aside President Trump’s Russian Saga Reach Involves The Netherlands

It looks like the Dutch are even involved in the republican Donald Trump’s convoluted business ties and connections with Russia.

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On May 2, 2017, the Dutch News Outlet, Zembla published the following report, “TRUMP BUSINESS PARTNER ACCUSED OF INVOLVEMENT IN DUTCH-BASED MONEY LAUNDERING SCHEME.

Compiled by: Sander Rietveld
Research: Annette Schätzle
Final editing: Manon Blaas


Dutch letter box companies implicated in million-dollar fraud

The American real estate development company Bayrock, through which Donald Trump constructed hotels and apartment complexes, used Dutch letter box companies in a network suspected of being involved in money laundering. A ZEMBLA investigation suggests that Bayrock siphoned off $1.5 million dollars by setting up a corporate structure in the Netherlands in 2007. In New York, Bayrock also stands accused of large-scale tax fraud. This incriminating information could place Donald Trump in an extremely difficult position, claims attorney F. Oberlander, who is prosecuting Bayrock on behalf of the State of New York: “The maximum jail term would be 30 years. So you’re in really serious trouble.”

Image result for photos of trump with Felix SaterIn 2005, Donald Trump became 18% owner of an hotel-condominium known as Trump SoHo. Bayrock, the other owner, is accused of perpetrating fraud on a grand scale through, among other things, Trump SoHo. According to US law, this means that Trump is jointly liable for Bayrock’s criminal activities. Oberlander concludes:
“Anybody running a business through a pattern of crime is guilty of racketeering. Anybody knowing what they’re doing and are helping is guilty of racketeering conspiracy. They go to jail.”

“All Bayrock wants is to make clear to ZEMBLA that the Dutch corporate construction was established on the advice of an external legal counsel. ZEMBLA discovers that the firm in question is Bracewell & Giuliani. Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York, and part owner of the law firm at the time, is also a Trump confidante. ZEMBLA has access to correspondence between the law firm and the Dutch director of a trust company in Amsterdam, which leaves no doubt as to the ultimate beneficiary owners of the Dutch business construction: the director of Bayrock and the Khrapunov family from Kazakhstan.”

Image result for photo of trump soho
Trump Soho

“Viktor Khrapunov is a fugitive ex-mayor and governor from Kazakhstan. The Kazakhstan government accuses Khrapunov of embezzling hundreds of millions of state assets. In 2007, Bayrock and the Khrapunov family founded the Dutch joint venture KazBay B.V. ZEMBLA has copies of the act of incorporation, bank statements and internal communications showing how the suspected money laundering scheme was set up. “It was designed to get millions of dollars out of New York into Europe. Through KazBay. KazBay was just a conduit”, asserts attorney Oberlander.”

“The Dutch director of KazBay B.V. tells ZEMBLA that he has no knowledge of his clients’ dubious backgrounds. In 2007, the year that the Dutch letter box companies were established, Viktor Khrapunov’s alleged criminal dealings become public knowledge. Around the same time, it also becomes clear that Felix Sater, one of the Bayrock owners, has concealed his criminal past and mafia connections.”

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“For years, the Dutch Central Bank has been concerned that Dutch trust companies are failing to comply with legislation. Over half of the companies investigated by the Dutch Central Bank are in breach of the regulations, such as subjecting their clients to rigorous screening. Investigations performed by the supervisory body reveal that hundreds of politicians from Russia and Kazakhstan make use of Dutch trust companies. Frank Elderson, director of the Dutch Central Bank: “There are no legal stipulations forcing you to do business with a former political hot-shot from Russia or any other high risk nation.”

“Six months ago, the Financial Times reported that, in 2013, the Khrapunov family had bought three apartments in Trump SoHo to the tune of 3.1 million dollars. A sale from which Trump benefitted as joint owner. The White House, the Trump Organization and Viktor Khrapunov decline to answer ZEMBLA’s questions. In the episode ‘The Dubious Friends of Donald Trump: Part 1 – the Russians’, ZEMBLA explores the possible implications of these shady business dealings for the United States’ 45th president.”


  1. Gronda, Newsweek cited in its extensive articles the lack of due diligence our President does as a business person around the globe. He has dealt with numerous folks who have issues, both criminally and ethically, in their home countries. There is so much more. Keith

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    • Keith, Is it lack of due diligence on the part of tRump that has allowed him to be bogged down in the mud of corruption or is it willful negligence and thirst for power and money that has compelled him to take the road he has traveled?

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      • I fully recognize his lack of doing homework and attention to detail are not his biggest character flaws. His inability to consistently tell the truth, his history of taking advantage of people and his egomaniacal bent are much worse.

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  2. Dear Keith,

    He simply feels more comfortable with these guys. I can’t see him dealing with a lot of Warren Buffets. When the history books are written about this guy, it will not be to this country’s credit.

    Ciao, Gronda


  3. Sometimes in the UK we just have to fall back on the understatement, in this case……”Extraordinary”.

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    • Dear Roger,

      That would be an understatement. The USA is being run by a bunch of Nigel Farage types with a couple of sane adults who have to figure out how to manage this circus.

      Ciao, Gronda

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  4. Just when we thought the web could not get any more tangled! Where does this all end? I suspect we will never see the entire schematic, but I hope that enough is soon discovered to remove this terrible ‘man’ from office before he destroys more of our lives. Many hugs, my friend!

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