aside AG Jeff Sessions Is In Hot Water With His Fellow Senators

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The republican President Donald Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions who was the former senator from Alabama, finds himself in hot water again. When he has testified in the past before his fellow senators, he has managed to evade uncomfortable questions with carefully worded statements and answers.

With recent revelations, his fellow senators want him to explain under oath certain omissions in his past testimony. It seems that the recently FBI indicted George Papadopoulos has disclosed facts about a meeting where Mr. Sessions and the president were present. The campaign foreign policy adviser was discussing how he had Russian contacts who would share their data on the democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Then Carter Page, another foreign policy adviser has stated that he had advised Mr. Sessions about a trip that he was taking to Russia. Apparently, Jeff Sessions has not been forthcoming with this information when questioned by his former colleagues.

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Here is the rest of the story…

On November 2, 2017, Manu Raju and Jeremy Herb of CNN penned the following report, “Exclusive: Carter Page testifies he told Sessions about Russia trip.”


“Former Trump foreign policy adviser Carter Page privately testified Thursday that he mentioned to Jeff Sessions he was traveling to Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign — as new questions emerge about the attorney general’s comments to Congress about Russia and the Trump campaign.”

“During more than six hours of closed-door testimony, Page said that he informed Sessions about his coming July 2016 trip to Russia, which Page told CNN was unconnected to his campaign role. Page described the conversation to CNN after he finished talking to the House intelligence committee.”
“Sessions’ discussion with Page will fuel further scrutiny about what the attorney general knew about connections between the Trump campaign and Russia — and communications about Russia that he did not disclose despite a persistent line of questioning in three separate hearings this year.”
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On November 2, 2017, Michael S. Schmidt, Matt Apuzzo and Scott Shane of New York Times penned the following report, “Trump and Sessions Denied Knowing About Russian Contacts. Records Suggest Otherwise.”
“Standing before reporters in February, President Trump said unequivocally that he knew of nobody from his campaign who was in contact with Russians during the election. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has told the Senate the same thing.”

“Court documents unsealed this week cast doubt on both statements and raised the possibility that Mr. Sessions could be called back to Congress for further questioning.”


“The special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, unsealed his first charges Monday (10/30/17) in a wide-ranging investigation into Russian attempts to disrupt the presidential election and whether anyone close to Mr. Trump was involved. Records in that case show that George Papadopoulos, a foreign policy adviser, had frequent discussions with Russians in 2016 and trumpeted his connections in front of Mr. Trump and Mr. Sessions.”

“For months, journalists have revealed evidence that associates of Mr. Trump met with Russians during the campaign and the presidential transition. But the court documents represent the first concrete evidence that Mr. Trump was personally told about ties between a campaign adviser and Russian officials.”

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“At a March 31, 2016, meeting between Mr. Trump and his foreign policy team, Mr. Papadopoulos introduced himself and said “that he had connections that could help arrange a meeting between then-candidate Trump and President Putin,” according to court records.”

He went into the pitch right away,” said J. D. Gordon, a campaign adviser who attended the meeting. “He said he had a friend in London, the Russian ambassador, who could help set up a meeting with Putin.”

“Mr. Trump listened with interest. Mr. Sessions vehemently opposed the idea, Mr. Gordon recalled. “And he said that no one should talk about it because it might leak,” he said.”

“Several of Mr. Trump’s campaign advisers attended the March 2016 meeting, and at least two of those advisers are now in the White House: Hope Hicks, the communications director, and Stephen Miller, a senior policy adviser.”


“After Mr. Trump was sworn in, he could not escape questions about Russia. At a Feb. 16, 2017, White House news conference, a reporter asked Mr. Trump, “Can you say whether you are aware that anyone who advised your campaign had contacts with Russia during the course of the election?”

“No,” Mr. Trump said. “Nobody that I know of. Nobody.”

“Ty Cobb, the White House lawyer (said), “the media’s willingness to inflate Papadopoulos, a young unpaid volunteer and supposed energy expert, into an important thought leader in the campaign or Russian operative is ludicrous,” Mr. Cobb said. “The evidence so far suggests he attended one meeting, said something about Russia and was immediately shut down by everyone in the room. It’s very important to remember that he is not a criminal now because of anything he did for the campaign — he is a criminal because he initially lied to the F.B.I.”

“Democrats in the Senate said on Thursday that they would push to have Mr. Sessions return to the Judiciary Committee for further questioning.”

“He now needs to come back before the committee, in person, under oath, to explain why he cannot seem to provide truthful, complete answers to these important and relevant questions,” said Senator Patrick J. Leahy, Democrat of Vermont, who is on the Judiciary Committee.”

“Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, another Democrat on the committee, pointed out that Mr. Sessions’s testimony was under oath and “wasn’t just some random comment he made in passing on the street.”

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“Mr. Sessions faced similar questions in January before the Senate Judiciary Committee, when Senator Al Franken, Democrat of Minnesota, asked him about contacts between the campaign and Russia. “I’m not aware of any of those activities,” Mr. Sessions said. He denied having any such contacts himself.”

“Democrats condemned those remarks as misleading when it was revealed that Mr. Sessions held meetings with the Russian ambassadorduring the campaign. Last month, Mr. Franken renewed his questioning.”

“You don’t believe that surrogates from the Trump campaign had communications with the Russians?” he asked.”

“I did not, and I’m not aware of anyone else that did,” Mr. Sessions replied. “And I don’t believe it happened.”

“He did not make any reference to Mr. Papadopoulos.”

