aside A Wisconsin January 16, 2018 Special Election Win For A Democrat In Trump Territory

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Dear Republicans, Beware! On January 16, 2018, a Democrat won a state election seat in a district that elected the republican President Donald Trump by 17 points with the message, “My message has always been be kind, be considerate and we need to help people when they’re down.”

Her message is what Democrats will be running on in the upcoming 2018 November elections. This is what your future looks like if you keep playing games with peoples lives, as with Republicans deliberately delaying fixes on DACA, CHIP, aid to Puerto Rico, funding for community rural health centers.

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Here’s the rest of the story….

On January 17, 2018, James Hohmann of the Washington Post penned the following report, “The Daily 202: Unexpected defeat in rural Wisconsin special election sets off alarm bells for Republicans”


“THE BIG IDEA: 10 months is an eternity in politics, but a stunning Democratic victory Tuesday in a special election deep in the heart of Trump country suggests a blue tsunami could be forming.”


“President Trump became the first Republican to carry Wisconsin in a presidential election since Ronald Reagan by running up his score in places like the rural 10th state Senate district, which includes a swath of five counties between Eau Claire and Superior along the Minnesota border.”

“Trump won there by 17 points in 2016. A special election was triggered when Gov. Scott Walker tapped a popular state senator, who had held the seat since 2000, to become his agriculture secretary. Last night, Democratic candidate Patty Schachtner won by nine points.”

— “Wisconsin conservative talk radio legend Charlie Sykes, a Trump critic, called the results ominous and said his prominent friends inside the GOP are freaking out:”

Genuinely stunning setback for GOP in Wisconsin. Hard to overstate the anxiety this will cause… 

Democrats grab key Wisconsin Senate seat in Tuesday’s special elections

Voters in western Wisconsin chose Democrat Patty Schachtner as their state senator in a special election Tuesday.

How Bad is this? Trump won this district with 59% of the vote. Previous Republican incumbent won with 63%.  via @journalsentinel

Prominent WI Republican: “We are losing independent and educated women in droves.”

Senate District 10 special election win by a Democrat is a wake up call for Republicans in Wisconsin.

WAKE UP CALL: Can’t presume that voters know we are getting positive things done in Wisconsin. Help us share the good news.

WAKE UP CALL: Can’t presume voters know that more people are working than ever before. Help us share the good news.


WAKE UP CALL: Can’t presume that voters know that we invested more actual dollars into schools than ever before. Help us share the good news.

 “Unlike with Roy Moore in the Alabama race, the Trump team cannot blame a flawed candidate. The GOP nominee, Adam Jarchow, is a solid assemblyman who ran a spirited campaign. Four years ago, in fact, he won his seat by defeating Schachtner’s son and has worked hard since then to cultivate a base of support.”

— “Mostly under the radar, the special election had become a proxy war and Republicans significantly outspent the Democrats: Americans for Prosperity, backed by the billionaire industrialist Koch brothers, poured $50,000 into the race. Two other GOP-aligned groups funded by the business community contributed another $80,000.”

“The National Democratic Redistricting Committee, backed by Barack Obama and Eric Holder, spent $10,000. Tammy Baldwin, one of 10 Democratic senators up for reelection this year in a state Trump carried, recorded a get-out-the-vote message for Schachtner:”

.@PattyforSenate is ready to stand up for Wisconsin’s hardworking families in the statehouse. If you live in , make sure you get out and ! Find your polling place here: 

— “There is an important lesson here for national Democrats: Schachtner is the sort of candidate who can actually defeat GOP incumbents in red congressional districts this fall. She has deep roots in the community, and she is not a fire-breathing liberal.”

“Her campaign focused not on attacking Trump but fighting the opioid crisis, improving access to health care and bringing good-paying jobs to the region.She didn’t need to talk about the president to benefit from an outpouring of progressive energy and conservative apathy.”

“She’s the chief medical examiner for St. Croix County, a former EMT and a member of the school board. She is also a trustee for the local food pantry and sits on the board for a community center that helps victims of sexual and domestic violence.”

“The first paragraph of the biographical page on Schachtner’s website notes that she is “a former member of the Wisconsin Bear Hunters’ Association,” and that “she and her family have enjoyed hunting in Wisconsin for generations.” She’s been married to her husband, Joe, for 39 years, and they have six grown children and nine grandchildren.”

“Asked whether her win is a harbinger of Democratic gains this fall, she told the Associated Press: “It certainly could be.” “My message has always been be kind, be considerate and we need to help people when they’re down,” she said. “We just need to be kind to people who are less fortunate and just help.”

— Bigger picture: The upset is the 34th Democratic pickup in the 2018 cycle. Dave Weigel notes, “But on average, even in races that went against them, Democrats have improved on their margins from the 2016 rout.

— The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says control of the Wisconsin Senate is now in play, which has significant implications for 2020 redistricting: “Once she is seated, Republicans will hold an 18-14 advantage, with one district vacant. That seat belonged to Sen. Frank Lasee (R-De Pere), who joined Walker’s administration last month, and won’t be decided until November, when 17 of the state’s 33 Senate districts are up for election.”

— Liberals are pumped.

From a Democratic pollster at Global Strategy Group:

I mean I don’t want to read *too* much into it, but if the rest of Wisconsin swung as much as tonight’s special elections, Scott Walker would lose by 25 points


From the Democratic robo-poll firm:

We found Scott Walker trailing a generic Democrat by 5 points in October and tonight’s Wisconsin special election results sure didn’t make us question that finding


From a writer for Daily Kos:

Huge: Wisconsin Democrats flipped a GOP state Senate seat in a special election, putting the GOP’s majority in play in November. Dems could break Scott Walker’s grip on Wisconsin in 2018! 

This is a crucial development for blocking another GOP gerrymander of Wisconsin after 2020. Scott Walker could be tough for Dems to beat in 2018, but if Dems capture a legislative chamber, the courts would likely have to draw nonpartisan maps 


  1. Gronda, it comes down to having credible candidates in every race, even in the face of gerrymandered districts and long odds. As you note, the messaging should focus on healthcare, jobs, training, environment that people care about. Keith

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    • Dear Keith,

      The rest of the story is that her win was in the double digits. She didn’t have to throw mud at the president.

      Just like you indicated, democrats can win easily if the candidate is qualified and focuses on kindness in the forms of healthcare, jobs, training, environment.

      Hugs, Gronda


    • Dear!EarthUnited,

      As long as the same attorney for the White House is the same one representing Steve Bannon who will be the one in the room when Mr. Bannon talks to Mr. Mueller, I am hesitant to make much of this development.

      Thanks for the reference but this is a source known to dabble in “fake news.”.

      Hugs, Gronda


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