aside Breaking News: WH Is Not Cooperating With U.S. Oversight Committee (Mike Flynn)

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Cummings/ Chaffetz

On 4/25/17, both the republican chair Jason Chafftez from Utah and the democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings from Georgia held a press conference to announce that the White House is refusing to cooperate with their investigation into the president’s former National Security Adviser ret. Lt. General Mike Flynn. The U.S, House Intelligence Committee members were requesting documents regarding what information the general disclosed as he was being vetted for this top post but the White House has refused to comply.

As per the 4/25/17 NCRM report by David Badash, “You Simply Cannot Take Money From Russia, Turkey, or Anybody Else’ Chaffetz Says

“House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz and Ranking Member Elijah Cummings say it appears former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn took payments from Russia and Turkey and did not follow the law by asking for and receiving permission to do so. Chairman Chaffetz says if Flynn broke the law the federal government must take action, including taking that money back.”

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As per 3/10/17 Business Insider report by Natasha Bertrand, “Rep. Elijah Cummings, the ranking member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, sent Pence a letter on November 18 requesting more information about the potential conflicts of interest posed by Flynn’s lobbying work.

“Cummings sent the letter four days after both The Daily Caller and Politico reported that Flynn’s consulting firm, Flynn Intel Group Inc., had been hired to lobby for Turkish interests.”

Image result for images of elijah cummings“Recent news reports have revealed that Lt. Gen. Flynn was receiving classified briefings during the presidential campaign while his consulting firm, Flynn Intel Group, Inc., was being paid to lobby the U.S. Government on behalf of a foreign government’s interests,” Cummings wrote.”

“Lt. Gen. Flynn’s General Counsel and Principal, Robert Kelley, confirmed that they were hired by a foreign company to lobby for Turkish interests, stating: ‘They want to keep posted on what we all want to be informed of: the present situation, the transition between President Obama and President-Elect Trump.’ When asked whether the firm had been hired because of Lt. Gen. Flynn’s close ties to President-elect Trump, Mr. Kelley responded, ‘I hope so.'”

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Flynn is to the left of Putin

“Rep. Cummings told Business Insider through his office that he believes “the problems that have occurred with Lt. General Flynn” could have been avoided had Pence heeded his warnings.”

This blog updated 4/25/17.


  1. Fake news! Did you ever get tired of talking to people and regardless of what they are told, or shown they can only respond with the words fake news! If tRump were to send a tweet to his supporters that they needed to buy dry dog food to feed their kids, the big box stores would be over run with people standing in line to buy dog food! The goal of brainwashing the population to the point they did not even trust their own eyes or ears has been successful beyond belief. Yes, IMO it is a coverup being undertaken by the tRump administration, but could we expect any less? Before the average person on the street will actually believe that he is doing or has done so much damage to this country, it will take a major event! I have no real doubt that the tRump, Pence and the majority of the members of the administration were aware of the Flynn problem from day one, however in the tRumps world, no one dare question his yuge wisdom or wonderful knowledge, for he could walk on water if he wanted, too bad his supporters don’t realize that would only happen if the water was frozen…

    • Dear Crustyolemothman,

      Yes, DDT was well aware of Gen. Flynn’s ties to Russia but he didn’t care. They were close confidents. VP Pence was the WH team member who was in charge of vetting everyone on the president’s team.

      I am personally convinced that Gen. Flynn has been ALREADY been turned against DDT by the FBI.

      We expected the cover up. It is a good sign because that means there is something worth covering up.

      Ciao, Gronda

  2. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    Never before, even during Watergate, even during Iran-contra, has there been as much blatant disregard for the law, as much blatant conflict-of-interest, as in the current administration. Blogger-friend Gronda has done an excellent job in recapping the latest in a long series of conflicts and ethics violations in the Trump administration. Please take a few minutes to read this synopsis, as I believe this has the potential to turn into a scandal of epic proportions in the coming days. Thank you, Gronda, for your excellent work and for permission to share!

    • Dear Jill,

      I wonder if DDT has an inkling as to how unpopular he is and if he has any plans as to what to do when this scandal is fully exposed.

      AS usual, thanks a million times over for all of your support and for this reblog.

      Hugs, Gronda

      • I suspect he has no inkling at all just how unpopular he is. First of all, he is such a narcissist that I think he truly believes most everybody thinks he is great. Second, I suspect his advisors are afraid to tell him just how much he is hated by the majority, so they allow him to focus on only those who are still strongly in support of him.

        My fear is that the investigations may be interfered with to such an extent that they either result in false conclusions, or simply … poof … disappear into thin air. I know that doesn’t seem possible at this point, and I hope it isn’t, but I keep reading little things that disturb me. Things like DDT saying it’s not too late for him to fire James Comey, another person on the investigation resigning mysteriously (sorry, cannot remember her name), and collectively I wonder if DDT is trying to throw all investigations into such chaos that they lose their integrity.


  3. Another excellent job, Gronda! I read of this earlier today and my jaw just dropped. DDT still believes he is all-powerful and his ‘say-so’ automatically becomes law! I suspect this one is going to blow up in some people’s faces. My mind simply cannot keep up with all the potential scandals and violations of law this administration has created in such a short time!

    • Dear Jill,

      This will definitely bite the president back. I am personally convinced that the FBI has already turned General Flynn to be a witness for the government. This means the FBI has the data that the US Congress is requesting. It only buys DDT time if DDT continues to stall by not cooperating.

      Hugs, Gronda

      • I think you are right, and the FBI already has most of what they need. To me, the lack of cooperation from the White House throws up a red flag in much the same way that DDT’s refusal to release his tax returns does. If there is nothing to hide, then it would be smarter to be more transparent and cooperative. That they are not, indicates that there is some very damning information being withheld. Sigh.


  4. Sardonic humour warning:
    “Aww c’mon you guys! It usually takes two years of journalistic investigation, or someone’s biography for this sort of stuff to come out!! You’re an embarrassment to the Art of Cover-Up! (I can’t abide shoddy workmanship at this level Shady Dealings!)”

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