aside Senator Kamala Harris Appears To Make The Old Boys’ Network In The Senate, Nervous

Image result for photos of kamala harris during hearingsThere is not a woman alive who has ever held any executive type position who has not experienced this phenomenon of being interrupted, talked over by male co-workers while she was simply doing her job. There are literally hundreds of published articles out there in the real world, advising women how to navigate successfully under these set of circumstances.

There have been credible studies which validate this assertion. For example the Harvard Business Review has published empirical data in its review dated 4/11/17, demonstrating that the Supreme Court female Justices are interrupted by their male counterparts at a rate of 3 times greater than their male colleagues.

Image result for photos of kamala harris during hearingsMost women who have been watching the US Senate Intel Committee hearings within the first half of 2017, have noticed the former prosecutor, former attorney general and freshman Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), as she performs her expected role in a professional manner, by asking legitimate questions of the person testifying before her, being interrupted and talked over by her male counterparts whenever it is her turn to do her job.

Having been on this planet for almost 70 years, I would NOT have expected to observe this not so subtle bullying behavior on full display as what I have observed from her senate male counterparts as when one of their own pounces on Senator Harris, at each and every time. she has been up at the batting mound.

Image result for photos of kamala harris during hearingsThis mistreatment of Senator Harris helps to inform my opinion, that this is just one more detail proving that the US Senate Intel Committee republican members are not conducting a serious, non partisan investigation regarding the Trump-Russia saga. While she asked hard driving questions in a professional and reasonable manner from subjects who were being evasive, her republican colleagues looked like weenies in comparison. Another clue that these republican senators are just going through the motions is that they have not subpoenaed the president’s IRS tax forms which is what any well managed inquiry would have ordered at the start.

“We the people” will just have to keep pushing for a 9/11 type of independent investigative body to guarantee that whatever the truth is regarding this Trump Russian probe, will be uncovered and made public.

Here is the rest of the story…

On June 15, 2017 Roxanne Jones of CNN Opinion “Kamala Harris is every woman who stands up to speak.”


“Washington may be a tough town where the big boys roam free, but apparently, freshman Sen. Kamala Devi Harris makes these career politicians nervous.”

“Educated, experienced and ready to rumble, the senator from California will not be silenced, especially when it comes to getting at the truth in the Russian investigation hanging over Donald Trump’s administration, though that is exactly what her male colleagues want to do: silence her.”
Related image“Again and again during the Senate intelligence committee hearings into Russian interference in the 2016 elections, Harris, who is of black and Indian descent, has been reprimanded by her all-white male colleagues for simply doing her job: asking direct questions and expecting direct answers in return. “
“By her colleagues and by pundits, she’s been called too tough, too rude, even hysterical by one former Trump campaign adviser. The only senator to be cut off for asking tough questions in these hearings has been Harris, once last week while questioning Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and then again Tuesday when Attorney General Jeff Sessions was testifying.”
Image result for photos of kamala harris with her colleagues
“This reaction to Harris is a double standard. An ugly intimidation tactic applied to working women that should not be tolerated. Not today. Because let’s be clear, what really appears to rankle these men is Harris’ courage, her confidence in her own skin. She is a woman of color who is not afraid to challenge the status quo. It’s for the good of the nation that she refuses to be silent.”
“Harris’ questions, though persistent, have never crossed the line of being rude or disrespectful. She doesn’t raise her voice or throw around accusations or insults.
Not a peep of reproach was heard from men on the committee as her colleague and fellow Democrat, Sen. Ron Wyden, accused Sessions of “stonewalling.” Other senators also got into tense exchanges.”
Image result for cartoons of kamala harris“Senators, this is unacceptable.”
‘Something tells me that Harris, who served two terms as San Francisco’s first female district attorney and then was the first woman elected as California attorney general, has been through this before, maybe her entire career.”
“I know that I certainly have, and frankly it’s gotten a little boring. This old “boys club” strategy is familiar: the blatant disrespect and machismo that singles out women, especially intelligent women of color, who insist on being a part of the conversation.”Image result for photos of kamala harris during hearings
“Kamala Harris is every working woman who has ever earned a position of power and has not been afraid to use it. She is an inspiration. The way she approaches her career reminds us women that we need not carry the weight of men who have not learned to see us as equals. We cannot allow them to hold us back, or silence us into self-doubt.”
“For me, Harris represents every woman who’s ever decided to stand up and be heard, no matter how large or small our platform. She is Sen. Maxine Waters and Michelle Obama. She is Arianna Huffington and Hillary Clinton. She is me. And she is you.”
“Many Americans watching the Senate hearings this week related to Harris’ frustrations as Sessions continuously refused to give direct answers. She, like others on the committee, were weary of Sessions’ repeated non-answers of “I don’t recall,” or, “I don’t remember.” Harris wanted a “yes” or “no” answer.”
Image result for PHOTOS OF MCCAIN AT HEARINGS“Seemingly, less concerned with getting a firm answer than they were with rescuing Sessions, Sens. John McCain (who isn’t even on the Senate intelligence committee) and Richard Burr, committee chairman, cut off Harris’ questioning.”
“Russia interfering with a US election can’t be tolerated.”
“The possibility that political operatives may have colluded with a foreign government, in any way, must be investigated.”
Image result for cartoons of kamala harris“And, any possibility that the President of the United States or any of his operatives tried to obstruct justice must be investigated to the fullest extent of the law, no matter how many tough questions it takes to get to the truth.”
“Americans want answers. We want to believe the truth still matters in politics. Kamala Harris is a refreshing, truth-seeking voice.”
“So senators, step aside, stop interrupting and let the woman do her job.”
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 Feb 22, 2017


