aside Why Was Chad Added To President’s Travel Ban?

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Risks to military and civilians have increased in Niger since the Chad military fighters recently left Niger after the republican President Donald j. Trump placed Chad on the US travel ban around September 24, 2017, despite the majority of foreign policy experts advising him not to do this. It turns out that Chadian soldiers were the ones who had kept militant groups like Boko Haram at bay in Niger. In short, any military personnel traveling in Niger will need to be better protected because of this increased risk.

So the question is, why was Chad placed on the US travel ban by the president’s administration? Is there a relatively easy fix? How quickly can Chad be removed from the US travel ban? What are the other issues besides a special-ordered paper shortage where Chad officials could not produce copy-foolproof passports?

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Here is the rest of the story…

On October 19, 2017, Josh Lederman of the UK. Independent penned the following report, “Donald Trump added Chad to US travel ban because African nation had ‘run out of passport paper’


“Chad and every other country had been given 50 days to prove it was meeting a “baseline” of security conditions the Trump administration says is needed for the US to properly screen potential visitors. One condition was that countries provide a recent sample of its passports so that the Homeland Security Department could analyse how secure they really are. ”

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“Lacking the special passport paper, Chad’s government couldn’t comply, but offered to provide a pre-existing sample of the same type of passport, several US officials said. It wasn’t enough to persuade Homeland Security to make an exception to requirements the agency has been applying strictly and literally to countries across the globe, said the officials, who requested anonymity to discuss disagreements within the administration.”

 “Still, the US told Chad it could be removed once the issues were addressed, with national security adviser H.R. McMaster saying at the time that Chad could come off the list “maybe in a couple of months.” McMaster spoke to Chadian leader.”The Homeland Security Department confirmed that the US “lacks a recent sample from Chad” of its passports, but said there were other problems, too.

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“The restrictions placed on Chad dealt with more than just the receipt of a passport exemplar. Chad does not adequately share public safety and terrorism-related information,” said Homeland Security spokesman David Lapan. He said the US was working closely with Chad on the issue and was “eager to see Chad develop more secure travel documents and make other enhancements.”

“It was unclear why Chad ran into the office supply problem, although regional upheaval and the persistent terror threat have disrupted trade in the impoverished country in recent years. For a recent period of about six months, Chad stopped issuing passports, although it appears that situation has since been resolved. ”

“The passport paper issue helps to illustrate the infighting within Trump’s administration that led up to the revised travel order, which also placed restrictions on Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Yemen and Venezuela. ”

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“Still, the US told Chad it could be removed once the issues were addressed, with national security adviser H.R. McMaster saying at the time that Chad could come off the list “maybe in a couple of months.” McMaster spoke to Chadian leader Idriss Deby last week about getting the visa restrictions removed, the State Department said, but the country remains on the list.  

“At least that was the case until Tuesday, hours before the new restrictions were to take effect, when a federal judge in Hawaii blocked Trump’s order, saying it had the same legal problems that foiled the first two iterations of his “travel ban.” The move puts the restrictions temporarily on hold, but Trump’s administration has pledged to appeal.”


  1. The big question that begs to be asked: Why is US in Africa at all? Boko Haram never bombed or attacked western societies, why do we need to send “advisors” to contain them?


    • Dear Suzanne,

      It seems to me that a better solution could have been established about Chad’s paper problem than placing the country on the US travel ban.

      Thanks a million times over for all of your support and for this reblog.

      Hugs, Gronda


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