aside FBI’s Special Counsel Mueller Is Compelling The Testimony Of Manafort’s Associates

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“We the people”have been hoping against hope that the FBI’s Special Counsel Robert Mueller is closing in, on finalizing the Trump-Russian probe with enough data to force the republican President Donald Trump to resign before he does any more damage to this country. We want this nightmare to be over soon.

There are signs that the president’s end is nearing. It appears that the FBI has been issuing grand jury subpoenas to compel the testimony of all executives who have been associated with the president’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort.

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On August 25, 2017, Ken Delanian, Carol E. Lee and and Tom Winter of NBC News penned the following report, “Mueller Seeks Grand Jury Testimony from PR Execs Who Worked With Manafort.”


“Special Counsel Robert Mueller issued grand jury subpoenas in recent days seeking testimony from public relations executives who worked on an international campaign organized by Paul Manafort, people directly familiar with the matter told NBC News.”

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“This is the first public indication that Mueller’s investigation is beginning to compel witness testimony before the grand jury — a significant milestone in an inquiry that is examining the conduct of President Donald Trump and his son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, among others.”

“It is also further indication that Manafort, Trump’s onetime campaign chairman, could be in serious legal jeopardy.”

Image result for PHOTOS OF MUELLER MANAFORTAccording to one executive whose firm received a subpoena, Mueller’s team is closely examining the lobbying campaign, which ran between 2012 and 2014. Some of the firms involved in the campaign received subpoenas for documents weeks ago, the executive said, and now the Mueller team is seeking testimony.”

“We think they are trying to figure out, was this a legitimate project?” the executive said. “From our perspective it was — we did a lot of work. We took it seriously.”

“Manafort, whose Alexandria, Virginia, apartment was raided by FBI agents last month, has emerged as a key figure in the Mueller probe. The inquiry into the lobbying campaign appears to be part of a larger investigation into his work for a pro-Russian Ukrainian political party, his offshore banking transactions, his tax compliance and his real estate dealings, people familiar with the probe have told NBC News.”

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“Manafort also was present at a June 2016 Trump Tower meeting with a Russian lobbyist and a Russian lawyer, along with Donald Trump Jr. and Kushner. NBC News has previously reported that Kushner is under scrutiny by investigators, and that Mueller is examining whether President Trump obstructed justice.”

“The executive said six firms participated in the public relations effort that Manafort coordinated, paid for by a Brussels-based non-profit called the European Center for a Modern Ukraine. The stated goal was to build support for Ukraine’s entry into the European Union.”

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“Two of the firms, Podesta Group and Mercury LLC, worked in Washington with Manafort partner Rick Gates, according to lobbying disclosure records. Three other firms worked in Europe, the executive said. NBC News could not confirm the identity of those three.”

“At the time, Ukraine was run by a pro-Russian political party that had paid Manafort $17 million for consulting in 2013 and 2014, according to Manafort’s latest foreign lobbying disclosure filing, which he filed belatedly under Justice Department pressure.”

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“The party’s leader, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, fled to Russia during a popular uprising in 2014.”

“The Associated Press first revealed the pro-Ukraine lobbying campaign in August 2016, while Manafort was still running the Trump campaign.”

“The report said the campaign was designed to sway public opinion and included attempts to solicit favorable press coverage in The New York Times and Wall Street Journal.”

“At the time, neither Manafort nor the firms had registered as foreign agents. The executive told NBC News that was because the non-profit said that it was not funded by a government or a political party.”

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In recent months, the Justice Department told the Mercury and Podesta firms that they should have registered as foreign agents, and they did so.”

“Under the U.S. Foreign Agents Registration Act, people who lobby on behalf of foreign governments, leaders or political parties must file detailed disclosures about their spending and activities to the Justice Department. Willful failure to file the forms violation is a felony and can result in up to five years in prison — but such prosecutions are extremely rare.”


  1. Dear Mz. Gronda,

    The dark side has been buzzing about a claimed pending resignation of tRump. Before many of you simply dismiss this as nonsense, please realize that a large number of the people that I actually listen to over there are members of this government that are in positions to know things that we have no access to. That does not mean that all information that is gleaned from these sources is 100% accurate, but honestly they have been amazingly accurate in most of their predictions.

    The story that is being passed around is that the GOP leadership and tRump have come to an agreement that he will resign for health reasons, and he and his family would receive some sort of blanket pardon for all past crimes, it is alleged that some of the power brokers in the Democrat party have agreed to this as well, but one stumbling block that is holding up this taking place is that Mueller has up to now refused to sign off on and agreeing to ceasing his investigation.

    My concern is two fold, will this agreement bring the country back together, or will it farther divide it? Will the removal of tRump from office without facing judgement for his alleged criminal acts actually cause a larger divide which ultimately leads to the fall of our nation? Will this be yet another case of where the end justifies the means does not work? Would the leaving of tRump in this manner cause the Alt Right and their fringe lunatics to rise up in open rebellion? Are we, as a nation, in a lose lose situation where there is no truly right way to proceed? Is this nation ready for a Pence/Ryan White House?

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    • Dear Crustyolemothman,

      I don’t care if DDT is not formally held to task/ accountable if he is forced to resign, but I want the truth about what he has done publicly exposed. This would be sufficient punishment for him. If you are right about this, I do not think peoples will heal without laying bare everything. I don’t want him to even think about playing the victim role. For his followers to move on, they need to see the man for what he really is, a very flawed man who was never capable of delivering on what he promised them.

      Hugs, Gronda


    • While one part of me hopes your sources are correct, I share your concerns. As long as the whole, sordid truth remains cloaked in secrecy, this nation cannot lick its wounds and move on, I fear. The scenario you tell is too much of an ‘easy way out’ for a man who is a liar, a criminal, and has put his own interests above the citizens of the nation. Still, if what you say is true, it seems to me an admission of guilt on the part of Trump & Co. As to whether we are ready for a Pence presidency? Well, it would be an improvement, but it brings with it a whole set of problems that we will begin fighting on his first day, I have no doubt. There are no really great options other than to hold a new election with all new candidates, change the rules that allow for excessive campaign contributions from lobbyists and big business, and as President Obama to run the country for the year or so it would take to hold a new election. Yes, I am dreaming on that one! 🙂

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      • Dear Jill,

        I am not so vindictive that I wouldn’t choose the healing of our country over making DDT face the consequences that he deserves, but not if it means not sharing with the public, exactly what happened,

        There will be no satisfactory solution. However, anyone who was party to putting this man in office, should be gone.

        Hugs, Gronda

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        • I fully agree that the most important thing is the healing of the country … I just don’t think that can begin to happen until the truth … the whole truth … is exposed for all to see. For otherwise, those who support Trump will always believe he was the victim of us “damn liberals” and the divide will only get wider. And yes, all those who worked in his campaign, all his improper cabinet appointments, they all need to go right along with him. Out the door and hopefully never to enter government service again!


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