Maria Bartiromo Is The Perfect Portrayal Of The President’s Business Type Supporter

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We have all figured out pretty much who comprise the republican President Donald Trump’ base of voters. When I talk about Trump’s supporters, I am describing those who will stand by him through thick and thin, no matter what he does.

It is my opinion only, that the president’s base in general consists of Evangelicals; anti-immigration voters; racist group members; 2nd amendment gun owners who are hard-line members of the NRA; business community and wealthy voters who wanted their tax cuts and a rolling back of government regulations.

As per a 2018 Immigration Forum report, Polling Update: Public Attitudes on Immigration and Trump, “A poll by Politico and Harvard University conducted in December 2016 asked its nationwide sample of adults how serious a problem they thought it was that there were “currently millions of unauthorized immigrants living in the U.S.” For Trump voters, the presence of undocumented immigrants was a big deal — 90 percent of them thought it was a “very serious problem” or a “somewhat serious problem.”

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On February 16, 2018, John Dean for Verdict Justia penned the following report, “Trump’s Base: Broadly Speaking, Who Are They?”


“As best I can determine from the available material, and noted in the prior column, the Trump base has shrunk down to about 24 percent of those who voted for him or have spoken approvingly of him to pollsters. As professional Republican pollster Kristen Anderson reported: “It is around one in four [of people polled] who like his tweeting, like the insults,” which seems something of an index to Trump’s mind and actions. This core group appears to be the base on which Trump’s approval ratings are based, as well, and those numbers have been historically low from the outset of his presidency, and they have been trending downward. According to the Gallup weekly polls, Trump’s job approval started at around 45 percent, but during his first year in office, it was mostly below 40 percent. As a poll-watcher, I also noticed the most recent Washington Post-ABC News polls show that only 11 percent of all Americans think his tweeting is helpful, with only 21 percent of Republicans approve of his tweeting (more evidence of his shrinking base).”

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“Trump’s base obviously resides within the collection of voters who supported him at the polls in November 2016. According to a Boston Globe (Nov. 9, 2016) exit poll demographics of the 2016 presidential vote reveal the following (which I have abbreviated for this column):”

Voter Breakdown Clinton Trump
Men 48% 41% 53%
Women 52% 54% 42%
White 70 37 58
Black 12 88 8
Hispanic 11 65 29
Asian 4 65 29
Other 3 57 37
18–29 19 54 37
30–44 25 50 42
45–64 40 44 53
65+ 16 45 52
Annual Income
< $50,000 36 52 41
> $50,000 64 47 49
Education by Race (President’s support was strongest with White/ Not College Grad) 
White/College Grad 37 45 49
White/Not College Grad 34 28 67
Nonwhite/College Grad 13 71 23
Nonwhite/Not College Grad 16 75 20
Most Important Issues (For Republicans, Immigration and terrorism were top concerns)
Economy 52 52 42
Foreign Policy 13 60 34
Immigration 13 33 64
Terrorism 18 39 57
Democrat 37 89 9
Republican 33 7 90
Independent 31 42 48

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“Before the 2016 general election, much of the polling of potential Trump voters focused on low-earning and little-educated, white, working-class men, suggesting they were his core supporters. But that early polling has proved less than accurate based on the information in the general election exit polling. For example, when the exit poll numbers are further broken down, they show that voters with income over $50,000 (also reported as $50 to $100,000) with Trump winning this bracket 50 percent to Clinton’s 46 percent and he also won the over $100,000 bracket 48 percent to Clinton’s 47 percent. While only 27 percent of the 2016 voters considered their financial situation worse on Election Day 2016 than 2012, Trump overwhelming carried those voters’ 78 percent to Clinton’s 19 percent. In short, it does not appear that financial distress, fear of the future, or immigrants taking their jobs is a common factor uniting Trump’s base.”

“But it should be noted the 2016 exit poll demographics do suggest that given his 12-point margin over Clinton with men, his base is predominately male.”

Link to report: Trump’s Base: Broadly Speaking, Who Are They? 

I selected the above video of an interview between President Trump and the FOX business news commentator Maria Bartiromo. For me, Ms. Bartiromo is the perfect example of the businessperson who backs President Trump.

Here’s the rest of the story….

On July 1, 2018, Nicole Belle of Crooks and Liars penned the following article, “Donald Trump To The Left: ‘Better Take It Easy’

“There isn’t much more vomit-inducing than the slavishly starry-eyed devotional that passes for an interview of Donald Trump by Maria “Money Honey” Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures. I don’t think Kim Jong Un or Vladimir Putin could expect a better propaganda push for their most excellent leadership.”