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“Mr. Gordon said that while the March 2016 meeting technically contradicted Mr. Sessions’s testimony, he defended the attorney general.”

“This is something he heard way back in March from some young man who was not authorized to speak for the campaign,” he said. “I don’t blame Senator Sessions for not remembering that.” He said that only in the political “gotcha game” could the matter be considered significant.”

“The court documents in the Papadopoulos case represent the most explicit evidence yet that Mr. Trump’s campaign was eager to coordinate with Russian officials to undermine his rival, Hillary Clinton. Federal investigators suspected that Russian intelligence services used intermediaries to contact Mr. Papadopoulos to gain influence with the campaign, offering “dirt” on Mrs. Clinton in the form of “thousands of emails.” Mr. Papadopoulos pleaded guilty to lying about those contacts and is cooperating with the F.B.I.”

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On Thursday, as news of Mr. Papadopoulos’s Russian ties continued to ripple through Washington, Mr. Franken sent a stern letter to Mr. Sessions. “This is another example in an alarming pattern in which you, the nation’s top law enforcement official, apparently failed to tell the truth, under oath,” he wrote.

The case against Mr. Papadopoulos was unsealed at the same time as an unrelated indictment against two other former campaign advisers, Paul J. Manafort and Rick Gates. Taken together, the three charges sent a foreboding message to a fourth adviser to Mr. Trump’s campaign, Michael T. Flynn.

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Mr. Flynn, one of the architects of Mr. Trump’s “America first” foreign policy, did not disclose payments from Russia-linked entities on financial disclosure documents. He did not mention a paid speech he gave in Moscow, and he belatedly disclosed, after leaving the White House, that the Turkish government had paid him more than $500,000 for lobbying services.

White House officials have long been anticipating the indictments of Mr. Manafort and Mr. Flynn, and have tried to distance themselves from both men. They were caught by surprise, however, by Mr. Papadopoulos’s guilty plea and the fact that he had been cooperating with the F.B.I. since July.


That cooperation agreement fueled speculation that Mr. Papadopoulos had secretly recorded his conversations with White House officials this summer. But Mr. Cobb said he had seen no evidence that Mr. Papadopoulos had visited the White House or had recent conversations with staff members.

“We have no indication that this George Papadopoulos came to this White House,” Mr. Cobb said, adding that a different person with the same name had entered the White House this year.”

“Court documents do not explain the extent of Mr. Papadopoulos’s cooperation with Mr. Mueller’s investigation, but prosecutors said they showed him emails, chat transcripts, text messages and other records “in an attempt to refresh his recollection” about his contacts with Russians and with members of the Trump campaign.”


  1. “adding that a different person with the same name had entered the White House this year.” SERIOUSLY??? Okay, I have to admit I am still laughing at that statement! SERIOUSLY, how many people in govt are named Papadopoulos??? This is getting good……I wonder how many late night comedians are having a conniption over that one?

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    • Dear Suze,

      A lot of pundits have been having problems with pronouncing George Papadopoulos. But it is a name that one doesn’t forget easily.

      The Trump administration has been caught again as they try to spin their way out of this one. It is not working.

      Hugs, Gronda


  2. Gronda, Jeff Sessions lying under oath is an exemplar of the whole administration. When you lie to protect a man who lies, it is akin to a house of cards. It will come tumbling down.

    Trump is keen on the retreating lie. As each lie is discovered, he retreats and draws a new line in the sand with a modified lie. Then it happens again. As his staff lies to cover up, their lies are revealed. This may be Sessions undoing, as Trump attempts to distance himself.

    Ironically, Sessions knew dealing with Russia was bad, but he still did it and was aware of others doing it. Keith

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  3. Dear Keith,

    You are so right!

    Jeff Sessions knew enough to shut down the March 2016 conversation immediately because he knew it was inappropriate. But that just highlights that his covering this up, is not something he would forget. He had to have been made aware of other similar incidents. So, yes he has been caught up in a series of lies.

    Somewhere I have heard the term, “consciousness of guilt” which fits the president and his surrogates having lied over and over again about their contacts with Russian officials Why lie unless there is something to cover up?

    Hugs, Gronda.


    • Dear 1EarthUnited,

      Thanks for the reference. We shall see how the US justice system bringing charges against Russian hackers works out. In the past, the FBI has arrested these hackers when they travel outside of Russia.

      President Trump can no longer claim Russian hackers are innocent.

      Hugs, Gronda


  4. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    You will never, ever, in a million years believe this, but Jeff Sessions lied under oath! Yes, I know it’s incredible, but our friend Gronda has all the details. Seriously, though, this is important information and Gronda has done an excellent job of summing it up for us, so please take a few minutes to read … the rest of the story! Thank you so much, Gronda!


    • Dear Jill,

      What is truly frightening is that Jeff Sessions is the US top law enforcement officer. He has been a bit too clever in parsing he words and sidestepping the tough senate questions but his days of prevaricating are over.

      The problem for democrats is that they want to keep him in office while President Trump is around. Because he had to recuse himself from any involvement in the FBI’s Trump-Russian probe That means the president can’t interfere in the investigation or the president ties to Russia and he can’t fire the Special Counsel Robert Mueller III.

      Thanks a million times over for all of your support and for this reblog.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • Yes, my friend, that is the Catch-22, isn’t it? I am not surprised that Sessions lied, but am perhaps a bit surprised at his utter stupidity. It will be interesting, if ulcer-inducing, to see how this plays out. Hugs!!!

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