aside After FBI McCabe’s Firing, It’s Time For Action To Save DOJ’s Rosenstein And FBI’s Mueller’s Jobs

As per a 3/16/18 Hill report by Jacqueline Thomsen, “A retired four-star Army Gen. Barry McCaffrey said that he believes that President Trump is a “serious threat to US national security.”

“(He) tweeted Friday that he reached the conclusion about Trump because the president “is refusing to protect vital US interests from active Russian attacks.”

“It is apparent that he is for some unknown reason under the sway of Mr. Putin,” he added.

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As per another 3/17/18 Hill report by Jaqueline Thomsen, John Brennan, who led the CIA from 2013 to 2017, fired back at Trump saying he would go down in history as a “disgraced demagogue.”

When the full extent of your venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes known, you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history. You may scapegoat Andy McCabe, but you will not destroy America…America will triumph over you. 

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It is rich for the US Attorney General Jeff Sessions as head of the US Department of Justice to have fired the 21 year+ civil servant and the FBI’s Acting Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s for his supposed lack of candor when Mr. Sessions is guilty of a worse offense.

On March 17, 2018, Ryan Goodman of Just Security penned the following report, “Sessions’ Firing McCabe Violated His Promise to Recuse”

“Some might contend that Sessions’ recusal covered only the Clinton and Trump campaigns, and that McCabe’s firing involved the Clinton Foundation investigation as a separate matter. But Sessions unequivocally assured senators of his intentions during his confirmation hearings in response to a clear and specific question from the Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA). Sen. Grassley asked a follow-up question that went right to the point. In response, Sessions very clearly said his recusal would cover any matters involving the Clinton Foundation.”

Sen. Chuck Grassley and Attorney General Jeff Sessions are pictured. | AP Photo
Sen. Chuck Grassley /Attorney General Jeff Sessions (right)  Molly Riley/AP Photo

Here is the full exchange:

GRASSLEY: During the course of the presidential campaign, you made a number of statements about the investigation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, relating to her handling of sensitive emails andregarding certain actions of the Clinton Foundation. You weren’t alone in that criticism. I was certainly critical in the same way as were millions of Americans on those matters, but now, you’ve been nominated to serve as attorney general. In light of those comments that you made, some have expressed concerns about whether you can approach the Clinton matter impartially in both fact and appearance. How do you plan to address those concerns?

SESSIONS: Mr. Chairman, it was a highly contentious campaign. I, like a lot of people, made comments about the issues in that campaign. With regard to Secretary Clinton and some of the comments I made, I do believe that that could place me objectivity in question. I’ve given that thought.

I believe the proper thing for me to do, would be to recuse myself from any questions involving those kind of investigations that involve Secretary Clinton and that were raised during the campaign or to be otherwise connected to it.

GRASSLEY: OK. I think, that’s — let me emphasize then with a follow up question. To be very clear, you intend to recuse yourself from both the Clinton e-mail investigation and any matters involving the Clinton Foundation, if there are any?


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Related imageIt is time for us who are part of the resistance, to contact our US Congress representatives to insist that they work to pass a bill to protect the jobs of the DOJ Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and the FBI’s Special Counsel Robert Mueller III from the whims of the US president.

I like the phone number 877-650-0039.

Find Your Representative · – U.S. House of Representatives

TO FAX:  Resistbot will do it all for you. Text “RESIST” to 50409 or message Resistbot on Facebook and it will walk you through the steps to fax your Senator and will tell you when your fax has been delivered.

The main US Senate phone line 202-225-3121 (202-224-3121) or  YOU CAN FIND PHONE NUMBERS FOR EVERY SENATOR HERE. or U.S. Senate: Senators of the 115th Congress.


  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    In my mind … this was unthinkable! … in other evil minds, not!!
    ‘The good news is that Mr. McCabe did keep memos of all his interactions with the president which he has delivered to the FBI’s Special Counsel Robert Mueller III, who is leading the Trump-Russia probe. And he has lawyer-ed up.’
    This probe HAS to be preserved if America is to survive as a leader of any kind!!

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    • Dear Horty,

      I think that Mr. McCabe could have done something wrong but that this was also a politically motivated firing which was spear-headed by President Trump and that the process by which Mr. McCabe could seek redress was virtually non existent.

      Thanks a million times over for all of your support and for this reblog.

      Hugs, Gronda

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        • Dear Horty,

          This is interesting. There is a Washington Post link above referring to this story.

          But there is also other good news. As per a CNN report, he will not lose all of his pension.

          This is what CNN reported:

          If he were to be fired before Sunday, it appears likely McCabe could be docked his pension until he hits another, later age milestone.

          … per federal rules, McCabe may not be able to draw an annuity until a date ranging just shy of his 57th birthday, and as late as his 62nd. That could put the value of his uncollected pension in the realm of a half-million dollars.

          On top of that, McCabe could also lose his law enforcement boost….

          Under the rules of FERS, that means he could be left with the standard multiplier of 1% on top of his years of service, down from the 1.7% enhanced rate for law enforcement.

          James Gagliano, a former FBI special agent who’s now a CNN analyst, acknowledges that McCabe will take a hit:

          James A. Gagliano
          Replying to @JamesAGagliano
          Post Postscript to erroneous media reports: McCabe would receive government pension, deferred to age 57. Most significant “damage” to a separated FBI employee is:

          Loss of lifetime medical benefits for self & family.

          Loss of “special supplemental” to social security benefits.

          12:50 PM – Mar 15, 2018

          But it takes a lot to strip an FBI agent of his pension altogether:

          James A. Gagliano
          Re: McCabe firing & federal pension, as I discern retirement provisions for separated FBI employee w/22 years — vested at 10 — under FERS program; 5 U.S. Code § 8312 only specifies you lose the deferred annuity if convicted of treason, sedition, rebellion. HE GETS HIS PENSION.

          11:13 PM – Mar 16, 2018

          This was a nasty thing to do. It could have a chilling effect on other law enforcement officials who are investigating the president (although I think Trump is much less likely to target you this way if you haven’t been singled out for a series of Two Minutes’ Hates on Hannity’s show).

          But McCabe should be able to make up the difference. James Comey’s book advance was in the neighborhood of $2 million — McCabe’s should be in the mid-six figures. McCabe still ought to be employable for more than a decade, at a fairly high level.

          I think Trump wants to believe he left McCabe on the verge of destitution. He didn’t. McCabe will come of out of this in better shape than Trump probably realizes.

          Hugs, Gronda

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    • Dear Horty,

      You are not alone in your intensity of feelings. Can you imagine having to put up with someone who is so petty and vindictive. Those who last more than a year can truly describe themselves as survivors. They probably require treatment for PTSD.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • In total agreement … hugs, dear friend!!
        I can just imagine walking in my work place, where the president’s picture, as well as the VA’s Secretary, was a main feature in the lobby … I’d be getting my retirement places ready!! Hugs …

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