aside If The Firing Of Director Comey Was Because Of The Russian Inquiry, Why Was Sessions Involved?

On the evening of 5/11/17, I was watching the beginning portion of the MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell TV Show where Rachel Maddow was detailing how she had contacted the offices of the US attorney General Jeff Sessions to ask whether he still intended to continue to recuse himself from the DOJ’s office’s inquiries regarding the Trump/ Russia saga? Ms. Maddow said that no matter how she asked this question, she could not get a direct yes or no answer.

I think I have figured out why the staff of the US attorney general offices were so evasive.

Here is the rest of the story…

As of sometime on 5/11/17, the White House’s talking points were still along the lines, that the president was forced to act in response to a critical memo about the FBI Director Comey, penned by the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and the recommendation to fire the FBI director by the US Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

But when Mr. Rosenstein threatened to quit because he was distressed to find out that he was being tagged as the villain who had the FBI director fired, the White House’s story line changed to, the president is the one who decided on Monday 5/8/17 to dismiss Director Comey. He just ordered Mr. Sessions and Mr. Rosenstein to provide written documentation supporting his firing of Mr. Comey.

Mostly democrats and a few republicans have criticized the timing of Director Comey’s firing, because of the ongoing Trump/ Russian investigation. But the president’s administration officials said the decision had nothing to do with Russia.

But wait, that narrative has been rewritten. The most current explanation by the president regarding his firing of the FBI Director James Comey on 5/9/17 goes something like this, the FBI’s Russian investigation was taking way too long to where it was time to cut it short.

The follow up question is then, why didn’t the US Attorney General Jeff Sessions recuse himself from the decision making process having to do with the firing of the FBI director?

Remember that the current Attorney General Jeff Sessions had publicly decided to recuse himself from investigations having anything to do with the DOJ’s probe into Russia’s intervening in US politics when it became known that he did not come clean about his meetings with Russian officials while he was a part of the president’s campaign team during his confirmation hearings.

So, it looks like the US Attorney General Sessions has reneged on his commitment to the American peoples to recuse himself from having anything to do with the DOJ’s probe into the Trump/ Russia saga.


  1. Nobody as ever explained to me how Jeff Sessions got his current job after lying about his meetings with Russians. Didn’t the Senators at the confirmation hearings decide lying was suspicious specially with the questions being asked about Russian involvement in the U.S. elections?
    Hugs Gronda

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  2. If I remember correctly in the letter submitted by Mr.Rosenstein, he was very careful not to mention anything to do with Russia. Because the moment he mentions Russian, AG Sessions can’t be involved. The main reason for firing Comey, what they want the public to believe, is the mishandling of Clinton’s email investigation. If you notice something curious has happened during the last two days. Where is Sean Spicer? Trump believes Mr. Spicer has not been strong enough in pushing his illegal surveillance claims. So, President Trump might also now believe Mr. Spicer is not strong enough to handle his claims for firing Director Comey.

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    • Dear Spyvsspy123,

      You are right on about the original letter. It was designed to avoid the Trump/ Russian saga. This is the excuse that the Attorney General Jeff Sessions used to be a party to this decision making about firing the FBI director.

      But his boss, the president threw Jeff Sessions under the bus along with VP Pence.

      The story line on Sean Soicer is that he is out doing his military reserve required service. I have no way of knowing if this is true. But I bet he is thrilled that he missed this past week at work.

      Ciao, Gronda

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    • Dear Kim,

      Let’s see what happens. The US senators and congressmen are on recess and are back home. This issue about the Trump/ Russia investigations cuts across party lines. These legislators will be getting an earful wherever they go including by their typical supporters.

      But Jeff Sessions should face ethic violation charges.

      Hugs, Gronda

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