aside Make No Mistake: Israel And Saudi Arabia Want US To Strike Iran For Them

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On the 8th day of May 2018, the republican President Donald Trump acted by implementing  his worst foreign policy decision to date when he announced his intent to back out of the 2015 US/ Iran Nuclear deal, despite the advice from his own Defense Secretary General James Mattis and our allied leaders of numerous countries.

Image result for photos of the iran nuclear dealMy thinking is that this decision by the US president was based on his desire to please Israel, the US donors who back all Israeli causes, UAE, Saudi Arabia and a significant percentage of his White Evangelicals’ base of voters who are very pro-Israel. But primarily his hatred for any agreement established by the former democratic President Barack Obama overrides any of his objective reasoning capabilities to where he simply refuses to listen to the vast myriad of experts who disagree with him. He does not know the history of this region and I’d bet my last dollar that he could not answer the most elementary questions about what was included in the 2015 US/ Iran nuclear agreement.

I cannot see any good coming form this ill informed action by the president. Certainly, the US and its citizens have not been made safer. It is my hope that Europe and the UK will find the courage and the will to stand in the breech of President Trump’s foolishness.

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Background story…

I have no illusions about Iran. It is a country that is an exporter of terrorism.

But this is also true:  U.S. opposition to Iran based on its support for “extremist” groups abroad  is a red herring— because, Saudi Arabia supports and inspires much worse extremist groups abroad. Some Americans forget that 15 out of the 19 terrorists that attacked the US in 2001 were citizens of Saudi Arabia and the others were from the UAE (2), Egypt, and Lebanon. None were from Iraq or Iran.

See: Iran’s Support for Terrorist Groups – Lawfare

See: Saudi Arabia government ‘funded dry run’ for 9/11, legal documents/ Independent 2017 .

See: Saudi Arabia seeks to end U.S. lawsuits over Sept. 11 attacks – Reuters/ 2017

See: Saudi Arabia’s Role in 9/11 Terrorist Attack Can Be Tried in U.S. Court/ Newsweek 2018

See: How the United States Is Helping Saudi Arabia Destabilize the Middle/ Medium 2017

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Still Iran is a country with a rich Persian history that is looking out for its own best interests. Yes, it is fighting against Saudi Arabia with its Sunni leaders with help from Israel who are executing their own proxy wars like in Yemen, Lebanon and Syria.

As per a March 21, 2018 Reuters report,  “U.S. senators debated a resolution seeking an end to U.S. support for Saudi Arabia’s campaign in Yemen’s civil war, in which about 10,000 people have been killed. Some members of Congress have been critical of the Saudi involvement, particularly over the humanitarian situation and civilian casualties. The Senate rejected the resolution. ”

See: Saudi-Iran proxy wars: In pursuit of regional hegemony | Iran News | Aljazeera/ 2017

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Israel has aligned its stars with its Arab brothers like Saudi Arabia as both are fearful of Shia led Iran expanding its power base. It is in Israel’s benefit if the middle east is destabilized where countries are fighting each other, which means Israel is more or less, left in peace.

In short, all these countries along with Russia and the UAE have their own interests/ agendas which may very well be counter to what is in the US national security interests.

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As for the US backing out of the Iran Nuclear deal, when the US reimposes sanctions against Iran, Russia’s economy will incur a major boost as the price of their #1 product oil, will go up. Israel has been attacking Iranian strongholds in Syria which benefits Russia.

As to the real reason as to why Saudi Arabia, UAE and other Arab countries have been acting out towards Qatar in 2017-2018, is again, not because it has been exporting terrorism but because it had been attempting to improve its relations with Iran.

See: Qatar cosying up to Iran will compound crisis | 2017

Image result for photos of the iran nuclear dealThis is why the recent May 2018 US decision to back out of the 2015 US-Iran nuclear agreement seems so short sighted and counter to the best interests of US national security goals, when by all objective measures, Iran has been honoring its part of the agreement. It looks like the US is doing the bidding of Israel. UAE, Saudi Arabia and Russia versus our government acting to make our US citizens safer.

Why would we take this stance when both Israel and Saudi Arabia have been pushing for years to have the US military support their efforts to launch an attack on Iran. Do these countries not realize that Americans do not have the stomach for another war?
If 2003 US Iraqi invasion was a nightmare, it pales in comparison as to what would happen if US decided to go to war with Iran which is what Saudi Arabia and Israel want.
Source: Quora Kewan Shirazi, Proud Iranian
Cliff Notes On Differences Between Iran and Iraq. ..
“Iran is a lot more developed (than Iraq).”

“First of all, Iran is a lot more diverse, demographically speaking, where you can find Persians, Turks, Kurds, Balouchi’s, Mazandarini’s, Gilaki’s and Luri’s etc.”

“But the most important fact is that all ethnic groups consider themselves Iranians first. The Iranian people have a lot of national pride, and it’s history is dating back 2500 years back, when Cyrus the Great, united all Iranian people under one flag and one country.”

