aside Our President Has Raised His Practice Of Lying To An Art Form

The following commentary takes on the task of explaining how our republican President Donald Trump and his administration have taken their alt-facts to an elevated art form. What is truly amazing are the republican US House representatives and conservative pundits who are enabling him by pretending that the emperor is fully dressed when he is running around, like a stark naked crazy leader.

Just witness how these supposedly sane legislators are acting to cover for the president’s latest whopper, by making statements along the lines that “we’ll just have to wait to see what facts an investigation produces. This is their response to our president past week’s actions (3/4/17), when he publicly  accused our former democratic President Barack Obama, without any evidence, of having his Trump Tower’s phone, wiretapped, prior to his election. Those lawmakers are downplaying the president’s faux pas even though they all know, that he could get on the phone with any number of intelligence officials to find out what he needs to know, in a short period of time.

On 3/5/16 Philip Ratner of the Huffington Post lists the various lying tactics practiced by our president and his surrogates, “‘Don’t Worry, I’ll Pull Out’ And Other Trump Lies.”


“For now, we have enough material to start the process of naming, defining and cataloging the various forms of Trump’s lies. Here are my favorite examples.”

The “Don’t Worry, I’ll Pull Out”

“The DWIPO is a promise made in the heat of the moment, knowing that you won’t be able to keep it when the time comes.”

“The DWIPO is often repealed and replaced by a lesser promise that is easier to keep. For instance, “Don’t worry, I’ll pull out” may be replaced by “Don’t worry, I’ll drive you to the hospital.” Big difference.”

“Trump mastered the DWIPO during the campaign. Don’t worry, Trump assured us, he’ll pull out of (“dismantle”) the Iran Nuclear Deal. Later, that became don’t worry, I’ll renegotiate it. When it finally dawned on Trump that none of the other parties to the Iran deal were going to renegotiate, his promise morphed into don’t worry, I’ll enforce it strictly. Forget that strict enforcement of the Iran Nuclear Deal is exactly the opposite of pulling out of it. That’s just nit-picking.”

“Trump also rolled out the DWIPO for Obamacare. Don’t worry, he told us on the campaign trail, he’ll pull out of (“repeal”) Obamacare immediately upon taking office and replace it with “great health care for a fraction of the price.”

“Oops. Somewhere along the way, Trump made the startling discovery that repealing and replacing Obamacare was “very complicated,” and would “take some time into next year.” Well, what he really meant to say is that he might do “something” on “the rudiments” of repeal and replace by the end of the year, or maybe “the following year.” Stay tuned for, “we’ll hopefully do something on healthcare during my first term.” Or maybe the second.”

“Trump even pulled a DWIPO on Israel. Don’t worry, Trump promised during the campaign, we’ll pull out of Tel Aviv and relocate our embassy in Jerusalem. Now that it has dawned on him that pulling out of Tel Aviv would inflame the Middle East, kill any hope of a peace process, and that behind the scenes even the Israelis don’t want him to do it, he’s retreated to promising a “process.” “There’s [sic] no decisions. We’re at the very early stages of that decision process,” says Trump mouthpiece Sean Spicer.”

“Excellent! Process is progress! Thinking about stuff is good!”

The “Pee-wee”

“Pee-wee Herman had the perfect response to any insult, “I know you are, but what am I?”

“Here’s how it works. Whenever somebody exposes something horribly twisted about you, you turn it back on them. You pretend that they were actually saying is about themselves, not about you. It doesn’t matter if it makes no sense going the other way. Just do it. You will be rewarded.”

“The Pee-wee is perhaps the signature Trump lie, and the most effective. Time and again during the campaign, and now into his presidency, Trump has changed the narrative by accusing his accusers of his own transgressions.”

“During the campaign, when it became clear that Trump was barking mad, Hillary Clinton began to describe him with words like “unfit,” “erratic” and “unhinged.” Trump turned it right back on her, branding Hillary as “totally unhinged.” Never mind that, whatever reason you may have for hating Hillary, being “unhinged” isn’t one of them. She is, in fact, quite hinged. Perhaps excessively so.”

‘But Trump was still rewarded for this clever bit of dishonesty. As noted by Cokey Roberts, calling Hillary “totally unhinged” was code for, “Don’t elect a woman.” Since Hillary was also “very shrill,” a “nasty woman,” and “low energy,” she was not only afflicted with the disease of being female, but also suffering from the heartbreak of menopause.”“Trump Pee-weed on Hillary again, brilliantly, when he was caught on the Access Hollywood tape bragging about how he used his celebrity status to sexually assault women. “I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it, you can do anything . . .”

“Unable to deny his own sexual deviancy, and unable to claim that Hillary had sexually assaulted anybody, Trump nevertheless found a way turn it back on her. He accused Hillary of abusing and bullying women who had allegedly been mistreated by her husband decades ago. By accusing Hillary of “enabling” her husband’s alleged misconduct, he created a narrative that she was complicit in it.”