“Who knows, maybe this is Bartiromo’s unofficial audition piece for Sarah Huckabee Sanders‘ job.”

“But Bartiromo is shocked…shocked, I tell you!…that people could have problems with Donald Trump, especially when the economy is doing so well. (Psst. What was that about the economy and jobs?). The vitriol! The “Trump Syndrome”! I presume she means “Trump Derangement Syndrome”–which would imply an irrational response, but I don’t see anything irrational about opposing racism, lying, corruption, misogyny, lying, collusion with a hostile foreign power, lying, white nationalism or lying. Maybe it’s just that our standards are simply more stringent than Bartiromo’s.”

“But Trump’s response is oddly threatening: “I think some of the things said [by critics] are terrible. And you know, our people are so incredible. Do you know, there’s probably never been a base in the history of politics in this country like my base. I hope the other side realizes that they better just take it easy. They better just take it easy.

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“For someone who has pulled myself out of a physically abusive relationship, this is eerily familiar: “Don’t make me hurt you. Behave or you’re going to get it.

“So let me just say to that advice: Sit down, you haven’t seen anything yet.”

“We’re not going to take it easy. We’re going to get louder, and larger. We’re going to keep fighting that slide into fascism that Bartiromo seems only too giddy to promote. We’re not going to let a big bully like this guy–showing exactly how much he values civility–win this argument.”

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“Your base may love you, but they’re not the majority of Americans and we will not allow them to turn this country into the 21st century version of the Weimar Republic without a fight.”

Link to article: Donald Trump To The Left: ‘Better Take It Easy’


  1. Maria Bartiromo is but another deluded sycophant, a boot-licker and butt-kisser, just like the rest of the Fox crew. What amazes me is that so many who swoon if you or I say the word “damn”, are fine with Trump’s vitriol & vulgarity. Those who find so much to love in Trump are about to get a rude awakening by the end of July, as the effects of his tariffs come home to roost and they find that all of a sudden the paycheck doesn’t quite stretch to the end of the month. I remain, as I have been for the past 17 months, thoroughly disgusted with this dog and pony show. Sigh. Good post, Gronda. Hugs.

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    • Dear Jill,

      How can anyone support this president who is a racist, chronic liar, serial adulterer, misogynist, xenophobe, child abuser, vulgar and cruel, is beyond me?

      People like /Maria Bartiromo put their own greed and wealth before the well being of this country, its peoples, honoring the “rule of law” and the U.S. Constitution.

      You have the picture! When the US economy takes a downturn, how are these business pundits who supported this bully-in-chief, going to spin this?

      Hugs, Gronda

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  2. Dear Gronda, hallo, I am well gain I think. I only have to stop eating meat, smoking, drinking, having fun with friends, getting upset, or playing chess or singing. Two ways it could go prior to November, the run down and denial strike, or an explosive or loud denial strike. A. externally. B. internally. The game is now at a critical juncture. it feels like the world is just sitting back now, watching and waiting for one or the other. Peace and love to you and yours, and may Gd bless America.

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    • Dear Gary J.,

      It’s good to hear from you. It’s a shame when you have to behave yourself because of doctor’s orders. Getting older is not for the faint of heart.

      If I had my way, I would stop the president from being able to attend the July 2018 NATO summit and the Trump-Putin tete-a-tete, as nothing good can come of either event with President Trump in the mix.

      The USA needs Divine Intervention at this point in history.

      Hugs, Gronda

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  3. There are many talking heads on both sides. Neither are doing the country any good, radical extremists only further divide we the ppl. Some are saying the next civil war may happen within our lifetime, an act of civil defiance to dethrone the fascist overlord Trump. Should be interesting how the future may unfold… esp if Dems don’t get their act together and allow another 4 yrs of Trumpty Dumpty.


    • Dear 1EarthUnited,

      I don’t see it quite the same way. Yes, President Trump has been a divisive figure. However, there are those democratic candidates who are running successful campaigns who are presenting a counter picture, one where decency, effectiveness makes a comeback.

      Hugs, Gronda


      • I agree, but what Dems really need is to prioritize their ideology to attract and counter the alt-right propaganda thats so effective in winning rural white America.

        Here’s a good article about possible direction of the Dem. party:

        “In short, many candidates talked about the need to reach out to specific groups and champion certain messages in the process. But while it is not specifically stated, reaching out to these groups usually carries an ideological component. If you’re trying to appeal to moderate whites in rural areas, you’re basically arguing for moving the Democratic Party to the right, or at least to highlight certain issues of interest to more conservative voters.”


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