aside Speaker Paul Ryan Will Not Be Running For Reelection To The US Congress In November 2018

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On April 10, 2018, Jonathan Swan of Axios broke the news on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” TV show that the republican US House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin will not be seeking re-election in the upcoming November 2018 mid-term elections.

The 12/14/17 Politico report foretold of this possibility, “Ryan was tiring of D.C. even before reluctantly accepting the speakership. He told his predecessor, John Boehner, that it would be his last job in politics—and that it wasn’t a long-term proposition. In the months following Trump’s victory, he began contemplating the scenarios of his departure. More recently, over closely held conversations with his kitchen cabinet, Ryan’s preference has become clear: He would like to serve through Election Day 2018 and retire ahead of the next Congress. This would give Ryan a final legislative year to chase his second white whale, entitlement reform, while using his unrivaled fundraising prowess to help protect the House majority—all with the benefit of averting an ugly internecine power struggle during election season. Ryan has never loved the job; he oozes aggravation when discussing intraparty debates over “micro-tactics,” and friends say he feels like he’s running a daycare center. On a personal level, going home at the end of next year would allow Ryan, who turns 48 next month, to keep promises to family; his three children are in or entering their teenage years, and Ryan, whose father died at 55, wants desperately to live at home with them full time before they begin flying the nest. The best part of this scenario, people close to the speaker emphasize: He wouldn’t have to share the ballot with Trump again in 2020.

The 4/11/18 NY Times is reporting the following:

“Speaker Paul Ryan will tell House Republican colleagues on Wednesday that he will not seek re-election in November, ending a brief stint atop the House and signaling the peril that the Republican majority faces in the midterm elections.”

“It could also trigger another wave of retirements among Republicans not eager to face angry voters in the fall and taking their cue from Mr. Ryan.”

“Mr. Ryan’s decision to quit, confirmed by two Republicans close to the Wisconsin lawmaker, caught many in the party by surprise. He had just hosted a donor retreat last week in Texas and most officials believed he would not leave until after November.”

This post will be updated as more information becomes available.


    • Dear Michael Hulshof-Schmidt,

      I already had my morning toast. Actually, this is smart thinking on his part as his departure is at an opportune time when Democrats are poised to take back the majority in the House.

      Being the majority speaker is one thing, but being in the minority would be untenable.

      Hugs, Gronda

  1. Gronda, interesting news. When someone is doing a job he does not want to do, he usually is not very good at it. Ryan went from a well-respected (whether you agreed with him or not) budget hawk to a catherder, including the cat in the White House. It has bothers me is he ignored John Boehner’s recipe on big items and ignored the extremists in his party to get a reasonable piece of legislation. This is a key reason the Republicand botched the ACA repeal and replace – the legislation passed was horrible.

    Plus, I think he sees the Trump trainwreck coming and would prefer to not be part of it, but he may still before he leaves. Keith

    • Dear Keith,

      My thinking is like yours. He sees the train wreck coming and he wants no part of it.

      Being a leader in the minority party sucks even more than being the Speaker in the majority party. Frankly, the history books will not look kindly on this US Congress led by him as it failed in its oversight duties, bigly.

      Hugs, Gronda

      • Gronda, agreed on your last points. I saw there was a bipartisan Senate push to give Mueller a fair hearing if indeed fired. On the flip side, Congressman Devin Nunes keeps carrying the water for this unethical President. I left him yet another message asking him to step down from the House Intelligence Committee. I also wished Ryan well again and asked him to request the resignation of Nunes as Chair. Nunes will not be remembered well at all, especially after even more is revealed. Keith

        • Dear Keith,

          As far as I am concerned, he sold his soul for that tax cuts bill but he won’t be around to deal with the negative consequences.

          Devin Nunes is up for reelection in November 2018. Hopefully, he’ll get the message that his actions have gone beyond the pale. The democratic challenger, Andrew Janz, a prosecutor with the Fresno County District Attorney’s Office should give Mr. Nunes a run for his monies.

          Hugs, Gronda

    • Dear Roger,

      The House Speaker Paul Ryan saw the writing on the wall and he decided that he didn’t want to face losing the republican majority position in the House (lower) in November 2018. Working with President Trump has cost him plenty, mostly his reputation.


      • Do you think that Mitch might do the same? I don’t think he could handle being in the minority again, especially after the way he has treated the current minority. Fear of defeat is a mighty strong motivator to people that have abused the other party…

        • Dear Crustyolemothman,

          Mitch McConnell could do likewise. For the democrats to become the majority party in the US Senate will be more difficult than in the House. But it is doable. But if the majority leader should see a tidal wave coming, he just might just jump ship as well. Miracles do happen.

          Hugs, Gronda


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