aside Erdogan’s Security Guards Started Attack On Peaceful Protesters Outside Of US Turkish Embassy

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Here is the latest update by the New York Times about how the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan acted after his visit with the US president at the White House around May 20, 2017, where upon he then returned to the Washington DC Turkish Embassy, where he had his security guard personnel attack peaceful protesters in the area.

On May 26, 2017, Malachi Browne, Troy Griggs, Chris Cirillo and Natalie Reneau of the New York Times penned the following report, “.Did the Turkish President’s Security Detail Attack Protesters in Washington? What the Video Shows.”

(The Arrows are pointed at men who did the following acts:)

 Men in Dark Suits

Rushed, punched protesters

Rushed, punched protesters

Kicked, punched protesters

Kicked man in head

Choked, slammed woman

Punched and kicked man

Punched a protester

Punched, kicked a protester

Punched, kicked two protesters

Kicked man on ground

“The New York Times reviewed videos and photos to track the actions of 24 men, including armed members of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s security detail, who attacked protesters in Washington last week (5/20/17). Many of the protesters were American citizens.”

“The men kicked people lying on the ground and put a woman in a chokehold just a mile from the White House. They outnumbered the protesters nearly two to one.”

“The State Department has condemned the episode, and some American lawmakers have called for the men to be prosecuted. But none have been charged with a crime. Here’s what video of the main actors shows about the identities of the men and the roles they played in the clash.”

“Ten of the men who attacked protesters appear to be part of a formal security detail. They dressed in dark suits, and they wore in-ear radio receivers, Turkish breast pins and lanyards with identification cards. At least four of the men carried guns.”

“Two of these men charged protesters and appeared to start the main part of the fight.”

“We used five camera angles to track the movements of these two men throughout the melee. One man’s identity card show(ed) Turkish and American flags and Turkey’s presidential seal, suggesting he is a member of the delegation visiting the United States.”

Image result for photos of brawl outside turkish embassy“Another guard choked Ceren Borazan, 26, a protester, and slammed her to the ground. “He was saying ‘You are dead,’ ” Ms. Borazan told The Times in an interview. “I felt so awful. As a woman, as an American, as a Kurd. Right now I don’t even feel safe here.”

“The identities of these men are unclear. But Turkey’s state-owned news wire, Anadolu Agency, which filmed the violence, reported that “the president’s security detail and Turkish police” were involved in the fight.”

“A representative at the Turkish Embassy in Washington declined to comment on the people involved in the violence. In a statement last week, the embassy said that the protesters caused the violence by “aggressively provoking” Turkish-American citizens who had gathered to greet the president and had responded in self-defense.”

“Six men who attacked protesters wore outfits resembling a summer uniform worn by Turkish guards – khaki pants, black T-shirts and green or brown shirts. Three men charged at protesters. One man knocked two women to the ground, and another man repeatedly punched Lucy Usoyan, a protester, as she lay on the ground. The third man kicked Mr. Yasa after he was thrown to the ground moments earlier.”

“Some of the attackers identified themselves as supporters of Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who were visiting Washington to meet him. Most dressed casually and did not appear to be armed, and their connection with the Turkish security detail, if any, is not known.”

“But they played a central role in the fighting. Two of these men, Alpkenan Dereci and Sinan Narin, were involved at the very beginning, when they pushed and punched protesters they met in the street.”

“Mr. Dereci, who was wearing a yellow T-shirt in a video, joined the skirmish, repeatedly punching a man. A protester then struck him with a bullhorn, leaving a gash on his face.”

Related image“Mr. Narin, who owns a property in Virginia, said protesters ripped his shirt and threw bottles at him. “The fight started with me,” Mr. Narin wrote in Turkish on Facebook.”

“After the fight grew, Mr. Narin followed security guards and repeatedly kicked one protester, Ms. Usoyan, on the ground. A Washington officer then escorted him back across the street.”

Image result for photos of brawl outside turkish embassy“In an interview, Mr. Narin acknowledged kicking the woman on the ground. “I wasn’t paying attention,” he said. “I thought it was a man. I would never kick a woman.”

“He said he was trying to defend himself. The protesters were “terrorists,” he said, who started the fight by punching and spitting on him when he tried to get them to “calm down.”

“The second man, Alpkenan Dereci, traveled to Washington from Toronto with his cousin Ahmet C. Dereci, according to a report on TRT, the Turkish state broadcaster. A video shows the man identified as Ahmet dressed in a purple T-shirt, punching and kicking a protester when the second attack broke out.”

Image result for photos of brawl outside turkish embassy“A third man, Eyup Yildirim, is seen on video telling police he is a cousin of Alpkenan Dereci. “I’m an American citizen and a taxpayer,” he said. He repeatedly kicked Ms. Usoyan, 34, as she lay on the ground. According to New Jersey records, Mr. Yildirim is 50 and manages three companies.”

“In an interview, Ms. Usoyan said that she had sustained a concussion, and that a doctor had authorized six weeks off from work for recovery. “I’m glad I’m alive,” she said.”

The President’s Entourage

Head of Security

Kicked, punched protesters

Took instructions

“Turkey’s president, Mr. Erdogan, watched the brawl from a black Mercedes-Benz sedan parked nearby, at the Turkish ambassador’s residence. But video of his entourage shows that at least one member of the security detail positioned next to him rushed into the fight and started kicking and punching protesters.”

“While sitting in the car, Mr. Erdogan conferred with Muhsin Kose, his head of security, who leaned into the car’s rear door. After speaking with Mr. Erdogan, Mr. Kose talked into his earpiece, and three security personnel who were guarding the president’s car hurried toward the protest.”

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Turkish President watching brawl

“The brawl began moments later, and one of these men, a heavy-set bald man, appeared on video punching and kicking people.”

“Mr. Kose talked to Mr. Erdogan throughout the brawl. Two of Mr. Kose’s colleagues met on the lawn as the brawl ended and return to the car, and then Mr. Erdogan left his car and entered the ambassador’s residence.”
“Several minutes elapsed between the earlier scuffle on the street and Mr. Erdogan’s arrival, during which the police separated the groups and Turkish security personnel remained behind police lines. A few seconds A few seconds after Mr. Kose spoke into his earpiece, the men charged.”

“Ten bodyguards, they just crossed the street,” said one of the protesters, Ceren Borazan.