aside Will The Real Hillary Clinton, Please Stand Up, Part VIII (1975 Rape Case)

This is a repeat of an earlier work. Hillary Clinton is attempting to reemerge back into the fray. I want to challenge the right’s “fake news” campaign against her for over 30 years.


Dear Millennials, Hillary Rodham Clinton was part of the feminist movement in the 1970’s when there was a lot of resistance to women pursuing careers previously considered to be the domain of White men. The number of women in law schools, medical schools, military academies, U.S. and state legislative bodies, board rooms, TV anchor people, men only universities, etc. were negligible. Today, in 2016 times have improved for young women to be able to reach their fullest potential. Even though, currently there are still obstacles, it is nothing like it was in the 1970s. It is important for the young people of current times to remember the  battles, these women fought, because these times partly explain why there are right wing groups which have pursued Hillary Clinton with a 40 year campaign of disinformation designed to discredit her, who was an icon of this movement.

A writer that I follow, Keith Wilson of “Musings of an Old Fart” blog has penned the following description of Hillary Clinton which fits  her, ” We have one candidate who has spent a lifetime of service helping people, getting high marks for the jobs she did, but who has made mistakes and is too zealous in protecting her image.” While she is a typical politician. please don’t judge her through the prism of the conservative right which paints her as being a congenital liar who should be in prison.


There was an occurrence in 1975 by which Hillary Rodham Clinton was ordered by a judge to represent an individual against a rape charge. In later years, the conservative republicans in their campaign of disinformation against her would allege that she volunteered to defend a child rapist, where she accused the 12-year-old victim of fantasizing about older men, and  that she knew he was guilty but got the charges dropped and then laughed about it?

ILana Nathans of  investigates the republican widely disseminated  myth about Hillary Rodham Clinton’s handling of a 1975 Rape Case. Here are excerpts from her 6/17/16 report:


“In 1975, Hillary Clinton — then known as Hillary Rodham — taught at the University of Arkansas School of Law, where she founded the University of Arkansas School Legal Aid Clinic. It was during this time that she defended Thomas Alfred Taylor, a 41-year-old man accused of raping a 12-year-old girl.”

Hillary Rodham was only female out of 27 in her Yale Law School graduating class
Hillary Rodham was only female out of 27 in her Yale Law School graduating class

“In her book “Living History,” Clinton recalls that Mahlon Gibson, a Washington County prosecutor, told her that the accused rapist “wanted a woman lawyer” to defend him, and that Gibson had recommended Clinton to Judge Maupin Cummings. “I told Mahlon I really didn’t feel comfortable taking on such a client, but Mahlon gently reminded me that I couldn’t very well refuse the judge’s request.”

CNN, June 25, 2014: “Gibson said Clinton called him shortly after the judge assigned her to the case and said, “I don’t want to represent this guy. I just can’t stand this. I don’t want to get involved. Can you get me off?”

“I told her, ‘Well contact the judge and see what he says about it,’ but I also said don’t jump on him and make him mad,” Gibson said. “She contacted the judge and the judge didn’t remove her and she stayed on the case.”

clinton-time-mag-younger-pix-1101920914_400In a separate 2014 interview, Clinton said she had an “obligation” to represent Taylor. “I had a professional duty to represent my client to the best of my ability, which I did,” she said.”

“In her book, Clinton writes that she visited Taylor in the county jail and he “denied the charges against him and insisted that the girl, a distant relative, had made up her story.” Clinton filed a motion to order the 12-year-old girl to get a psychiatric examination. “I have been informed that the complainant is emotionally unstable with a tendency to seek out older men and engage in fantasizing … (and) that she has in the past made false accusations about persons, claiming they had attacked her body,” according to an affidavit filed by Clinton in support of her motion.”

“Clinton also cited an expert in child psychology who said that “children in early adolescence tend to exaggerate or romanticize sexual experiences and that adolescents with disorganized families, such as the complainant’s, are even more prone to such behavior,” Clinton wrote in her affidavit.”