“Now here’s the beauty part. By turning the revelation of his own predatory sexual conduct into an attack on Hillary, Trump re-shaped the entire story. No longer was everybody talking exclusively about Trump’s deviant behavior. Rather, they were now comparing his sexual transgressions with Bill Clinton’s. Trump had turned a seemingly devastating story about his own sexual misconduct into a race to the bottom. And that’s one race Trump will always win.”

“Another signature example of Trump using the Pee-wee to his advantage is the “fake news” dustup. Say Donald found some preposterous piece of garbage on one of the fringe websites he cruises in the dark of night. He would simply pick up that garbage and place it right on America’s dinner table. All he had to do was retweet it, or blurt it out at a rally.”

“When the press accurately accused Donald of trafficking in “fake news,” Trump Pee-weed all over them. It wasn’t his malicious rumor mongering that was fake news. The real fake news was the meticulously reported, impeccably sourced, and carefully edited stories published by CNN, the New York Times, and the Washington Post. What kind of loser worries about corroboration or other archaic standards of journalistic integrity?’

“Once again, Trump had successfully manipulated the press. Rather than reporting something like, “Trump Spreads False Internet Rumors,” the headlines started to read more like, “Trump and Media Trade Accusations of Fake News.”

“You don’t need a think piece to define “fake news.” It means using the media to spread lies.”

“The “meaning of life” is slightly more complicated. Defining it probably requires the full 140 characters. I’ll tweet it out during my first term as a blogger. Or maybe my second. Follow me on Twitter at @PhilipRotner and wait for it.”

The “Kellyanne”

“If there’s one image of the Trump era that we all wish we could un-see, it’s Kellyanne Conway, her face frozen in a hideous fixed grin, literally lying through her teeth.”

“Kellyanne is a jack-of-all-lies, also known as “alt-facts,” but she is also a master of one. The technique that bears her name starts with denying, or at least ignoring, something Trump actually said, and pretending that he really said something else. Then you defend the “something else,” all the while taking great offense that the questioner had missed the point by focusing obsessively on Trump’s words.”

“Trump and his defenders employed the Kellyanne right out of the gate. On the very day he declared his candidacy, Trump accused Mexico of sending its “bad ones” to the United States. “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.”

“Trump and his surrogates then defended his statements about Mexico, drugs, crime and rape by ignoring the part about Mexico, drugs, crime and rape. What Trump was really doing was “calling our attention to the important issue of illegal immigration,” or something like that. Surrogates then praised Trump for having the “courage” to introduce this issue into the national conversation. How dare the press criticize Trump for this brave stance!”

“Never mind that Trump was making offensive, racist remarks about Mexicans, not making a high-minded appeal for a national policy debate. And never mind that, even if Trump had been simply raising a policy issue, doing so would have been neither novel nor courageous. The issue of immigration, of course, has been the subject of heated and prolonged national debate for as long as anybody can remember.”

“Trump did not invent the immigration issue, he exploited it.” 

The “Whopper”

“A “whopper” is generally understood to be a lie. Or an over-sized hamburger. But whether a hamburger or a lie, a Whopper has to be really big. Size matters. Especially, it seems, to Trump.”

“Trump’s hang-up about size (“I guarantee you there’s no problem!”) has shaped some of his best lies. That I can tell you.”

“He won the largest electoral vote victory since Ronald Reagan! Oh, wait a minute. Except for Bill Clinton. Twice. And George H. W. Bush. And Barack Obama. Twice.”

“Well, anyway, his electoral victory was really, really huge! So what if it ranks 46th out of 58 presidential elections in the United States. He did squeeze in somewhere between the lowest one-fourth and the lowest one-fifth. So there’s that.”

“He won the popular vote too, at least if you count it right. Don’t try to muddy the waters by pointing out that Hillary Clinton received almost three million more votes than Trump. That doesn’t count because there were untold millions of fraudulent votes cast in the election, all of them for Hillary.”

“He got the biggest crowd ever at his inauguration! Don’t believe the photographs on the Fake News networks showing that Trump’s crowd was a fraction of the size of the crowd at Obama’s inauguration in 2009. Believe Trump, not your lying eyes.”

“And what about Obama’s fake birth certificate? And the Sweden massacre (not to be confused with the Bowling Green massacre)? And the thousands of Muslims who were cheering in the streets of New Jersey as the towers fell on 9/11? And Hillary’s secret conspiracy to undermine America’s sovereignty? And Ted Cruz’s father palling around with Lee Harvey Oswald before the Kennedy assassination? And the money the crooked Clinton Foundation slid under the table right into Bill and Hillary’s pockets? And the media’s phony claim that Michael Flynn had discussed sanctions with the Russians? And “Civil Rights Champion” Jeff Sessions? And the open borders allowing masses of refugees into the United States without any screening at all?”

“The beauty of the Whopper is that it takes the truth off the table entirely. There is no truth. It’s all in the eye of the beholder. It doesn’t need an objective basis in fact. It is revealed by a purely subjective test. Whatever “many people believe” to be true is, by definition, true.”

