Trump can take to guarantee the increase in living wage jobs and which aligns with his message of making our country “great again,” it is the trillion dollar infrastructure bill that he had consistently promised his followers during the campaign season at numerous rallies.

And so why does he wants to wait until 2018 to make good on this promise when his supporters need the living wage jobs, yesterday? And why would he risk waiting to implement an infrastructure project when interest rates might be higher and while the US roads, bridges, ports, etc., are currently in dire need for updates to compete on a global level?

It is definitely time for those who are part of “The Resistance” to get into gear to address this issue of waiting on an infrastructure bill.

Here are some resources:

The main US Senate phone line 202-225-3121 (202-224-3121) or  YOU CAN FIND PHONE NUMBERS FOR EVERY SENATOR HERE. 

Find Your Representative · – U.S. House of Representatives

Michael Moore’s Calendar of resistance events’ reference:

“The Michael Moore Easy-to-Follow 10-Point Plan to Stop Trump.”

THE INDIVISIBLE GUIDE: Read the text of the how-to anti-Trump manual

Talk about a “bait and switch con.

The president and his fellow republicans want to focus on tax reform which does not guarantee an increase in living wage jobs.

The president’s administration is in the process of executing an immigration travel ban against 7 Muslim majority countries despite a recent Homeland Security report which counters the president’s assertions that his ban better insures USA inhabitants’ safety from foreign terrorism.

The republicans are hard at work to repeal Obamacare, while hopefully replacing it, but if not done correctly, could cost average Americans access to affordable insurance as well as jobs in the healthcare industry.

Dismantling the EPA without careful planning would not only harm the well being of average Americans but it would take away from innovation in clean energy technology entities which would provide for an increase in living wage jobs.

His current orders to build a southern wall and to deport large numbers of undocumented friends and neighbors does not lead to an increase in living wage jobs.

Then the republicans have gone forward to enact legislation to insure that the mentally ill are not barred from purchasing a gun. And with the increase in hate crimes by Alt-right zealots, it can be argued the we are becoming less safe.

As a matter of fact, his current announced plans does virtually nothing towards making better the lives of average folks.

And where are the deficit hawks? His plans are adding billions of dollars to the deficit without demonstrating realistic, objective projected outcomes in making America great again, making the US population safer and the promotion of a real increase in living wage jobs.

Crumbling bridge

And the one positive action that he could take to meet these obligations, he wants to wait until 2018?

On 2/27/17, the Editorial Board of the NY Times, penned an article on this subject, “Missing: Donald Trump’s Trillion-Dollar Infrastructure Plan.”

“Which of Donald Trump’s many campaign promises would bring real benefits to the economy? Which would almost certainly win support even among people who voted against him? And which seems to have disappeared completely from the White House radar?”

“The answer to all three questions is Mr. Trump’s pledge to put his self-described talents as a builder to work by spending $1 trillion on restoring the country’s crumbling bridges, potholed roads, rust-bucket trains and shabby-not-chic airports. More than a month into his presidency, no such plan has emerged, and there are no signs that one is coming anytime soon.”Image result for cartoons about trumps broken promises

Part of this could be attributed to the less-than-blinding speed with which Mr. Trump has assembled his administration. But evidence suggests that the plan is on hold for the foreseeable future; Republican sources told the news organization Axios last week that the White House wouldn’t unveil an infrastructure proposal until 2018. Congress, meanwhile, seems fixated on other issues — rolling back Obamacare, cutting taxes — while its leaders, the House speaker, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader — seem decidedly unenthusiastic about the idea of a huge infrastructure spending proposal. “I hope we avoid a trillion-dollar stimulus,” Mr. McConnell said in December.”fake-news-v-real-news-22103602-mmmain

“It was never quite clear what Mr. Trump even meant by a $1 trillion plan. During the campaign he seemed to suggest that the government would spend that much money on fixing roads, railroads and the like. But two important supporters — Wilbur Ross, soon to be secretary of commerce, and Peter Navarro, an economics professor who now heads a trade council for the president — published a white paper in October proposing tax credits to private developers, a plan more likely to provide a windfall for projects that would be built anyway. The credits wouldn’t spur needed investment in water systems, mass transit and other infrastructure that are public utilities, not vehicles for private profit.”Related image

“A big infrastructure package involving direct government spending would, politically and economically, be a slam-dunk compared with other misguided investments and policies, like building a border wall or cutting taxes for the wealthy. Experts say that the United States needs a huge increase in spending on public works after years of neglect and to prepare for the increased threat from climate change. The American Society of Civil Engineers gives the country’s infrastructure a grade of D+ and says that $3.6 trillion in spending is required by 2020.”Image result for cartoons of trump and infrastructure

“Mr. Trump would also bolster his popularity, something he clearly craves (55 percent of voters disapprove of his job performance, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released last week.) Three-quarters of people surveyed by Gallup last year said that they wanted the federal government to increase infrastructure spending. And there would be little political opposition because many Democrats, including liberal stalwarts like Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, are practically begging the president to work with them on this issue. Last month, Democratic senators introduced a detailed $1 trillion plan.”Image result for cartoons of trump and infrastructure

“Though the circumstances are not the same, Mr. Trump’s indolence and Congress’s palpable lack of initiative sit in sharp contrast to the speed with which President Obama and congressional Democrats were able to engineer a nearly $1 trillion economic stimulus bill in 2009, a task completed in less than six weeks. At the current pace, Mr. Trump’s American greatness project may never get off the ground, remaining no more than a slogan on red hats, a testament to the emptiness of his populist promises to forgotten workers.”

My Thoughts: It seems that our president is catering primarily to the alt right segment of his supporters (with the wall; increased deportation; immigration travel ban). All others are secondary.


  1. Gronda, good post. I agree this is the one major step we could take that would improve our assets and lead to jobs. Delaying this shows his priorities are out of whack. Plus, he vows to make us safer, but we are less safe today in the world than sixe weeks ago. Keith

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  2. It seems that now Mr Trump has got what he wants, his voters aren’t as important as they were a few months ago.He tried to please you by blocking immigration only to find it wasn’t what you wanted. He may need to recoup a little and make sure his golf courses are doing well, and his plans to tax the rich less are in place before he tries to please you again. Next time he may return to his plans for the border wall, that is sure to make him popular again.If not, well don’t worry I think he and his team will probably have appointed enough Gauleiters and stormtroopers to sort out any complainants. Plus the new jobs he created in the process will please some of his voters.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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