“Ultimately, expert testimony from a scientist “cast doubt on the evidentiary value of the blood and semen the prosecutor claimed proved the defendant’s guilt in the rape,” Clinton writes in her book. Clinton negotiated a plea deal and Taylor was charged with “Unlawful Fondling of a Child Under the Age of Fourteen” and was sentenced to one year in a county jail and four years of probation, according to a final judgment signed by Cummings.” 

clinton-20-year-old-ap_96012602066-e7b3eb25daf902b7e1c255b84a9e8718a0e80cc3-s900-c85“In 2014, the Washington Free Beacon published the audio of an interview that Arkansas reporter Roy Reed conducted with Clinton in the 1980s. In the interview, Clinton recalls some unusual details of the rape case, and she can be heard laughing in three instances, beginning with a joke she makes about the accuracy of polygraphs.”

Clinton: “So I got an order to see the evidence and the prosecutor didn’t want me to see the evidence. I had to go to Maupin Cummings and convince Maupin that yes indeed I had a right to see the evidence [laughs] before it was presented.”

“Clinton then said that the evidence she obtained was a pair of the accused’s underwear with a hole in it. Clinton told Reed that investigators had cut out a piece of the underwear and sent the sample to a crime lab to be tested, and the only evidence that remained was the underwear with a hole in it.”

clinton-early-yrs-160510173355-hillary-rodham-clinton-1985-super-169“Clinton took the remaining evidence to a forensic expert in Brooklyn, NY, and the expert told her that the material on the underwear wasn’t enough to test. “He said, you know, ‘You can’t prove anything,’” Clinton recalled the expert telling her.”

Clinton: I wrote all that stuff and I handed it to Mahlon Gibson, and I said, “Well this guy’s ready to come up from NY to prevent this miscarriage of justice.” (laughs)

The republican talking points claim that Clinton volunteered for the case and the accused rapist was found not guilty which of course, is not true.

Hillary Rodham Clinton did not volunteer but was obligated by the judge to take this case. He was charged with a lesser offense and he did do jail time. She did laugh during interviews as detailed above, but not as has been described by her opponents.


  1. Yes Hillary did nothing wrong, indeed she was an excellent defense attorney. What really hurt her was that she got a sleazy rapist off:

    “At another point, Clinton says of the accused man, “I had him take a polygraph, which he passed — which forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs.” She and the reporter laugh.

    And she laughs when she recalls telling the prosecution that she was prepared to bring in a top expert witness to testify “to prevent this miscarriage of justice.” The reporter laughs as well.”

    It’s clear that HRC was not laughing at the victim, but she could have shown more compassion and empathy while recalling this case. I’m surmising that she doesn’t endear herself to the public with her flippant attitude:


    • Dear IEarthUnited,

      That would be one of her flaws. She is not a natural politician and comes off as a cold tactician. What I learned in doing research is that those who worked closely with her or who were personally close to her, describe her as being a very different person from her public persona.

      The reason I have mercy on her is that everything she has done has been subject to microscopic inspection, exaggeration etc. There are few of us who could survive this level of scrutiny, unblemished.

      This does not mean that she does not make mistakes and/ or that she is qualified for sainthood.

      Hugs, Gronda

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  2. Sadly she’s not a natural politician, HRC is very talented and has much to offer. You are right that she’s a polarizing figure and ppl either love or hate her intensely. As wonderful as some describe her personal life, there’s just as many who says she has a horrible temper and loses control… not exactly presidential material when one becomes leader of the free world with finger on the button.

    Here’s an account from an ex-secret service agent who’s served with the Clintons for 2 terms:

    That being said I feel she’s still better than Trump, wish we had better candidates but it is what it is.


    • Dear 1EarthUnited,

      Incidentally, the rapist dis serve time in jail and he did plead guilty.

      Thanks for the reference. And if I give her the benefit of the doubt, it is because few of us could survive unblemished with the intense scrutiny she has had to endure.

      I COULDN’T SURVIVE IT. if someone had a video of me during one of my Italian hissy fits, i’D PROBABLY BE LOCKED UP SOMEWHERE.

      Think about yourself on a bad day, and then how would you like it if that was made public in order to paint you in a bad light?

      All I am saying is that a lot (not all) stories about her have been slanted towards making her into a character to be hated and to be demonized. Many who exhibit a vitriol hatred towards her actually know little about her.

      Hugs, Gronda


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