aside Meet President Trump’s Supporters As They Remain Loyal And Steadfast As Ever

Meet the supporters of the republican President Donald J. Trump. The above photo from  is of Tina and Steve Wehner from Sabetha Kansas who are representative of the president’s supporters: Tina: “The wall being built on the border is probably first and foremost for me.”Steve: “We do need a wall, we do need some security down there, because it is America down there. That is still America. They seem to have forgot that’s still America.” Tina: “I think that all Muslims should be banned, especially the refugees. We just don’t know who’s in there, and I’m scared for my kids to be growing up in this country, my grandkids growing up in this country. I’m just worried. And until we can figure out a way to know who they are and what their intentions are, I just don’t think any of them should be here. If for some reason, the GOP and the RNC does not support Donald Trump, I will not be voting… it is time for the republican party to redefine itself.”

This is who the president is catering to in order to maintain the support of his base which is what gives him his power.

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On June 23, 2018, Jeremy W. Peters of the New York Times penned the following report, As Critics Assail Trump, His Supporters Dig In Deeper”


“Gina Anders knows the feeling well by now. President Trump says or does something that triggers a spasm of outrage. She doesn’t necessarily agree with how he handled the situation. She gets why people are upset.”

“But Ms. Anders, 46, a Republican from suburban Loudoun County, Va., with a law degree, a business career, and not a stitch of “Make America Great Again” gear in her wardrobe, is moved to defend him anyway.”

“All nuance and all complexity — and these are complex issues — are completely lost,” she said, describing “overblown” reactions from the president’s critics, some of whom equated the Trump administration’s policy of separating migrant children and parents to history’s greatest atrocities.”

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“It makes me angry at them, which causes me to want to defend him to them more,” Ms. Anders said.”

“In interviews across the country over the last few days, dozens of Trump voters, as well as pollsters and strategists, described something like a bonding experience with the president that happens each time Republicans have to answer a now-familiar question: “How can you possibly still support this man?” Their resilience suggests a level of unity among Republicans that could help mitigate Mr. Trump’s low overall approval ratings and aid his party’s chances of keeping control of the House of Representatives in November.”

He’s not a perfect guy; he does some stupid stuff,” said Tony Schrantz, 50, of Lino Lakes, Minn., the owner of a water systems leak detection business. “But when they’re hounding him all the time it just gets old.”

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“Republican voters repeatedly described an instinctive, protective response to the president, and their support has grown in recent months: Mr. Trump’s approval rating among Republicans is now about 90 percent. And while polling has yet to capture the effect of the last week’s immigration controversy, the only modern Republican president more popular with his party than Mr. Trump at this point in his first term, according to Gallup, was George W. Bush after the country united in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks.”

“Mr. Trump has also retained support across a range of demographics other than the working-class voters who are most identified with him. This includes portions of the wealthy college-educated people in swing counties, like Virginia’s Loudoun, in the country’s most politically competitive states.”

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“Many of these voters say their lives and the country are improving under his presidency, and the endless stream of tough cable news coverage and bad headlines about Mr. Trump only galvanizes them further — even though some displayed discomfort on their faces when asked about the child separation policy, and expressed misgivings about the president’s character.”

“It bothers me that he doesn’t tell the truth, but I guess I kind of expect that, and I expect that from the media, too — not to always tell the truth,” said Julie Knight, 63, a retired personal injury case manager from Algona, Wash.”

“The increasingly tribalized politics on the left and right have helped insulate Mr. Trump from the paroxysms that have jolted his party and eroded longstanding expectations of restraint, humility and honesty in American presidents. This era of tumult has left Democrats energized and determined to win back Congress and act as a check on Mr. Trump, and their intensity has been reflected by strong turnouts in the primaries so far. But still, in just the last year and a half, Mr. Trump has bounced back from crises that at the time seemed as if they might be too severe for him to recover politically.”

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“He tried to unilaterally bar visitors from several Muslim countries from the United States, angering U.S. allies and provoking clashes with Congress and the courts over the limits of executive power. He praised some “very fine people” at a deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., in remarks that shook some members of his cabinet so deeply that they considered resigning. He defended Roy S. Moore, a Senate candidate in Alabama who was accused of fondling teenage girls, by suggesting that the allegations were old and possibly made-up.”

“And so as another immigration crisis of his own making smoldered this past week, critics inside and outside Mr. Trump’s party predicted another devastating, irremediable low point in his presidency. Yet many Trump voters said that they no longer had the patience or interest to listen to what they see as another hysterical outburst by Democrats, Republican “Never Trumpers” and the media.”

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“It’s kind of like when you experience a sensation over and over and over again,” said Daniel Arnold, 32, a warehouse manager from Leesburg, Va., about an hour outside Washington. “A sensation is no longer a sensation. It’s just, ‘Oh, here we are again.’”

“For many Republicans, the audio of children sobbing at a migrant detention center barely registered, because these voters don’t pay attention to the left-leaning and mainstream media that have covered the family separation crisis far more than their preferred channel, Fox News.”

