aside While You Were Sleeping, N Korea Conducted A Hydrogen Bomb Test- Live

Image result for photos of kim jong un looking at thingsThe N Korean leader, Kim Jong Un has pushed the envelop again by spitting on the world community’s efforts to reign him in from conducting future nuclear testing. He is refusing to be deterred. Obviously its major trading partner, China and others attempts to reason with him have fallen on deaf ears.

This is a pivotal world event… 

On September 3, 2017, Melissa Davey of the Guardian, penned the following updates on her report, “North Korea claims to have conducted hydrogen bomb test- live.” (“South Korea calls national security meeting after earthquake of magnitude 6.3 detected near a North Korean testing area.”)

Japan confirms nuclear test

The Japanese government has determined North Korea on Sunday conducted its sixth nuclear test, the country’s foreign minister, Taro Kono said, according to Kyodo news.

Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono: Gov’t has concluded North Korea conducted a nuclear test

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North Korea’s nuclear tests have never posed a radiation risk to Japan before. If cave in, watch wind patterns.

September 3, 2017

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At a doorstop in Sydney, Australia, the deputy Labor leader, Tanya Plibersek, has called conflict on the Korean peninsula “the greatest threat to peace and stability in our region”.

“It is absolutely vital that we continue to see pressure from the international community to support peace and de-escalation of conflict on the Korean peninsula. Right across our region governments have been watching North Korea’s actions with a great deal of concern and trepidation.”

Asked about North Korea’s claim it is capable of fitting a hydrogen bomb to an intercontinental ballistic missile, Plibersek said it was “very difficult to know how much of the North Korean regime’s propaganda is true.”

“What we know for certain is that the North Korean regime is behaving irresponsibly, aggressively and in a way that threatens peace and security in our region … [and] that the people most likely to influence with the North Korean regime is China and we continue to urge China to do all it can to urge the North Korean regime to stand down.”

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Latest test has yield of up to 100 kilotons

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Update from North Korea expected in less than an hour

According to the Guardian’s Tokyo correspondent, Justin McCurry, an update from North Korea is expected in less than an hour.

North Korea will make an announcement later on Sunday, according to South Korea’s Yonhap news agency. The regime is set to make a “special and important” announcement at 3pm Pyongyang time, the North’s state-run TV broadcaster said, but did not provide further details.

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What we know so far:

  • An earthquake of magnitude 5.6 was recorded inside North Korea, hours after the regime boasted it had built a new, more advanced nuclear warhead.
  • South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff says it detected a seismic wave from 12.34 to 12.36pm around Punggyeri, North Korea.
  • South Korea’s Yonhap news agency quotes military officials as saying they believe North Korea has conducted its sixth nuclear test.
  • China’s Earthquake Administration said it detected a 6.3 magnitude earthquake in North Korea that was a “suspected explosion”.
  • The same body said it detected another quake in North Korea of magnitude 4.6, which it termed as a “collapse”.
  • A statement from the administration’s said the second quake, measured at a depth of zero kilometres, came eight minutes after the first quake, which it said was a “suspected explosion”.
  • Witnesses in the Chinese city of Yanji, on the border with North Korea, said they felt a tremor that lasted roughly 10 seconds, followed by an aftershock.
  • Japan’s prime minister, Shinzō Abe, says “If North Korea has indeed gone ahead with a nuclear test, it is completely unacceptable and we must lodge a strong protest.”
  • The Japanese government shortly after determines that North Korea has conducted its sixth nuclear test, the country’s foreign minister, Taro Kono said.

Here are excerpts from what the Washington Post is reporting on September 3, 2017, “North Korea says it tested hydrogen bomb for long-range missile” by Anna Fifield.

“North Korea claimed Sunday to have detonated a hydrogen bomb that can be mounted on a missile capable of reaching the mainland United States — a claim that, although unverified — will sharply increase tensions between the Pyongyang regime and the rest of the world. “

“Kim Jong Un personally signed off on the nuclear test, Ri Chun Hee, North Korea’s most famous news anchor, said in a special broadcast on Sunday afternoon. ”

“The bomb was a two-stage weapon with a yield that analysts said could make it a “city buster.”

“The U.S Geological Survey on Sunday said it had recorded a 6.3 magnitude earthquake exactly at noon Sunday local time, near North Korea’s nuclear test site in Punggye-ri, in the county’s northeast region. The quake was felt in northern China, with emergency sirens blaring in Yanji, near the North Korean border, according to local media.”

“South Korean authorities said Sunday’s earthquake appeared to be artificial, consistent with a nuclear test. Japan’s Foreign Ministry said it has concluded that North Korea did conduct a nuclear test.”

“It’s North Korea’s sixth nuclear test, and the first since President Trump was inaugurated.”

“North Korea’s recent nuclear tests have happened exactly on the hour, often on meaningful dates for North Korea or the United States. It is a holiday weekend in the United States, which marks Labor Day on (6/4/17).”

“A North Korean nuclear test in September of last year registered as a 5.3-magnitude earthquake at 9 a.m. on a national holiday marking the 68th anniversary of the formation of the communist regime by Kim Il Sung, the current leader’s grandfather.”

“After the test was detected, South Korean President Moon Jae-in called an emergency meeting of his national security council, and the chairman of his Joint Chiefs of Staff put the South Korean military on alert.”

“In Japan, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said he “would not tolerate” another nuclear test.”

“Analysts had been expecting another nuclear test after North Korea said earlier on Sunday that it had developed a more advanced nuclear bomb with “great destructive power.” But they weren’t expecting it so soon after the announcement.”

 “Earlier on Sunday before the test, the state-run Korean Central News Agency released photos of Kim Jong Un inspecting what his government described as a hydrogen bomb that could be attached to a missile capable of reaching the mainland US.”


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