  1. Gronda, although many have, we should never forget that when Senator Ted Cruz, one of the least liked members of all of Congress, shut down the government in October 2013 and we came within 24 hours of defaulting on our debts, ten female senators called an “out of the pool” and resolved the impasse. Cruz later bragged on this, but we had foreign debt holders begging us not to do this. What his voters failed to realize is Cruz could not solve the problems in DC because he represents the problem.

    Sessions evaded questions and now evidence is out that he may have perjured himself (again). I think the senator needs an answer to her question. And, if she does not get it, she should lean in. Keith

    • Dear Keith,

      She is what a serious investigator looks and sounds like. She makes the republican senators look like weenies in comparison. The other red flag that tells me these republican senators on the intel committee are not serious is that they have not subpoenaed DDT’s IRS tax returns.

      I am confident that Mr. Mueller will order them if he hasn’t done it already. But because he runs a tight ship where leaking is non-existent, we will not hear about it.

      Hugs, Gronda

      • Agreed. I think DT knows it won’t take much digging to find out something is amiss. That is why his folks are fighting so hard to discredit Mueller.

  2. What a shame there isn’t a gentleman amongst the lot of them to stand up and remind the others ‘You don’t interrupt a lady.’
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    • Dear David Prosser,

      That has troubled me as well. You’d think that at least one of her democratic male colleagues would step in for an assist. This lack of manners is getting a lot of notice AND THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. But there is also something called professional courtesy which was not extended to her.
      Hugs, GRONDA

  3. Dear Mz. Gronda,
    Once again I am going off topic, I truly hope you will forgive me…
    After reading the latest nonsense from tRump this morning, I have spent most of the day on the dark side of the web, reading other peoples opinions, alleged facts and some pretty far out words! IMO, this is what will happen soon, I predict the evening of June 30th, Rosenstein will recluse himself and turn the reins over to Rachel Brand. This is not good, and I think that the next action that will happen (almost immediately) she will announce that there is not enough evidence to continue the investigation and dismiss Mueller. This has to happen on a long weekend when most of the citizens are very distracted and will not even realize what has happened for several days. The GOPTP congress will make a thinly veiled protest and then stop their own investigations and more of less tell the Democrats to go pound sand. I hope this is wrong, but fear that I am not! One point I could be wrong about is the timing, as impatient as the tRump is, it is possible he cannot make it past this weekend to take this action.

  4. Dear Crustyolemothman,

    This could very well be the republican’s wish/ fantasy plan but I for one have more faith in our FBI AND THE PEOPLES. THERE WOULD LITERALLY BE A REVOLT.

    Then the folks in Washington DC will have something to truly worry about.

    I’m not worried and besides I really don’t want you to be right on this one.

    HOWEVER, i am hearing a lot of the same noise that you are.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Dear Suzanne,

      It is the old boys’ club.They just can’t allow a shining star to shine in their midst if the star is a female.

      I wish they would get some guts as well instead of feeling their oats at her expense.

      Thanks a million times over for yous support and for this reblog.

      Hugs, Gronda

  5. Until recently I did not know much about Ms. Harris, but everything I have heard makes me respect and admire her. It is a damn shame that women are still having to fight just for the right to be heard, fight to prove that we actually have functional brains. This was a great post, Gronda! Thank you! And I, too, hope Crustyolemothman is wrong … but … I suspect there may be some truth in his predictions.

      • No surprise there, but I had hoped that with many well-educated people in Congress, a woman was more or less viewed as an equal. The part about the female Supreme Court Justices bothered me greatly, also. Thinking of Sandra Day O’Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg … why, those two are as sharp as any who ever sat on the bench!!! Glass ceilings DO still exist.

