aside May 2018 US Senate Intel Committee’s Trump-Russia Probe Assessment Counters House’s Report


If you have been wondering why republicans in the US Senate Judiciary Committee de-classified material and made it all public regarding the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting on the 16th of May, 2018, it could have been used to deflect from an even more damaging report issued by the US Senate Intel committee. The alternative explanation is that because these members have access to classified data, they may know that there is more damning information against the president may be forthcoming.

On the 16th of May 2018, the US Senate Intel Committee on a bipartisan basis published its Trump-Russia investigative assessment which counters the earlier republican partisan work product produced by the US House Intel committee chaired by the zealous republican advocate Rep. Devin Nunes.

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On May 16, 2018, Amber Phillips of the Washington Post penned the following report, “The Senate’s new Russia report just undercut Trump in two big ways”


“House Republicans’ version of events regarding Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential campaign — and how the FBI handled its ensuing investigation — has been noticeably pro-Trump.”

“That was underscored Wednesday when members of the president’s party in the Senate contradicted one of House Republicans’ key political findings — a favorite of President Trump to trumpet.”

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“House Republicans investigating Russian interference ended their investigation last month, saying that Russia’s government tried to influence the 2016 election but not to help Trump win the presidency. The House GOP’s conclusion directly contradicted that of the entire U.S. intelligence community, but it was a big win for Trump. The president has been hesitant to acknowledge that Russia interfered on his part, ostensibly out of fear that doing so would undermine his win.”

“But now the Republican-controlled Senate Intelligence Committee, which released its own assessment Wednesday, is contradicting the House report, saying that Russia did try to help Trump win.”

“Our staff concluded that the [intelligence community’s] conclusions were accurate and on point,” Sen. Mark R. Warner (Va.), the panel’s top Democrat, said Wednesday in a joint statement with Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr (R-N.C.).”

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“That’s a problem for Trump.”

“When House Republicans released their version of events in May, Trump championed it as more proof that he’s innocent of all things related to Russia: of being favored by the country during the election, of colluding with Russians to help him win and of obstructing the ensuing investigation of the first two.”

Donald J. Trump


The Russia Witch Hunt is rapidly losing credibility. House Intelligence Committee found No Collusion, Coordination or anything else with Russia. So now the Probe says OK, what else is there? How about Obstruction for a made up, phony crime.There is no O, it’s called Fighting Back

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“Whether there was collusion or obstruction of justice is still undecided, both by the Senate Intelligence Committee and, more notably for Trump, special counsel Robert S. Mueller III, who has prosecutorial powers.”

“But the Senate Intelligence Committee, whose investigation has long been considered the more bipartisan the congressional ones, just significantly watered down in two big ways Trump’s first argument that Russia didn’t help him:”

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1. Even Republican lawmakers who have looked at this seriously say Russia helped Trump

“I’m not sure that the House was required to substantiate every conclusion with facts,” Burr told reporters by way of explaining why the House report said Russia didn’t help Trump. That’s pretty pointed.”

“Legal experts slammed House Republicans’ findings, too.”

“Their “assessment doesn’t pass the most basic smell test and is completely unmoored from reality,” Jens David Ohlin, a vice dean at Cornell Law School, told The Fix in April.”

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2. The intelligence community’s credibility just got a big boost, too

“An effort to undermine the broader intelligence community goes hand-in-hand with Trump and his allies’ assessment that Russia was indifferent about who became president.”

“Trump and his House Republican allies have for months now tried raise suspicion that the FBI is inept, biased and even corrupt. Implicit in that message is that the bureau,is not capable of conducting an accurate or fair investigation of the president.”


  1. Everyone knows, or should know, the Intelligence Committee (aka Devin Nunes) was a snow job, an attempt to whitewash Trump and absolve him of all guilt while twisting facts and creating new fictions. Even Trump was amazed at how pure it made him look.
    But a pure liar cannot hide behind a known collaborator. All you can expect from either is more lies.
    So what is going on now? With this bi-partisan report Trump is hoping to win back whatever followers he lost, and hopefully gain a few more, because now he is allowing his followers to tell the truth.
    But not the WHOLE TRUTH! Not yet, if ever. But he does not need to tell the whole truth. If a voter was once a Trump voter, he hopes this will be enough to regain his position of being believable and trustworthy. He knows it won’t take much.
    But, folks, demand the whole truth before you allow him back into your good graces. Demand he come completely clean with you. My bet is he will refuse, and that means he is still hiding something. A lot of some things!
    THIS IS YOUR CHANCE. Make him make an honest man out of himself! You deserve nothing less!


    • Dear Rawgod,

      President Trump and honesty will never happen. The president doesn’t want to face this but his future is dim. This is such a dilemma as he replacement is in some ways worse.

      The best we can do is gain as many additional seats in the US Congress where we become the majority party. This is very likely in the lower House of Representatives but this goal is a long shot in the US Senate.

      This is our best chance to contain this White House.

      Then the next order of business will be to create laws that will never allow another Donald Trump to make it to the White House.

      Hugs, Gronda


  2. Trump and his cohorts lie every time they open their mouths. Trump has now had to fess up to having knowledge of the $139000 payoff to Daniels and that has been handed over to the DOJ. Our congress should be demanding answers and impeachment is in order. Trump needs to find that he is not above the law.

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