aside When Does The President Face The Reality Of His Unpopularity?

The answer is that he will figure out that his unpopularity is for real when he and his republican sycophants have to make up stories about the dwindling sizes of his audiences as in the case with his recent Phoenix event. No wonder the republican President Donald Trump appeared to become unhinged during this Phoenix rally. He has a thing about size.

Here is the rest of the story…

On August 23, 2017, Jen Hayden of DailyKos penned the following report, “Check out the photos and video of Donald Trump’s pathetically small crowd in Phoenix.”

“David Catanese of the US News & World Report was on hand for the unhinged Donald Trump 2020 campaign rally. Yes, it was an official 2020 campaign event, even though some of the staunchest republicans are now publicly questioning whether Donald Trump can even make it through one full year in office. During the live speech, the camera angles were focused on Trump and the apparently full crowd surrounding him. But, if cameras had panned back a little further, these are scenes from the back of the hall.”

“Even as Trump was telling the audience at home that people were still “pouring into” his rally and implored the fire marshall to let more in, video and photos told a different story.”

“Shortly before the speech began, there appeared to be plenty of room for activities:”

Here’s Trump bragging of the crowd size, claiming there were 15,000 attendees, and asking the fire marshall to let more people in. Looking at the crowd size, in the video and the photos above, there is no way there were more than 2,000 people total.

“Despite evidence to the contrary, Trump supporters quickly began spreading poorly photo-shopped images of the crowd:

Image result for photos of cavalier celebration downtown phoenix“Other republicans were sharing photographs of a massive outdoor crowd, claiming they were people lined up to get in the rally. The Arizona Central quickly debunked the photos:”

“Such was the case Tuesday night, when Tennessee Republicans and other supporters of President Donald Trump started sharing an image of what was purportedly a massive crowd gathered in the streets of Phoenix ahead of his speech.”

“Only problem? The photo is actually an aerial shot from the 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers parade.”

“And frankly, anyone who is at all familiar with Phoenix should have known better. It’s a desert people.”

View image on TwitterView image on Twitter

Trump supporters desperately spreading fake photos on Twitter “from” Trump’s Phoenix Rally.

“You’ll never take our freedumb!”

“Who are you going to believe? Donald Trump or your lying eyes, America?”


    • Dear Horty,

      This is a good sign that his crowd sizes at rallies are getting smaller. I am guessing that there were more anti-Trump protesters outside the Phoenix arena than there were Trump supporters inside.

      You know that this reality has to be upsetting to DDT.


      Hugs, Gronda

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      • My dear friend, you are most welcome!! You are doing the hard work … I admire you so for your knowledge, your stamina, your consta effort … you are treasure! I so admire you! You educate me!! ❤️❤️


  1. Good article! This thing about crowds is something that always fascinates me. Looking at photos of “huge” crowds will often on close examination prove to be exaggerated with various tricks of photography … the crowd behind Trump was obviously a collection of some of the more rabid supporters, as is always the case, a few loud-mouths, obvious Trumpers….and a few “show dogs” to dress up the photos. It’s all a show folks!

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