aside If The President Escalates USA Into A Military Debacle, Republicans’ Days In Office Are Numbered

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Dear Republicans, the republican Senator from Tennessee Bob Corker, has just been saying out loud what many of you in the US Congress have been thinking but have been too scared to act, out of fear of losing your jobs. In Senator Corker’s case, he has been free to speak because he has decided not to run for re-election in 2018.

If the republican President Donald Trump acts impulsively and counter to the advice and direction of all the members on his national security team, where unnecessary blood is shed, you (republican legislators) won’t have to worry about keeping your elected seats any longer. You will have failed in your number one duty of protecting our US national security interests. Therefore, you don’t deserve to maintain your positions.

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Here is the rest of the story….

On October 8, 2017, Jonathan Martin and Mark Landler of the New York Times penned the following report,  “Bob Corker Says Trump’s Recklessness Threatens ‘World War III’


“Senator Bob Corker, the Republican chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, charged in an interview on Sunday that President Trump was treating his office like “a reality show,” with reckless threats toward other countries that could set the nation “on the path to World War III.”


“In an extraordinary rebuke of a president of his own party, Mr. Corker said he was alarmed about a president who acts “like he’s doing ‘The Apprentice’ or something.”

“He concerns me,” Mr. Corker added. “He would have to concern anyone who cares about our nation.”

“Mr. Trump’s feud with Mr. Corker is particularly perilous given that the president has little margin for error as he tries to pass a landmark overhaul of the tax code — his best, and perhaps last, hope of producing a major legislative achievement this year.”

“If Senate Democrats end up unified in opposition to the promised tax bill, Mr. Trump could lose the support of only two of the Senate’s 52 Republicans to pass it. That is the same challenging math that Mr. Trump and Senate Republican leaders faced in their failed effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.”


“Mr. Corker could also play a key role if Mr. Trump follows through on his threat to “decertify” the Iran nuclear deal, kicking to Congress the issue of whether to restore sanctions on Tehran and effectively scuttle the pact.”

“Republicans could hold off on sanctions but use the threat of them to force Iran back to the negotiating table — a strategy being advocated by Senator Tom Cotton, the Arkansas Republican. But that approach could leave the United States isolated, and it will be up to Mr. Corker to balance opposition to the deal with the wishes of those, including some of Mr. Trump’s own aides, who want to change the accord but not blow it up.”

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“Beyond the Iran deal, Mr. Corker’s committee holds confirmation hearings on Mr. Trump’s ambassadorial appointments. If the president were to oust Rex W. Tillerson as secretary of state, as some expect, Mr. Corker would lead the hearings on Mr. Trump’s nominee for the post.”

“In a 25-minute conversation, Mr. Corker, speaking carefully and purposefully, seemed to almost find cathartic satisfaction by portraying Mr. Trump in terms that most senior Republicans use only in private.”

“The senator, who is close to Mr. Tillerson, invoked comments that the president made on Twitter last weekend in which he appeared to undercut Mr. Tillerson’s negotiations with North Korea.”


“A lot of people think that there is some kind of ‘good cop, bad cop’ act underway, but that’s just not true,” Mr. Corker said.”

“Without offering specifics, he said Mr. Trump had repeatedly undermined diplomacy with his Twitter fingers. “I know he has hurt, in several instances, he’s hurt us as it relates to negotiations that were underway by tweeting things out,” Mr. Corker said.”

“Mr. Corker said his concerns about Mr. Trump were shared by nearly every Senate Republican.”

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“Look, except for a few people, the vast majority of our caucus understands what we’re dealing with here,” he said, adding that “of course they understand the volatility that we’re dealing with and the tremendous amount of work that it takes by people around him to keep him in the middle of the road.”

“After a report last week that Mr. Tillerson had once referred to Mr. Trump as a “moron,” Mr. Corker told reporters that Mr. Tillerson was one of three officials helping to “separate our country from chaos.” Those remarks were repeated on “Fox News Sunday,” which may have prompted Mr. Trump’s outburst.”

In August, after Mr. Trump’s equivocal response to the deadly clashes in Charlottesville, Va., Mr. Corker told reporters that the president “has not yet been able to demonstrate the stability nor some of the competence that he needs to demonstrate in order to be successful.”

“He said on Sunday (10/8/17) that he had made all those comments deliberately, aiming them at “an audience of one, plus those people who are closely working around with him, what I would call the good guys.” He was referring to Mr. Tillerson, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and the White House chief of staff, John F. Kelly.”

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“As long as there are people like that around him who are able to talk him down when he gets spun up, you know, calm him down and continue to work with him before a decision gets made, I think we’ll be fine,” he said.  (He added) that the commander in chief was not fully aware of the power of his office.”

“I don’t think he appreciates that when the president of the United States speaks and says the things that he does, the impact that it has around the world, especially in the region that he’s addressing,” he said. “And so, yeah, it’s concerning to me.”

Disclaimer: There is nothing being done of a military nature that indicates that the following report is true. But with the mental health status of the US president, it would be foolish not to admit that it is a possibility.

On May 8, 2017, Chris Perez of the New York Post penned the following report, “Anonymous warns world to ‘prepare’ for World War 3.”