“Cyrus the Great created the first empire ever in the world from scratch, and ended up ruling over 50% of humanity, a feat never repeated ever again. This was the First Persian Empire at it’s highest extent in 500 BC.”

“In short, Iran is an amazing country with a lot of history, a high diversity of people, culture and nature.”(There are those who would question Iran’s treatment of its minority populations.)

“The same cannot be said about Iraq, which (has been an) unstable war zone, where warmongering tribes are fighting constant wars and where there is a lot of ethnic tension between the ethnicities. Mainly the Kurds and the Arabs.”

Iraq is an artificially designated country where its map was drawn up by the British and the French after WWI.”

Cyrus the Great

Iran (Persian history) VS. Saudi Arabia (Arab history) ( Source 5/16//14 Huffpost S. Azmat Hassan

“Iran is quite a bit further ahead educationally and technologically compared to Saudi Arabia. Most observers would agree that Iran is the more powerful country compared to Saudi Arabia poised for regional hegemon status in the Middle East. Theoretically, if a military conflict was to break out between the two, the odds would overwhelmingly favor Iran, regarding who would be the victor.”


“Iran has been in the bad books of the US and the west for its strident political rhetoric, its anti-Zionist diatribes and its nuclear program which is suspected to be a cover for Iran’s efforts to master the manufacture of nuclear weapons. The election of the more pragmatic Hassan Rouhani as president last June has changed some of these perspectives.”

“Interestingly enough, Saudi Arabia and Israel, who do not have diplomatic relations, are united in their desire to stop Iran achieving its nuclear ambitions. Both countries were hopeful that the US would pay heed to their frequent pleas exhorting it to launch a military strike on Iran’s nuclear installations. It seems to me that after the less than optimum results achieved by the U.S. in its attempts to pacify Iraq and Afghanistan, public opinion would be wary of another military adventure launched by Washington against Tehran.”


“The US has, so far, opted for diplomatic negotiations with Iran on reaching a negotiated solution regarding its nuclear program.”

“Saudi verbal attacks against Iran have continued. Also Saudi irritation at what they consider the U.S. inaction on Iran had become palpable”.

“The Saudi nightmare is that the U.S. will normalize its relations with Iran after a successful negotiation on the nuclear issue, which would inevitably relegate US-Saudi relations to a lower level.”

“Iran also has some potent cards to play against Saudi Arabia or other Arab countries which choose to display animosity toward it. Iran could, for instance, call upon for support its fellow co-religionists in Lebanon, especially the formidable Hizbullah militia, Bashar al-Assad’s Alawite Shia dominated government, the Shia majority in Bahrain, and not to forget the Shia minority in Eastern Saudi Arabia. Ironically, it is that portion of Saudi Arabia which is especially rich in oil resources.”

“It would (be of benefit to) reduce tension and misgiving between the 2 countries.”


  1. What we do not want is a nuclear face-off between Iran and Israel. Basically a hard-nosed and pragmatic approach in the shadowy corridors of both nations which gives the message.
    ‘Guys. You don’t want this. Trust me on this,’

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      • Hi Gronda
        The secret and not so secret struggle between Saudi Arabia and Iran is so intense and so broad at many levels that Israel is almost side-lined. In fact the ironic situation seems to be developing of Israel being Saudi Arabia’ junior partner.

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        • Dear Roger,

          What is happening at the Gaza strip with Israeli snipers shooting at protesters, does not bode well for future relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia which has to be somewhat responsive to its own citizens. The Arab in the street will be livid if they become aware of what has been happening.

          Hugs, Gronda

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        • This is true Gronda.
          Saudi Arabia’s current prince Mohammad bin Salan is a man with a vision of his own and in a hurry to get there. Saudi Arabia is also a nation with a fearsome security service.
          In Palestine Hamas is essentially Shi’ite while Saudi is essential Sunni and in some circles Sunni would rather side with Jews that Shi’ites…..
          Meanwhile from Syria in the north to Yemen in the South thousand upon thousands live in abject misery, fear, terror and death, caught in the numerous battles between varying factions.
          No good can come of this.
          Take care

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  2. “On the 8th day of May 2018, the republican President Donald Trump acted by implementing his worst foreign policy decision to date when he announced his intent to back out of the 2015 US/ Iran Nuclear deal, despite the advice from his own Defense Secretary General James Mattis and our allied leaders of numerous countries.”

    It seems the US President doesn’t know what to think or do, he’s simply obeying orders from the deep state neocon faction of the gov’t with very specific agenda and interests. According to Lada, in exchange the “gov’t” would call off the dogs on the Mueller investigation.

    We’ll see if her theory plays out, but as of now puppet Trump is certainly doing someone else’s bidding regarding the middle east. If we recall, he ran his campaign on the promise that the US will focus on MAGA and withdraw from “messy, dangerous and unnecessary” foreign entanglements. Guess that’s not happening any time soon!


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