“And Trump can make many people (his people, at least) believe almost anything just by saying it.”



  1. No one, will believe what the President or the United States says any longer. We are going to lose our integrity and moral standing. It will take us decades to regain our standing as the premier government in the world.

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    • Dear Roger Williams,

      We have become something to laugh at or to be pitied by peoples around the world. And of course their eyes are all watching this horror show because they can’t help but be mesmerized by this theater. Unfortunately, it is all too real.

      Hugs, Gronda


  2. Excellent analysis of lying techniques. It’s as if Republicans condone. And what about his flamboyant conflicts of interest? The Republicans could, but don’t intend to impeach a REP president – politicking that will take our country down further. All shameful.

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  3. Gronda, I would equate the man with the Wizard of Oz. Don’t pay any attention to the man behind the curtain. Believe me, not your own eyes. We have President who five biographers and a six author of his best selling book say he treats truth as a commodity. An attorney who worked for him says he lies about most everything on a daily basis. Those nasty fact checkers say he lied on the campaign about 70% lapping the field and is the biggest liar since 2007, when fact checking began in earnest. These same fact checkers say he is lying about 70% as President.

    Now, we have his press agent saying do not believe the non-partisan CBO when they score the cost of the proposed replacement plan for the ACA. Note this is akin to saying the referees are wrong before the game. The CBO usually gets criticism from each side when they reach a conclusion the party does not like. This means they do their job well. Why the fuss? They will come out and say how much the replacement plan will increase the debt because at its heart it is huge tax cut for wealthy, while they kick common folks (many Trump supporters per Kaiser) off their plans.

    Outside of the Wizard of Oz comment, the above is all true, but the man says only to believe him. The odds are in your favor to not do so. Keith

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    • Dear Keith,

      You are so right! The CBO numbers will not be a positive for the republicans’ replacement of Obamacare. The republicans will have a lot of explaining to do.Anyone who has any sense will give the CBO numbers more credibility than the republicans creative configurations.

      Ciao, Gronda


  4. At this point, Trump claiming that Obama’s Administration had ordered a FISA to wiretap Trump tower is purely speculative. What may have happened is that President Obama may have encouraged Attorney Lynch to conduct FISA-authorized electronic surveillance of the Russians during the presidential campaign because the White House suspected the electronic surveillance would pick up incidentally Donald Trump and his closest campaign associates.

    The key questions remain: (1.) Did Russia intervene in the U.S. 2016 presidential election? (2) If Russia did intervene, did Russia do so in collusion with Donald Trump? (3) What did President Obama know about the U.S. government electronic surveillance of Russia and when did he know it?

    Read further:

    My feeling, this is a media diversion to throw the spotlight off Republican problems and blame the previous administration for real issues like ACA, debt ceiling, immigration. This “wiretapping” will blow over like Hillary’s email scandal.


    • Dear IEarthUnited,

      I am convinced that Russia is guilty of attempting to interfere with our 2016 US elections. It is not yet proven that DT’s surrogates colluded with Russia towards this end but I am suspecting that if anything is proven it will involve at least Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and the General Mike Flynn. As for number three, I am speculating that if DT was wiretapped that your analysis is plausible! Otherwise, his being wiretapped is his paranoia working overtime. And if President Obama knows anything, it would drive DT crazy.

      Thanks for sharing your blog. Well done!

      Ciao, Gronda


  5. Several small points to consider, where is the proof that Mz. Trump is actually a legal citizen of this nation. Remember there is still the question of when she entered the country on a tourist visa but actually worked during the period and failed to mention that (allegedly) on her application for citizenship. Any false statement on that application would have caused the citizenship to be revoked for the normal person.

    On the matter of the wiretap allegation, it would stand to consider that it was not the tRump tower that was bugged, but the calls intercepted to the Russian spy came from the tower, so there was no need for a wiretap on him. With the number of his advisors that were involved it stands to reason that King tRump had direct contact with the Russians as well. I suspect at some point the truth will come out, the question really is will our GOPTP congress do its constitutional duty and act against him? My bet is they will not!

    It is sad but amusing that the average serf in the King tRump kingdom is unwilling to even listen to the facts that have been proven about him and consider any bad action he commits as fake news.
    IMO, this nation will fall due to the hate that King tRump and his crony’s have inflicted upon this nation.

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  6. Dear Crustyolemothman,

    Times are rough but it is my opinion that it is not time to give up hope. I am convinced that the US Senate Intelligence Committee gang of eight are in the process of conducting a serious investigation into DT’s ties to Russia; his surrogates’ contacts with Russian operatives and his conflicts of interest issues.

    On Monday, this group of eight has specifically asked for proof of anything that could be related to what DT is talking about regarding his being wiretapped at Trump Towers,,to be produced.This should be interesting.

    For now, Mrs. Trump looks miserable enough. I’m for leaving her alone.

    Ciao, Gronda


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