        • Dear Jill,

          That is why I picked on that empirical data regarding the woman supreme court justices who are competent, well-educated women. If they have to deal with this, then this tells me that misogyny is alive and well in this country.

          Hugs, Gronda

  6. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    To some of us, there was never any doubt that it’s still a man’s world, especially in Washington. Freshman Senator Kamala Harris is getting a taste of this lesson, and blogger-friend Gronda has written an excellent, informative post about Senator Harris’ attempt to get answers in the ongoing investigation into the Trump-Russian connections. Please take a moment to read this post, and also pay attention to the comment by crustyolemothman, who has makes a prediction that I would like to naysay, but I’m not sure he’s off-base at all! Thank you, Gronda for the post and permission to re-blog!

    • Dear Jill,

      It is distressing to learn that supposedly honorable men who should know better, can still act like Neanderthals.

      Thanks a million for the great introduction, for your support and for this reblog.

      Hugs, Gronda

      • It was, as always, my pleasure, Gronda! You do great work and your research is always impeccable. This post spoke to me, in part of course because of the testimony of Sessions and all his evasions and lies, but also because as a woman, I am incensed by men who still feel threatened by the fact that we have brains that are at least as good as theirs. When do we move past the gender issues??? Not yet, obviously. Sigh.

  7. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    ‘There is not a woman alive who has ever held any executive type position who has not experienced this phenomenon of being interrupted, talked over by male co-workers while she was simply doing her job.’ … otherwise known as ‘MANSPLAINING’ ….
    Check this out: ‘mansplaining … (of a man) explain (something) to someone, typically a woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronizing.’ Because it makes them nervous ….

    • Dear Horty,

      I loved your commentary on “mansplaining. Those republican senators should be embarrassed for not asking tougher question when Mr. Sessions was obviously being evasive. No wonder Senator Harris made them nervous.

      As always, thanks a million for all of your support and for this reblog.

      Hugs, Gronda

  8. As a man I am embarrassed that she would be treated like this. My grandmother wouldn’t have any of that. Of course this is Republican politics at its best or worst depending on how you look at it.

    • Dear Tony Burgess,

      Thank you for your thoughtful comments.

      In this case, not one man from either side of the aisle came forward to defend her right to be able to appropriately question witnesses without being unduly interrupted.

      When I was part of the working world, the concepts of chivalry and fair play were a part of our discourse, but it seems these attributes have gone the way of the dinosaur. Or maybe, it is just a case of old men having their last hurrah at the Senator’s expense.

      Hugs, Gronda

  9. What a ridiculous bunch of small-minded oafs not worthy of any sort of office. And you America has to suffer with their antics.
    They have no moral authority. Thus you do not have a government just a cartel.
    Take your revenge in the mid-terms.
    God help America (I mean that)

    • Dear Roger,

      We need all the good wishes that we can get. These are such dark times.

      Today, I will be looking at a Georgia race which could be the “canary in the coal mine” case. In this state of Georgia, a US congressional seat has been vacated by a republican who won his last race by over 20 points. This has been a republican seat for several decades.

      The special elections are being held today where the polling shows it is a tied race between the democratic candidate Jon Ossoff and the republican Karen Handel.

      If by a miracle, Mr. Ossoff wins, this would be cataclysmic news for republicans. While Jon Ossoff is young and competent, he is not the type of candidate that those in a southern state would typically vote for, whereas, his competitor is.

      Then, I will be publishing a report this am about how studies have proven that the voting machines in this state of Georgia are vulnerable to outside manipulations. And guess who refused to act to redress this problem. It is the same Karen Handel who is in the running from her position as the Georgia’s secretary of state where she had to power to chose to act or not to act.

      If Jon Ossoff prevails against these headwinds, it means something.

      • Hello Gronda. Sadly as I write this the news came through that both Georgia and South Carolina were Republican victories; this makes four straight wins. In the light of the sheer incompetence and lack of moral compass of the Whitehouse what would be your opinion on these victories.
        From the quality of your posts and the eloquence of your views I would value your analysis.
        All the best

    • Dear Usfman,

      That is partly true. Keep in mind the HBR review about the study regarding the female supreme court justices who by definition are accomplished well-educated women, and yet it was found that they are 3 x more likely to be interrupted than their male counterparts.

      Even those in the teaching profession below the college level do not get the respect and pay that they deserve.

      Ciao, Gronda

  10. Men have a very strong belief in their own ability to take up leadership rolls as opposed to women. It stretches back into prehistoric times and will be difficult to overcome. In the UK the BBC have had to declare the wages of top staff and the big pay discrepancy between men and women has glaringly shown up. We desperately need more talented women in all walks of employment to ‘re-balance our male dominated society.

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