Anonymous — described online as a global network of hackers, intent on spreading “facts the government doesn’t want you to know” — claims the US and South Korea have been working together to keep the peace in the region, along with China and the Philippines, but their pleas have fallen “on deaf ears.”

“The infamous hacktivist group Anonymous has released a video — urging people across the globe to “prepare” for World War 3 — as the US and North Korea continue to move “strategic pieces into place” for battle.”

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“All the signs of a looming war on the Korean peninsula are surfacing,” the group says.

“Using their signature Guy Fawkes character, the hackers make several claims about recent military movements in the region — and alleged warnings made by Japan and South Korea about imminent nuclear attacks from the North — as they deliver their frightening prophecy.”

“Watching as each country moves strategic pieces into place,” the organization says, in its notorious robotic voice. “But unlike past world wars, although there will be ground troops, the battle is likely to be fierce, brutal and quick. It will also be globally devastating, both on environmental and economical levels.”

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“According to Anonymous, President Trump’s test of the Minuteman 3 intercontinental ballistic missile last week — coupled with a recent warning from Japanese officials to citizens, telling them to make preparations for a possible nuclear attack — are ultimately proof that all signs are pointing to a major conflict between the US and North Korea.”

“In addition, China reportedly has urged its citizens in (N Korea) to return home as tensions continue to escalate over their nuclear weapons program.”

“This is a real war with real global consequences,” the group explains. “With three superpowers drawn into the mix, other nations will be coerced into choosing sides.”

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“They claim that the Trump administration has also been working closely with the Australians, sending a rotational deployment of more than 1,000 US troops to the country, along with a large fleet of military aircraft.

Australia is ultimately considered a “strategic location in the Indian Ocean,” Anonymous says.”

Another surefire sign that war is imminent, according to Anonymous, is the recent talks between President Trump and Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte.

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“The pair spoke a little over a week ago to discuss the situation with North Korea and other regional security threats. A readout later claimed that relations between the two countries were “heading in a very positive direction.”

“When President Trump starts reaching out to those like President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines to assure they are on the same page, one must start to wonder,” Anonymous says in the video. “However, even Duterte has advised the US to back away from Kim Jong Un.”


  1. I sense a coup. Not as overtly dramatic as in the classic film ‘Seven Days In May’, more in the style of ‘House of Cards’ (The UK or US version take your pick- but without exploding cars).
    Trump does not have a nation behind him, only the vocal group that quite frankly made him out of their own fears. He’s going in too deep with them, not reaching out.
    For any ambitious and shrewd politician it’s an ideal opportunity- move, and then sell a back-story as ‘The One Who Saved The Nation (and implied- The World).
    For some historical examples on how this works check the political (not the military bit) manoeuvres which removed England’s Richard II and Henry VI (twice).

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    • Dear Roger,

      I do believe that you are accurate in your analysis that a coup would be welcome about now. I only wish that this was a real possibility and that we had folks with enough courage to act.

      But there is an opportunity for someone to step up to be a leader. This person has to be willing to lose because that way, he or she will be free to take risks.

      This time “we the people” will not be pushed back.

      I have speculated that if a competent, sane individual of sound character stepped up to the plate to run as an independent, that there is a way to win. Peoples are frustrated with both parties.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • Probably because of the longer European historical ‘experience’- for sake of argument say 1,200 years we have become inured to the manoeuvrings of those in influence. We have also embraced the concept of the Strong Personality who maybe amoral, or downright unpleasant, just so long as they bring stability, a veneer of prosperity and don’t seem to be picking on the ordinary people. (otherwise we go straight to revolution- no messing about).
        I believe this goes on in the USA but in a more deft fashion to avoid clashing with the worthy sentiments of the culture of independence.
        Thus, you may well have a few conniving folk working in the background. But at least you would have a professional, mature leadership who would know that bouncing about like a child in kindergarten who has had too much sugar is not the way to run a country.
        It may be a sad reflection on the Human condition but is a practical approach.
        Take care and best wishes

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        • Dear Roger,

          It is so obvious that the US president has to be blunted to where he can’t do harm that is irreversible. I am fearful when he announces, “This is the calm before the storm. Just wait and see what happens.” He has refused to explain these comments. Then he has tweeted to his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson that diplomatic attempts with North Korea are a waste of time.There is only one option.”

          Frankly, I don’t like a leader who is not of sound mind, making these kind of decisions. I pray that there are peoples of courage who will take steps to end this madness.

          Hugs, Gronda

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        • Somewhere within the corridors, the small secret room, the quiet unobtrusive places people who are versed in the arts of being unobtrusive are working to put an end to this.
          They may not be beacons of democracy, but at least they will be sober professional folk.
          Never mind the Conspiracy sites etc I’m not talking about fluffy-bunny land, I am referring to the reality of politics as practiced over the centuries (millennia in fact)
          Watch for the small runes Gronda.
          Take care and keep up the good work

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  2. All I can say is let us hope Trump’s handlers can keep him under control. The ‘man’ is so obviously a threat to not only this nation, but every nation on earth. I cannot fathom how members of the House of Representatives have not yet begun impeachment proceedings, for he has provided ample reason to do so. The only solution for our survival as a free nation that I can see is for this ‘man’ to no longer be in office.

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