“Republicans appear to have developed more forgiving views on morality and public service in recent years, for example. In 2011, one in three Republicans thought an elected official who commits immoral acts in private life could act ethically in public life, according to a Public Religion Research Institute/Brookings survey. By 2016, seven out of 10 did. The trend was especially pronounced among white evangelicals, who strongly supported Mr. Trump and went from being the least likely to the most likely to agree that a candidate’s personal immorality had nothing to do with public service.”

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“Even if Mr. Trump wasn’t at the center of the national conversation, Ms. Anders, the Loudoun County business executive, said she thinks that the country would still be polarized. But as long as he is, she said, people on the right and the left will probably continue to dig in based on what Mr. Trump does and how his opponents respond.”

“It all coalesces around Trump,” she said. “It’s either, ‘Trump wants to put people in cages, in concentration camps.’ Or, on the other side, ‘Oh the left just wants everybody to come into the country illegally so they can get voters.’”

She concluded: “We can’t have a conversation.”

Link to entire article: As Critics Assail Trump, His Supporters Dig In Deeper – The NYT


  1. That last sentence seems to say it all … “We can’t have a conversation.” And so, the nation devolves into total chaos while a greedy, self-serving narcissist uses his position for self-gain. I do so hope that November brings about change, else I don’t see any chance for a positive outcome — at least not in our lifetimes. What has happened to humanity? 😥

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    • Dear Jill,

      We and the president’s followers are worlds apart. It’s like that book where one side is from planet Venus and the other from Mars.

      There will be attempts by the GOP and even the Russians to take steps to suppress the democratic vote, but we have to keep peoples informed not to buy into their attempts.

      In 2016, in targeted areas there were formal looking emails advising peoples that they could email in their vote or text a number, etc.

      Peoples need to be educated not to be duped.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • I hadn’t heard about people being told they could email or text their vote! That is news to me, and how very shady! Unfortunately there are many who would fall for just such a scheme even today. You are right … we must reach as many people as we can and make sure they are enlightened not to fall for any such scheme. It maddens me that Trump and his administration are doing nothing to ensure that the Russians keep their noses out of our election process.

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  2. I think we’re screwed as a country when you have lots of people with this mindset.

    I do see in his audience mostly older and almost all white. Maybe time will be our friend, as the older, and this includes myself, are gone through attrition and the whites in general fall in population numbers. But I worry about the white radical young that are easily influenced by KKK and Nazi ideals.

    I actually wish we could divide the country into left and right and we could all move accordingly. It would be one party for each side and those could further divide between moderate and far left/right.

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    • Dear Mary Plumbago,

      All we need to do is to get out in huge numbers to vote in November 2018 to take our country back and to let the anti-immigration crowd know that they are truly a minority, and that we will not be of a like mind.

      These retrogrades have had their last hooray!

      Hugs, Gronda

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  3. Mrs. Wehner said she was “scared for my kids” (as related to those nasty Muslim refugees!) — but I would lay dollars to donuts that she rejects any kind of gun control … in particular AR-15s, the weapon that has killed kids just like the ones she is so “scared for.”

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    • Dear Nan,

      Mrs Wehner would probably be pro-AR15 guns. As for me, I feel very safe in a community with Muslims. Their communities may have a few zealots who go too far, but we non-Muslims have even more of those.

      Logic has no bearing on anyone’s thinking when they are burdened with racism in their hearts.

      Hugs, Gronda


  4. I was having a decent (for a change) conversation with a trump supporter..we hit a huge snag though when I asked “why are we separating mothers from babies with no means of getting them back together again? How is that making us great?”Their answer. “Oh you pansy assed leftie..don’t you know you have to kill the nits to get rid of the vermin?” I have a court date next month. (note to self…do NOT slap someone silly)

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      • I checked at the courthouse for the rescheduled time (tomorrow is voting day and it is closed) and turns out the twit dropped the charges…so no orange jumpsuit for me! woot. yes, i did..and I am ashamed of my behavior..except I will probably do it again upon being told that I am a pansy-assed leftie…….I am SO not pansy-assed. By the way…what exactly IS pansy-assed?

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        • Dear Suze,

          I have no clue as to what a panzy-assed person is but I’m glad she dropped it. But she would have had to explain her words to the judge.

          Being of Italian descent I would have resorted to my Italian hissy fit which is truly a show. She’d have been running for her life.

          Hugs, Gronda

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    • Dear Suzanne,

      Give it time. His followers will eventually feel the pain.

      As an old sales person, I don’t like to put down peoples who think differently because I know this is not an effective way to reach anyone’s heart. But if someone said to me what was said to Suze, I would not bother to try out my persuasive skills. I would loudly call her out for what she is and then I would walk away.

      There is no point in wasting pearls of wisdom on a pig.

      Hugs, Gronda

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  5. There’s one important nail out there Gronda, and you hit it square on the head. Vote! I am convinced there are many more people out there who want Trump out of the White House than there are who want him to stay. The only real conversation open to us at this juncture is the ballot box. We need the Dems to take control of the house and hell why not the senate too? And if Mueller’s report doesn’t get rid of Trump then a Democratic congress can at least shut him down.

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  6. Dear Paul,

    I call all of us the coalition of the decent with democrats, the “Never Trumpers,” Independents and even republicans who feel disenfranchised. If we all vote for democratic candidates only (no 3rd parties), we will prevail to take back the majority of seats in the US Congress.

    We can send a message that we are moving this country forward.



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